Issue 601
January 2016
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In what year was the first ever Christmas movie made? (HINT: George Albert Smith's Santa Claus)

A) 1898
B) 1904
C) 1912
D) 1995

WINNER: Elena Siampos
COMPANY: American College of Surgeons

What movie features this image of a couple hugging on its movie case?

A) Serendipity
B) Donnie Darko
C) You've Got Mail
D) Kate & Leopold

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner

If you could hug anyone or anything, what would it be?

Mike Petrik, Art Director
Steven Avery. He's totally innocent!

Tracy Granzyk, Managing Director, Healthcare
My two doggies: Scout and Patch.

Marcus Leshock, Writer
A space heater. Brrrrr.

John Courchane, Editor
Corey "All-Star Snub" Crawford.

Ed Boe, Director of Photography
Wednesday, my spider!

Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
Something warm and fuzzy, like a panda or my boyfriend.

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
My wife.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
My family, an electric blanket, and Marcus Leshock.

SolidLine Debuts New 2016 ShowReel and MotionReel

It's that time of year when we say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" and our Demo Reels were the first thing to get a sweet new makeover. Our Post-Production team put in the hours to update the SolidLine ShowReel and Motion Graphics Reel for a fresh start to 2016, and we are excited to share them with you! Take a look below at the new reels featuring new tunes and projects we worked hard on in 2015! And special thanks goes out to our good pal Saam Hagshenas and the gang at Monakr for the music on our motion reel! 

DHL LifeTrack Premieres SLM Produced Video

Last Fall, the SolidLine crew partnered with our friends at DHL Global Forwarding to produce a new global video promoting their new LifeTrack smartphone app. This innovative app allows users to monitor the status of their temperature-controlled shipments at any time from anywhere, and sends alerts directly to the user should any issues arise. The app also enables users to send updates directly to their teams about these critical shipments. The SolidLine produced video features a mother and daughter playing soccer, and showcases that life does not have to stop to stay in touch with critical shipments. The production was produced in both English and Spanish.

"Working with the SolidLine team is always a fantastic experience," states Vivian Berni, Senior Advisor, Optimisation at DHL Global Forwarding. "It's a dynamic interaction where we bounce off ideas and work together toward the end goal. All the team members are experts in their subject matter which makes my job a lot easier! Not to mention, they are terrific individuals as well."

Check out the video in the click-to-play button below.

Minute for Medicine Turns One!
Our little baby, Minute for Medicine, is celebrating its first birthday this year, and you're invited to the party! Ok ok, we're not actually going to have a party, but we are very proud of our series of 52 custom-branded one-minute videos that focus on a variety of important patient safety topics for healthcare organizations. If you or anyone else in healthcare are interested in a free sample of Minute for Medicine, give Tracy Granzyk a call at 312-648-6600 or shoot her an email at We'd love to hear about your healthcare organization and chat about how Minute for Medicine could help educate your frontline associates on the importance of patient safety.

CT shoot 2