Issue 504
April 2015
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Where is the leprechaun's first appearance in all of the Leprechaun movies?

A) Under a rock
B) In a cave
C) In a leprechaun shoe
D) Riding on a rainbow

WINNER: No winner!




In the movie Kindergarten Cop, what was Arnold Schwarzenegger's character's name?

A) Joe Pesci
B) Clive Clemons Sr.
C) Murphy Puyear


Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner


What's a memory you have from Kindergarten?


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

Nap time after Red Rover.


Mike Petrik, Art Director



Joe Grock, Motion Graphics Artist

Stabbing kids with pencils.


Chris Roman, Motion Graphics Artist

Getting stabbed with pencils.


Tracy Granzyk, Director of Sales, Healthcare

Snack time!

Kevin Wright, Producer

They didn't have schools back when I was that age.


John Courchane, Editor
Having tubes put in my ears.

Ed Boe, Director of Photography

Maybe recess, or lunch. I don't really remember kindergarten. 


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
Getting in trouble for running with scissors.


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

Learning to tie my shoes wrong.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Getting bumped directly to 4th grade.

MedStar Health Releases SolidLine Produced Video, "Please See Me"

Recently, SolidLine Media had the pleasure of collaborating on a special project with our friends at MedStar Health. Focused on the importance of maintaining patient safety in the healthcare setting, MedStar Health's message is one that literally everyone can relate to: a strong relationship between the patient and healthcare provider will open the door to discussions that can prevent patient harm. Filmed in a stunning Chicago theatre, "Please See Me" is presented in spoken word poetry style and explores the value in a two-way open, honest relationship between patients and caregivers. Everyone involved with the project is extremely pleased with how the video turned out, and we are excited to share this piece with friends, family members, and colleagues!


"Please See Me lays bare the perspectives of the most important communication dynamic in healthcare-that of care provider and patient," states MedStar VP of Quality and Safety David Mayer, MD. "It also reflects on our promise to patients as care providers to engage in meaningful conversations so we better understand and honor their needs, values, preferences and goals. The crew at SolidLine did an amazing job and was able to achieve this important message in a theatrical video that is both powerful and fun to watch."


SLM Paints the Town at Avid Connect & NAB in Vegas

SolidLine's Director of Post Production, Michael Kromm, and SLM Editor, John Courchane, recently embarked on a journey to Sin City where Avid Connect & NAB were held. Known for its 1,000,000+ net square feet of Show Floor, NAB boasts an impressive reputation in the production industry, and people from all over the world fly in to attend its excellence. The Avid Connect is what Kromm and John were most pumped for in anticipation of new Avid software releases. At the conference, they attended educational breakout sessions, played with some sweet new production toys, mingled with fellow post production nerds, and evidently ate some delicious tacos. Check out John's blog about his top 5 Avid Connect moments here.

SLM Crew Interview: NCAA Bracket Challenge Winner Announced

As all you #sports-ers know, the NCAA March Madness games are over. Every year, SolidLine creates an online bracket challenge that's open to family, friends, and colleagues with a crisp $100 bill as the winnings (or a day off of work if an SLM employee happens to win). Our Editor, John Courchane, blogs about the bracket standings, as well as his lack of ability to ever win the challenge despite his hardcore #sports nature. None of really understand how he manages to lose so terribly every year. Anyway, we have a winner of the bracket challenge, and he is announced in this blog!


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