Issue 503
March 2015
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Which fictional serial killer appears in the Friday the 13th movies?

A) Freddy Krueger
B) Patrick Bateman
C) Austin Powers
D) Jason Voorhees

WINNER: Re'Nesha Donson




Where is the leprechaun's first appearance in all of the Leprechaun movies?

A) Under a rock
B) In a cave
C) In a leprechaun shoe
D) Riding on a rainbow


Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner


If you could be a green thing for one day, what would you be?


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist



Mike Petrik, Art Director

One hundred dollar bill


Joe Grock, Motion Graphics Artist



Chris Roman, Motion Graphics Artist


Kevin Wright, Producer

The Plant from Little Shop of Horrors


John Courchane, Editor
I hear it's not easy being green, so I'll pass

Ed Boe, Director of Photography

Praying Mantis

Re'Nesha Donson, SIUC Extern

I would be a four leaf clover because a four leaf clover is very rare and hard to find. Unlike a three leaf clover, a four leaf clover brings luck to whom ever finds it. So for example, if I was to get hired at a production company, I'll be the four leaf clover the hiring manager has been looking for! In production, good editors, camera operators, etc can be hard to find just like the four leaf clovers.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
Iceberg lettuce


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production



Greg Vass, Executive Producer


SolidLine Interviews 42 Executives at DHL's 2015 Americas Management Conference

Late last month, the SolidLine crew was back in Miami to film at DHL's 2015 Americas Management Conference, and not a minute of time was wasted. In a matter of a few days, we interviewed 42 executive employees about the past, present, and future of DHL's business, key priorities for the coming year and what they learned while they were at the conference. We also had a crew out filming b-roll of conference attendees at brainstorming sessions and workshops. In the coming weeks, we'll be editing 27 videos from the footage to be shared with DHL employees, and we're excited to have Jennifer Pakradooni from DHL here for an editing session!


"These are exciting times for DHL and to have all of our Americas executives in one place, I am able to capture a year's worth of video content on various key business topics which are then distributed and shared across 16 countries here in the Americas. The SolidLine team has been working with us for years and always comes up with creative ways for us to share our messaging with employees," said Jennifer Pakradooni, Director of Americas Corporate Communications for DHL Global Forwarding.


SLM Produces Academy of General Dentistry Promo Video in 1 Week

Recently, SolidLine had the pleasure of working with our friends at the Academy of General Dentistry on a motion graphics video, and it just so happened to have a tight deadline. The video's purpose was to promote one of the many benefits of being an AGD member -- free access to their online edition of, "You've Graduated, Now What? A Guide to Navigating Those First Years in the Dental Profession." In one week, SolidLine assisted with script consulting, hired and recorded professional voice-over, provided full story boards, and sent three cuts of what turned out to be a fun and engaging video. It's amazing what we can do in one week with awesome clients like AGD!

"The video was well-received by our student members and leadership and, as usual, we enjoyed working with SolidLine-it was a seamless effort with great results," says Cathy McNamara, AGD's Director of communications.

Check out the final video by clicking the graphic below!

SLM Crew Welcomes SIUC Extern

It's that time of year when we have the joy of hosting an Extern from Southern Illinois University, and this year we were graced with Re'Nesha Donson's presence. In case you don't know what an Externship is, it's an internship that lasts one week during the students' Spring Break. As a Junior at SIUC, Re'Nesha thought it would be cool to hang out with the SLM crew and get a hands-on experience in the video production industry. To learn more about Re'Nesha, take a look at her Q&A blog here.


Last week, the crew had a cookie baking competition -- Re'Nesha was in charge of conducting interviews, filming the competition, and editing a video with all the footage. Check out her masterpiece below!



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