Issue 501
January 2015
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Which Seinfeld character got caught taking a chocolate eclair out of a trash can before eating it?


A) Kramer
B) Elaine
C) Newman
D) George

WINNER: Keys Miller

COMPANY: Onboard Systems




Which of these movies features Slide the "power animal" Penguin?

A) Ghostbusters
B) Fight Club
C) School of Rock
D) Frozen


Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

U.S. Cellular - OnLook Promotional Video

U.S. Cellular
OnLook Promotional Video

The Crew Corner


If you had a pet penguin, what's the first trick you would teach it?


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

How to change a diaper.


Mike Petrik, Art Director

To poop outside.


Joe Grock, Motion Graphics Artist

Learn how to lead a huge army of penguins just like Batman Returns.


Chris Roman, Motion Graphics Artist

How to lap dance.

Kevin Wright, Producer

To drive a boat.


John Courchane, Editor
How to answer emails.

Ed Boe, Director of Photography

How to brew Diet Coke.


Avery Schleichkorn, Winter Intern

I'd train the penguin to fly.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
How to draw a bath, light candles, and pour a glass of wine.


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

To cook a pizza pot pie.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

To expertly sell video production services.

Minute for Medicine Ships Q1 2015

2015 is already off to a great start, and Minute for Medicine is certainly keeping the SLM crew busy. In case you missed it, Minute for Medicine is our new patient safety healthcare video product. The series includes 52 custom branded one-minute videos that focus on a variety of important patient safety topics. Every week, healthcare systems will release a video from the series to educate front line associates on important topics ranging from Hand Hygiene to Transparency. Separated into seven categories, the videos feature a variety of professional hosts and motion graphics that are fun and easy to watch.

Check out a sample video from the Minute for Medicine series.



SolidLine to Produce ASUG Keynote Video

We're excited to announce that our pals at ASUG are back with a new project, and we are excited about this one! This year, SAP SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference will be held in Orlando where 20,000 professionals from around the world will gather to network, attend educational sessions, and listen to great keynotes. And that's where we come in! SLM will be producing a high-end, documentary style video to kick off the ASUG keynote. But this is no ordinary video. Three 60 foot wide screens will be split into up to nine sections with multiple feeds of video telling the ASUG story across the 180 foot video wall. It will be a spectacular mix of video, graphics, and music. The video will focus on encouraging non-active members to get more involved and others to sign up and reap the benefits of joining ASUG. We'll also be there to produce ASUG News, an on-site, live news broadcast from the show floor that will highlight important topics and conference experiences. Twenty ASUG News episodes will be broadcasted live daily and available immediately on demand.

"You don't even know the top of your game until you work with SolidLine on one of these types of projects," states Courtney Bjorlin of ASUG. "We're excited to start work on what we know will be another awesome testimonial to the power of our community."

Learn more about ASUG here!


Meet the Intern: Avery Schleichkorn

A new year means a new intern at SolidLine Media, and even though we'll never be able to pronounce or spell his last name, Avery is hitting it off with the crew and being thrown into the rigorous SLM schedule his first week of interning. From early call times to multiple video shoots for different clients, Avery's keeping up and learning fast. We caught up with Avery to ask him some questions about who he is and what he's doing here... take a look at his official Q&A blog by clicking the graphic below!



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