Issue 410
October 2014
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Why did Andrew Clark receive detention in The Breakfast Club?


A) Ditched class to go shopping
B) Taped Larry Lester's buns together
C) Brought a flare gun to school that went off in his locker
D) Called the principal a "neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie"

WINNER: Marla Barch

COMPANY: Prospect Mortgage




"We're gonna need a bigger cookie" is a quote from which of these movies?


A) The Little Mermaid
B) Old School
C) Ocean's Eleven
D) Jaws

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

Reignite Your Imagination

The Crew Corner


Replace a word from a movie title with the word "cookie"


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Night of the Living Cookie

Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cookie


Joe Grock, Motion Graphics Artist

Big Cookie in Little China


Kevin Wright, Producer

Citizen Cookie


John Courchane, Editor

Weekend Cookie Bernies


Ed Boe, Director of Photography

The Cookie


Travis Upshaw, Fall Intern

Cookie Eating Gilbert Grape


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
20,000 Days on Cookies


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

Cookie to America


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

The Shawshank Cookie

AHA Shares SolidLine Patient Safety Videos


Last year, we told you about a series of patient safety videos we were creating for MedStar Health, the largest healthcare system in the Maryland and Washington, DC region. This month, we're excited to report that the American Hospital Association (AHA) recently shared the videos we produced for MedStar under their Symposium for Leaders in Healthcare Quality newsletter. The series of videos, called "60 Seconds for Safety," covers important topics such as preventing harm, high reliability, and maintaining good communication. We're proud of the series we created with MedStar Health and honored that an organization like the AHA sees the value in our patient safety messages to offer as resources to other healthcare systems.

According to Tracy Granzyk of MedStar Health, "Our intent was to create a library of weekly reminders for our associates and to share that library via YouTube so that other healthcare organizations could also make patient safety infectious within their organizations. It's great to see the AHA sharing this work with their leaders--and we can't thank SolidLine enough for adding their reliable creative flair with concepts and animation to make our content come to life."


Take a look at one of the 60 Seconds for Safety videos we produced by clicking the play button below!



Trying to Stay Sane: 26 Days of Production
This time of year is usually pretty busy for us, and 2014 isn't failing to deliver. We've been on the road most of October and will wrap up the month with three different crews spread across the US. We're hitting both coasts for several different clients this month and couldn't do it all without our awesome crew. Some of the cities we've shot in include Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, San Francisco, and Jersey City. In fact, there are only five days of October that the crew isn't on the road! That week-long Thanksgiving vacation is certainly anticipated by our much-deserving crew.

"The logistics alone has required some serious time management and attention to detail," states SLM Executive Producer, Greg Vass. "Making sure each piece of gear ends up where it needs to be within a specific timeframe is a job, and then you have to figure out how to get your crew members from one location to another. We're lucky to have the SLM production truck available when flying both crew and equipment just isn't feasible. The truck is definitely getting some great use this month."

Make sure you check out our Bus Schedule to the left to see the craziness that's happening this month at SolidLine (and everywhere else)!

SLM Welcomes New Production Intern

The change of the season marks a new Production Intern at SolidLine, and he goes by the name of Travis Upshaw. He's had quite the experience with us thus far, traveling around the US for on-location shoots and completing many different tasks back at the office, such as editing, prop organization, and assisting with filming in the SLM studio. His goal for the internship is to learn as much as possible and figure out what he'd like to concentrate on when furthering his career in the production industry. We're happy to have him on board with us and glad he's been getting a well-rounded experience! We caught up with Travis to hear, in his own words, how everything is going at SolidLine. Check out what he has to say in the link below.


READ: Up Close and Personal - Q&A with Travis Upshaw


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