Issue 409
September 2014
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Who played the Tooth Fairy in the 2010 film Tooth Fairy?


A) Dennis Rodman
B) Tim Allen
C) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
D) Ice-T

WINNER: Lyndsey Bowlus

COMPANY: Continental Tire




Why did Andrew Clark receive detention in The Breakfast Club?


A) Ditched class to go shopping
B) Taped Larry Lester's buns together
C) Brought a flare gun to school that went off in his locker
D) Called the principal a "neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie"

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

Tim McDonald, MD
A Conversation with SolidLine

The Crew Corner


Describe your perfect breakfast.


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Sloe berries and aromatic herbs.

Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

Strawberry Crepes with Mimosas and $100 dollar bills everywhere.


Kevin Wright, Producer

Eggs benedict and the heads of my enemies.


John Courchane, Editor

Strawberry Poptart, thermos of coffee, sitting in a tree stand. Is it huntin' season yet?


Ed Boe, Director of Photography



Travis Upshaw, Fall Intern

A mountain of delicious waffles... covered in the finest and freshest of sliced organic strawberries and 100% natural maple syrup. Yum times, yo.  


Matt Kudla, Director of Sales

4 fried chickens, and a coke.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
I'm all about the skillet.


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

Swedish Pancakes with lingonberries and corn beef and hash.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

The sound of the ocean and a three tier Bloody Mary bar.

SolidLine Lauches ProductionLand


Imagine a fun, Candyland style tour of the video production process that guides you all the way from the first steps of pre-production to the final steps of post. Now, thanks to SolidLine Media, that world exists... and we call it ProductionLand! We realized the process page on our site doesn't exactly convey the excitement of the production stuff we do all day, so we went back to the drawing board to create a vibrant infographic representing our steps of approval. SLM Art Director, Mike Petrik was given the challenge of developing a board game themed production process visual, and he definitely nailed the fun and creativity we were looking for!

"I had a blast creating the infographic!" exclaims Petrik. "Visuals add to any sort of presentation, so having something fun like a boardgame should keep people entertained when it comes to the process talk. It's important that our clients understand our production process, that way, everything stays on schedule... Plus, who doesn't love board games?" 


Take a look at our new production process infographic by clicking the image below!



SLM To Offer New Video To Text Service
As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, particularly with regards to viewing videos, it has become increasingly important for organizations to be able to reach their audiences on their mobile devices. That's why we are excited to announce that beginning October 1st, we will be offering our clients the ability to distribute their video content directly to the mobile devices of their audiences.

Through our system, your employees, customers, and association members will be able to request a video via text message, and they can stay up to date on future video communications right on their phones! Branded for your organization, the video landing page will also direct viewers to an interactive call to action, where they can register for an event, be directed to a phone number or email address, watch additional videos, or even just be redirected to your website. We are very excited about the feedback that some of our clients have provided and are excited to hear from you as to how you would be able to use it. Stay tuned for more information!

Society Speaker Broadcast Schedule Announced

With the Fall semester upon us, SolidLine is gearing up for another round of speaker broadcasts with our friends at the National Society of Leadership and Success. Each live show is broadcasted online to over 300 participating universities across the country, featuring a special host speaker who delivers messages about leadership to the Society members. The Fall line-up includes presentations by professional basketball player Stephen Bardo, American performance painter David Garibaldi, and best-selling, husband and wife authors Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn. We're looking forward to partnering with The Society to produce another series of awesome live broadcasts. 

"We are very excited about the upcoming Fall Society Speaker Broadcast series," exclaims Society Broadcast Producer Michael Gewirtzman. "With over 40,000 viewers from around the country tuning in to each broadcast, it is critical that it looks and sounds great. The SolidLine live broadcast team does just that - and I am looking forward to working with them again this year on our exciting Speaker Broadcast series."


Learn more about the Fall 2014 Society Speaker Broadcast line up by clicking here.

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