Issue 407
July 2014
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Which famous TV character played the accordion?


A) George Costanza, Seinfeld
B) Diane Chambers, Cheers
C) Steve Urkel, Family Matters
D) The Fonz, Happy Days


WINNER: Stephen Downey

COMPANY: American Osteopathic Foundation




What were the cows' names in Charlotte's Web?


A) Bitsy and Betsy
B) Tony and Sebastian
C) Gussy and Golly
D) Holly and Sam

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!
Conference Opener Video

The Crew Corner


If you owned a cow, what would you name it?


Mike Petrik, Art Director


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

$100 dollar bill


Kevin Wright, Producer



Ed Boe, Director of Photography

Cow, I guess


Marcus Leshock, Writer



Joey Schiappa, Summer Intern

Calvin Cow, PhD


John Courchane, Editor

Mrs. O'Leary


Matt Kudla, Director of Sales

Medium Rare


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

Mint Chocolate Chip


Greg Vass, Executive Producer


SolidLine To Produce Mecum's Gone Farmin' Vintage Tractor Auctions


Chances are, you've heard of Mecum Auctions. The SolidLine crew is excited to announce that we're going to be heading up the television production portion of Mecum's Gone Farmin' vintage tractor auction. Last month, we were in Nashville filming the two-day auction of vintage and collector tractors, signs, and memorabilia. From there, we're editing eight one hour long shows that air on RFD-TV Tuesdays at 5:30 pm EST and Saturdays at 11:30 am EST. The SolidLine crew is heading up to Walworth, WI next month for our next Gone Farmin' auction with Mecum and a new set of shows. Make sure you check out the show on RFD-TV!


"SolidLine took our vision and turned it into something we think our viewers will enjoy watching each week," states Mike Baker of Mecum. Check out part of one of the live tractor auctions below.


SLM Clients Talk About Their Production Experience With Us

We always feel proud of the fun and entertaining videos we produce, but we also feel blessed for the great client relationships we've retained over the years. We're constantly producing testimonial videos, but every once in a while we get to sit down with some of our clients and interview them about their experience working with us. "Testimonial videos are a great way to promote your services, and we're lucky to have a roster of unique clients who are willing to talk on camera about their experience working with SolidLine," states SLM Executive Producer, Greg Vass.


Below are play buttons that will direct you to our new client testimonial videos. You can watch the rest of the video testimonials here and also read client quotes about working with the crew!


Meet The Intern: Joey 'Boots' Schiappa
It's not every day you bring on a crew member who's totally okay with being called 'Boots' and never demands an explanation as to why. That's only one of the reasons we're lucky to have Joey Schiappa on board to serve as the SolidLine Intern this summer. Currently enrolled in Columbia College Chicago, Joey has been getting a well-rounded production experience at the SLM Headquarters, as well as on the road with the crew. We caught up with Joey to ask him some questions about his internship thus far... check out what he had to say in the link below!

And as always, don't forget to share our Intern PDF in case you know someone who would like to intern with SolidLine!

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