Issue 404
April 2014
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How many snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

A) 2000
B) 100
C) 25
D) 0


WINNER: Amber McNeilly





The Roaming Gnome was used for which dot-com company in its advertisements?

A) Google
B) Travelocity
C) Expedia
D) Orbitz

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!
DHL Global Forwarding
Teamwork Recruitment Video

The Crew Corner


What would you wear if you were a gnome?


John Courchane, Editor

A Carlos Gomez jersey.


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

$100 bills.


Kevin Wright, Producer

A motorcycle jacket and the teeth of my enemies.

Mike Petrik, Art Director 

A carlos gomez jersey made from teeth and $100 bills. 


Matt Kudla, Director of Sales

Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator
Bath robe and slippers.


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

A Florida State Football jersey. 


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Kevin's red shorts.

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NY Times Features Social Progress Imperative Video

SolidLine Media is grabbing headlines again! Recently, we partnered with Social Progress Imperative to produce a fully-animated video about the index they created which measures the success of countries around the world. Some of the factors considered when determining a country's Social Progress Index ranking include access to clean water, personal rights, and health and wellness. The video we produced has been linked in an article on the New York Times' blog and gives a primer on the Social Progress Index and what it means to people around the world.


"It has been a very exciting and rewarding project," says Art Director Mike Petrik. "We created a fun and vibrant video with full character animation that shows why the Social Progress Index is so important."  SolidLine Media loves working on these types of projects that allow us to showcase our talents. The video has only been live for a few days and has already reached over 10,000 views. Check it out below!

SLM Produces Patient Safety Video With MedStar Health
Achieving transparency in healthcare can be tricky, which is why organizations like MedStar Health strive to improve the quality of care and communications in order to prevent patient harm. SolidLine recently teamed up with MedStar Health to produce Annie's Story -- the tale of a nurse whose story perfectly demonstrates Medstar's mission. By working together, healthcare providers can achieve a just culture; one which cultivates the sharing of knowledge and helps prevent patient harm from occurring altogether. It's time to stop pointing fingers when it comes to patient harm, and start pin-pointing the actual source of the error. 

"As we had hoped, this story has inspired conversation, and we are grateful for that conversation," states MedStar Health. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think!

SLM Travels To Vegas For NAB 2014
SolidLine Director of Post-Production, Michael Kromm, and Executive Producer, Greg Vass, spent the past week in Las Vegas at production industry conference NAB. Held annually, NAB draws 93,000+ media and entertainment professionals from over 150 countries with 1,640 exhibits to keep attendees entertained. From new cameras, zoom lenses, and advancements in post-production software, Vass and Kromm have been walking around the show floor making new discoveries like kids in a candy store. They are excited to report their findings to the crew back home in Chicago.

"NAB exposes professionals to what is available currently and also offers a glimpse into the future of the production industry," states Vass. Kromm adds, "It's the perfect way to stay connected and meet new peers -- developing a support system around the world is sometimes the best way to troubleshoot software issues."
Click here to read Vass's blog and here to read Kromm's blog.
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