Issue No. 412
December 2013 Launches New Website


After several months in the works, SolidLine has officially launched a new website. The new site features fresh content, a new and improved design, and a custom mobile version of the site when accessed from phones and tablets. The team's goal wasn't to simply give the site a facelift; we aimed to improve the content delivered, page navigation, and structure of how our videos are displayed. Nearly everything you see on the site is new, including an FAQ page and Crew Bios, as well as YouTube-style carousel players to highlight our Demo Reels and other Award Winning Videos. The team's hard work has paid off, and we're ready to ring in the new year with a brand new site!



"The new site integrates the SolidLine brand with all we have to offer in an exciting new format," states Production Coordinator Allison Miller. "We are looking forward to providing a better online experience for new and current clients in the coming year." 


We're proud of all the new elements on Make sure you check them out! 


SLM Raises Over $5K for St. Jude


On behalf of St. Jude, the men of SolidLine participated in No Shave November in an effort to raise money for cancer research. Every week we posted updates of the beards and just as we expected, the fuller the beards got, the bigger the donation pile grew. SolidLine is excited to announce that we not only beat our goal but in fact, we doubled it! Our target number was $2,500, and thanks to our generous clients, friends, family, and fans we were within the top ten donators of the event. SolidLine matched $2,500 in donations, bringing our final number to $5,110. We want to thank our amazing clients and colleagues for their generous donations and, of course, our team of burly bearded men... We couldn't have done it without you!



2013 SolidLine Stats, Poem Style


Twas the day before break, the crew sat around,

trying to break the past year's stats down.

"We traveled a lot," Greg Vass said with pride.

Ed Boe shook his head with Matt at his side.

John mumbled something about AVID updates,

and the dreaded error messages Kromm simply hates.


Kevin chimed in with 19 videos he knocked out,

in less than a month, success never a doubt.

We had solid interns throughout the year,

Chris, Rachel, Joe, and Matt who's still here.

John got married to his catch of a wife,

And Adam and Kim conceived a new life.


Petrik stayed short, scruffy, and loud,

and won us awards that sure make us proud.

Ali stayed sane to everyone's delight,

while launching the new SolidLine site.

We acquired a mascot from India named Handy,

He doesn't talk much, but he serves as eye candy.


Thousands of miles were covered by the crew,

on foot, via plane, and the 'ol gig truck, too.

We shot in ten different countries for various clients,

held many debates in the café about science.

Established relationships with some of the best.

It's true... Our clients remind us we're blessed.


We raised over $5K for our friends at St. Jude,

and shot a great Holiday Card you'll see in a few.

120 videos under our belts just this year,

we're all very grateful Holiday break is here.

But before we take off for our last 2013 flight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



Last Month's Puzzler


Which US President Declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday?

A) Franklin D. Roosevelt
B) Andrew Jackson
C) George Washington
D) Abraham Lincoln


Congrats to last month's Puzzler Winner! Responding with the correct answer was SolidLine fan Brad Belcaster of Belcaster Realty Group. Brad responded with the right answer (D) winning himself a set of SolidLine-branded coasters. Congrats Brad and thanks for playing!



The New Puzzler


What is the Grinch's dog's name?

A) Max
B) Ben
C) Trudy
D) Larry


Think you know the answer? Want to win some SolidLine swag? Email your response into If you're the first correct respondent, you will be rewarded with a set of SolidLine-branded coasters! Good luck and thanks for playing The SolidLine Puzzler!







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"We had never done anything like this before-working with a professional production company. SolidLine made it easy, they made it fun, and they delivered a product that we are quite proud of."


Dave Semb 


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SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of 'smart' video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


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2 Qs with SLM DP Ed Boe



What was your most memorable 2013 experience? 

My honeymoon trip to Japan with my wife Ashley. Japan is an awesome place, I look forward to going back.


Any exciting plans during the holiday break?

I am going to watch as many movies as I can cram into my head, also I'm in the process of learning French, so I assume I'll be completely fluent come January. Also, Christmas. 



What's your New Year resolution?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

To read a book. Yeah right! Why read a book when there are so many unseen Jean Claude Van Damme movies?!


Ed Boe, DP

This year it'll be my goal to win the lottery more often.


John Courchane, Editor

To watch as many Jean Claude Van Damme movies as possible in the month of January.


Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist

To stop being so blazae.


Kevin Wright, Producer

Stop setting unattainable goals.  


Natalie Mueller, Writer

To set aside more lazy days...or write a collection of short stories, whichever happens first. 


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator

Invent something BIG.


Matthew Bradley, Fall Intern

To improve my snapchat doodling skills. 


Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production

To stay warm. 


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

My resolution is to try to finally reach that low hanging fruit. 


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