February 9, 2016
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One-on-One Consultations

Do you need assistance with career services, finding funding, developing an IDP or have questions but don't know whom to ask or where to go? Click here to schedule a One-on-One consultation with Kim Patton.

ND Calendar & Events

For a full listing of events on the Notre Dame campus for the week of February 08, 2016 - click here.

Academic iNDex

  • A secure, easily accessible, online repository for your academic and professional information
  • An index of your publications, presentations, grants, work history, and other academic achievements
  • A resource for identifying scholars eligible for specific grant and fellowship opportunities
  • A tool to quickly create personalized CVs, resume, lists of publication or presentations, and more
For more information about Academic iNDex and how to use it, click here.

National Postdoctoral Association (NPA)


The NPA is a member-driven organization that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars. Since 2003, they have taken on the ambitious agenda to enhance the quality of the postdoctoral experience in the US. They have assumed a leadership role in addressing the many issues confronting the postdoctoral community that are national in scope and requiring action beyond the local level. 

  • The University of Notre Dame is a sustaining member of the NPA.
  • ND Postdocs can join the NPA for free.
  • Learn about the benefits of a NPA membership here.
For more information about the NPA and to become a member, click here.

Versatile PhD - Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Discover interesting career paths as an alternative to the faculty track
  • Join a large community of post-academics to consult about your situation and the versatility of your PhD, MA, or postdoctoral appointment
  • Read job listings appropriate for postdocs
  • Network with successful post-academic PhDs nationwide
For more information about Versatile PhD and how to use it, click here.

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Postdoc Corner
Handling the Hot Water

by M.V. Lee Badget for InsideHigherEd

If you are a scholar engaged in research, that research may sometimes lead you into controversy. While simply doing good research with professional integrity is usually the best strategy for avoiding those situations, it may not be sufficient in some cases. The key is to do a bit of planning if you think your work might put you in an uncomfortable spotlight.

Some situations are more likely to get you and your research into conflicts than others. For instance, if your research hits a cultural or political hot button, like today's heated debates over climate change, gun control, the minimum wage, charter schools, gay marriage or evolution, you might attract attention from many people outside of academe who think they have some stake in your research findings or ideas. 

Click here to read the full article by Badget.

The ND Postdoc Newsletter wants to share your research or article you have written with the ND Postdoc Community.  If you would like to submit an article for the newsletter, please email Kim Patton.

Career Services
The Job Market Across the Pond
by Rachel Herrmann for Chronicle

It feels surreal to offer advice from the hiring side of the table only a couple years after being on the job market myself. And I'm certainly no expert - just an American Ph.D. who landed a faculty job in England. But now that I've attended several candidates' job talks and sat on a search committee, I've found myself thinking about tips I would like to offer other U.S. candidates searching for a teaching job in Britain.

Click here to read the full article by Herrmann. 

by Melissa Denihy

Candidates on the job market can find an endless array of advice available to them: how to write an effective cover letter, handle an interview, give a successful job talk, etc. But what are the mistakes job candidates can make that are perhaps less often discussed?
Here are a few of my don'ts for academic job seekers, developed from my own experience applying and interviewing for jobs as well as serving on search committees:

Click here to read the full article by Denihy. 

International Postdocs
Immigration Workshop 

This workshop will cover immigration and employment options for international postdocs and graduate students, including H1-B status, travel issues, and options for permanent residence. The speaker is Tom Arkell, an immigration attorney with Dunn Law Firm, LLP. 
  • Date: February 11, 2016
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • Location: Eck Visitor's Center Auditorium (map)

Tax Assistance Program

The Notre Dame/Saint Mary's College Tax Assistance Program (TAP) offers free tax return preparation services to international visitors. All international visitors in F-1 or J-1 status MUST file a tax return, even if they earned no income during 2015.    
Tax services to international clients are by appointment only. Due to the many variables in international client tax situations, all international visitors are required to use the online Appointment Scheduling Process (ASP) to schedule their appointments. The ASP will guide tax clients to the preparer best suited to assist in their tax return preparations.

For more information on how to make an appointment, forms, etc., click here

Events and Workshops 
Ethics Week 2016

Material Characterization Workshop Series - ND Energy
You are invited to attend the following Materials Characterization workshops. The workshops are designed to provide fundamental technical principles and practical sample preparation and measurement tips required to acquire high quality data from these instruments. Each workshop will begin with a presentation by Dr. Ian Lightcap, Senior Scientist and Facility Manager, with plenty of time for questions and answers. In the afternoon, instrument time will be available to run user samples in order to practice sample prep skills, as well as data acquisition and analysis. If you are interested in attending any of the workshops described below and would like to bring samples, please RSVP to Dr. Lightcap at least three days before the workshop.

DSC, TGA, & TGA/ Mass Spectrometer
Raman Spectroscopy 
Click here to learn more about the workshop series.

Funding Opportunties

The February 29th deadline is fast approaching for the Postdoc Challenge proposal applications! 
The Postdoc Challenge offers postdoctoral research associates at Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame valuable proposal writing and reviewing experience in areas related to translational research through the use of one or more of the CTSI-Designated Core Facilities at these universities (RFA attached).  This is a competitive opportunity for two 1-year awards of $5000 each per institution in the form of an expense account for use of core facility services.  Postdoctoral research associates from the participating institutions are encouraged to submit applications that clearly articulate their translational strategy and how this strategy can be advanced through the use of technologies offered by a core facility.
If you are interested in participating as a proposal reviewer, please plan to attend the "Overview of the NIH Peer-Review Process" workshop on Friday, February 26th.  Tommy Sors will discuss how to critically review a grant, review criteria, how grant review panels work, and expected review timelines. See meeting details below. For those interested in being considered as a reviewer, please submit your CV to Wendy Field at your earliest convenience.  
Overview of the NIH Peer-Review Process Workshop
  • February 26th
  • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • DeBartolo Hall 205 (map)

or you may login from your office:

  • Call in: 1-855-282-6330
  • Attendee access code: 28849692
  • Log in here
  • Event password: review

Please click here for more information about CTSI and applications.


Reilly Center Mini-Grants

Click here for more information.

ND Energy offers competitive fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral research associates to conduct energy-related research at Notre Dame. These fellowships support new advancements in energy technologies, while broadening the educational experiences for students and postdocs receiving these awards. If you are interested in energy-related research and would like to apply for a postdoc fellowship, please click on the appropriate link below. For Postdocs, the applications will be accepted year round. 

Click here for the ND Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program application guidelines.

Information is also available via the Funding Opportunities Webpage with an ND Net ID and Password required. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Barbara Villarosa (574-631-4776).

These fellowships, which will be funded under the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL), will provide an opportunity for mid-career African researchers to develop their own research program at KWTRP with stints at other collaborating research centres.

The fellowships are for 4 years and provide for an internationally competitive salary (approx. 50,000 USD PA), and a further 80,000 USD for research and travel costs.

The KWTRP undertakes research across the whole spectrum of health research ranging from basic human, parasite and vector biology, epidemiology, clinical trials, social sciences, demography, health systems and ethics.

Applications are invited from African researchers who completed their PhD within the last 10 years and have a strong publication record in any health-related research including basic sciences, clinical sciences, nutrition, social sciences, epidemiology, health systems and policy research, ethics, demography and statistics AND who have a keen interest in developing a research programme on health issues affecting the African region.

For more information, click here.

Professional Development
Graduate School Professional Development Programs
All postdocs may take professional development programs from the Graduate School. 

Wednesday, February 10th
  • Managing Mindsets: The Key to Better Corporate Behavior
    • 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM 
    • Giovanini Commons
Thursday, February 11th 
  • Integrative and Engaged Learning with ePortfolios
    • 03:30 PM - 04:45 PM 
    • ND Room, LaFortune Student Center
  • EAP Workshop: Dear Email...
    • 6:30 PM - 07:45 PM 
    • B011 DeBartolo
  • Movie Night: Margin Call
    • 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM 
    • Jordan Auditorium
Friday, February 12th
  • Lunch and Learn: Kickstart Your Career Research
    • 01:00 PM - 01:55 PM 
    • Carey Auditorium, 107 Hesburgh Library
For workshop descriptions and registration instructions, please click here.

Workshops from the Kaneb Center
Are you interested in learning more about discipline-specific teaching and learning in the university setting?  The university offers workshops on university teaching and learning in various fields through the Kaneb Center!  Consider enrolling in one of the workshops.

 Tuesday, February 9th
  • Course Design II: Assessment and Exam Design
    • 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM 
    • ND Room, LaFortune Student Center
For workshop descriptions, click here.  

Workshops from the NCFDD

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity is an independent professional development, training and mentoring community of over 71,000 graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members. The NCDFF is 100% dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers.  They offer on-campus workshops, professional development training, and intensive mentoring programs.


The University of Notre Dame is an institutional member of the NCFDD. Through Notre Dame's membership, ND Postdocs may claim an Institutional Sub-account Membership at no cost and enjoy all the benefits of a NCFDD Individual Membership.  Register here to join NCFDD.


For a list of the Spring 2016 webinars, click here.


Hesburgh Libraries Workshops
The Hesburgh Libraries and Center for Digital Scholarship workshops are offered to all ND Postdocs.
Hesburgh Libraries Workshops

Tuesday, February 9th
  • Zotero: Manage your citations and research literature
    • 05:00 PM - 06:15 PM
    •  Room 247 Hesburgh Library
Click here for this week's list of workshops.
All CDS workshops take place in the CDS Classroom (Room 129), Hesburgh Library 1st Floor Northeast.

CDS Workshop Information and Registration: library.nd.edu/cds/workshops
Library Workshop Calendar: nd.libcal.com/calendar/allworkshops
Questions? cds@nd.edu


English for Academic Purposes Workshops
The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures' English for Academic Purposes program offers workshops that are open to all ND Postdocs.


PhD Humor

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