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Vol. 1, January, 2014
Message from the Executive Director

Happy New Year and welcome to the premier edition of our e-newsletter. I hope you find it useful and informative.


As we welcome this new year, here are a few highlights of our recent activity that you'll read about in this issue.


In a few short months, we have made great strides delivering mental health, addiction disorder and developmental disability services.


We have a sound leadership team in place comprised of both seasoned Northeast Delta HSA veterans and new associates I have appointed who come to us as experts in their respective fields. Our employees amaze me every day with their passion and skill. We will continue to strengthen our staff with talented professionals from our own region and from all parts of the country.


We are excited to bring the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities into our Monroe regional headquarters. This move delivers on our promise to better connect the services we offer.


Additionally, we are building more and more relationships to improve health care access. To put this goal in action, we recently signed an agreement with Primary Health Services Center to offer integrated behavioral health and primary care services. On another front, we are in discussions with University Health Conway to find ways to add more behavioral health and primary health capacity.


We are connecting the dots with additional community partners. For instance, we are working toward solutions for identified juvenile populations who may have both educational and mental health challenges. We are expanding our existing relationships with law enforcement entities to better recognize and attend to people with mental health issues. We also extended our partnership with the Children's Coalition of NELA. This collaboration addresses the prevalence of teen suicide and mental illness by re-emerging a component of the Teen Screen initiative, which screens and refers high school-aged teens for mental health treatment.


In 2013, NEDHSA earned CARF accreditation, which brings the highest ethics and accountability to the standards we employ in behavioral health care delivery.


At Northeast Delta HSA, we hold ourselves accountable for providing services that our clients deserve and that taxpayers demand - and we expect the same level of accountability from our partners and surrogate agencies to deliver excellent customer service, greater access to services and competent, quality care. These types of partnerships provide hope, integrity and the ability for our citizens to realize their greatest potential.


I am extremely proud of our employees whose work, dedication and giving during our 2013 United Way campaign helped Northeast Delta HSA achieve high participation and donation rates. Nearly every employee donated funds, which will result in more than 450 meals to feed people in our region. We pulled together and put the needs of others before ourselves, which speaks volumes toward our ability to achieve a common goal.


In 2014, we will introduce a new website that will broaden awareness of our services and provide citizens with even greater access to care. This newsletter edition features Northeast Delta HSA's new logo, a phoenix, which is inspired by the transformations we aim to make for our citizens here in northeast Louisiana.


With every improvement, there are, unfortunately, many stories of those who are still in pain and desperately need help. Our commitment to reach underserved populations is unbreakable. We will continue to take action in 2014 filled with positive outcomes and deliver critical services based on the needs in our communities.


Dr. Monteic A. Sizer

Executive Director


HSA's New Logo!

Northeast Delta HSA is excited to introduce you to our new logo in this newsletter, a phoenix, which symbolizes the shedding of old ways and renewal towards a better existence. This is exactly what we work toward for each and every one of the people we serve.

Another element of our phoenix logo is the sun that sinks below the horizon each day and fades away into ashes, rising again each day anew. The ashes are not those of destruction, but rather of hope and wisdom. As with the phoenix, we are always in some phase of growth and transformation. We use the ashes of our former selves to create the person we are destined to become.

Throughout 2014, we will continue to serve as a catalyst for change to inspire our citizens and our region.   

HSA United Way Campaign:

Realizing What's Possible

The HSA Women and Children's Clinic reached 100% donor participation and raised the largest amount of funds toward the 2013 United Way campaign.  


HSA hit a grand slam this year with the 2013 United Way campaign, reaching a 68% participation rate which exceeded the goal by 17%. Two clinics, Women and Children's and the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, reached 100% donation participation. The HSA staff raised a total of more than $12,000 which, according to this year's campaign coordinator, Amy Miller, came close to exceeding the monies raised in the last five years combined!! 


One employee, Greta Wiley, contributed a whopping 10% of the total amount single-handedly! These accomplishments demonstrate how our actions and our voices make a significant, positive impact to the people we serve. It is in this unified spirit that we will serve our citizens now and in the coming year.



HSA United Way Campaign Team: Jessica Jones, Willie Mae Lusk, Consuela Hunter, HSA Executive Director Dr. Monteic Sizer, HSA Campaign Coordinator Amy Miller, Cassandra Smith.


New Agreement Aims for 

Increased Patient Access

HSA and the Primary Health Services Center (PHSC) have formed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to collaboratively serve citizens in and around Ouachita Parish. The MOA is a tangible step toward making integrated behavioral health care and primary care a reality for citizens, filling a need so pervasive in our region. "Integrated health care greatly benefits our citizens by providing services they need, but may be missed within a traditional model," said Monteic Sizer, HSA Executive Director. "This MOA is a significant step to ensure patients have access to both physical and mental health services." 
Dr. Monteic Sizer and Catherine Tonore (PHSC, CEO) sign the MOA.
Welcome Home OCDD!
In the midst of transition, we have already made advances in providing excellent customer service, quality care and more accessibility. Most importantly, we all have purpose, productivity and presence in what we do. In a place where our services are pivotal to our people, we must make our home front complete by welcoming our new addition, the Office for Citizens with Development Disabilities (OCDD). OCDD is an essential component to our HSA family and they will be warmly welcomed with a renovated space at our regional office.  In addition, the OCDD assessment team will join the Women and Children's clinic in Monroe on Concordia Street. We are so happy to have our completed family right where they belong!

Northeast Delta

HSA Board Members


Ouachita Parish

E.H. Baker

Gene Tarver

Anna Toston Edwards

Thelma Merrells


Morehouse Parish

Chuck Halley

Lorraine Reed


Lincoln Parish

Joyce Brazzel


Caldwell Parish

James Mobley


East Carroll Parish

Lekeisha Powell


West Carroll Parish

Melba Sandifer


Madison Parish

Charlie Trimble


Tensas Parish

Leslie Durham


Franklin Parish

Terri Spence


Union Parish

Alisa Lear


Jackson Parish

Windy Calahan


Richland Parish

Kathy Waxman

Demetrius Roberts,

Human Resources Director


Demetrius Roberts, a former United States Army Captain and Human Resources  Operations Commander, joined HSA in November 2013 as our new HR Director. In addition to her officer ranking, Demetrius is also an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Tuskegee University. Demetrius has 11 years of HR experience along with unwavering dedication to providing excellent customer service. She is married to Mark Roberts and they have two children. Her hobbies include listening to music and volunteer work with her fellow church and sorority members. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. When asked about her role as the new HR Director, Demetrius said, "I live by the following when it comes to providing excellent customer service to HSA employees: The more you engage with fellow employees, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what I should be doing, and that's giving them more than what they expect".


Demetrius is dedicated to our HSA mission and truly embodies the passion and creativity necessary to help build a growing and diverse workforce and "train the troops" for the mission ahead at Northeast Delta Human Services Authority. We are happy to have Ms. Roberts as a part of our family. 


Congratulations to Mark DeBord for 30+ Years of Service!


Beginning in January 2014, Mark DeBord will be retiring from HSA to focus on his private counseling practice. He has seen an increase in interest from traditional health care providers to further address behavioral health needs for their patients. "We always want to provide clients with the same care we would want for our own families," he said. HSA hopes to draw upon Mark's deep behavioral health expertise by continuing to work with him in capacities where he can continue to enhance the lives of clients.


He recently earned the designation as a Certified Trainer for PCOMS, a program which he finds exciting. "PCOMS is an evidence-based practice that operationalizes the concept of "client-centered" and has been shown to reduce early drop-out rates and improve outcomes by focusing on one client at a time.

CARF Accreditation Demonstrates Commitment to High Standards


HSA reached another important milestone in 2013 to even better serve our citizens. "CARF accreditation ensures we're providing a high quality of care," said Karen Bounds, HSA Corporate Compliance Officer. CARF accreditation demonstrates that our work is founded on principles of accountability and integrity. A CARF Accreditation was awarded to HSA for the following services:


* Intensive Outpatient Treatment:

   Alcohol and other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)


* Outpatient Treatment:

   Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults, Children and Adolescents)


* Outpatient Treatment: 

   Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents) 


CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Opioid Treatment Programs, and Vision Rehabilitation Services. For more information on CARF, Click here!



Creating Awareness of HSA Services 

HSA is in the process of creating a dynamic website that will, first and foremost, serve as a trusted resource and enable existing and potential clients to find the crucial services available to them.  


The website will build awareness for HSA in communicating how we provide services and treatment to people diagnosed with major mental illnesses, developmental disabilities and addictive disorders.


Also, through the website, social media feeds will keep our clients and communities connected with pertinent HSA and industry information. The website will reiterate the tenets by which HSA operates, which are at the heart and forefront of our efforts: dedication to bring even greater access to the services we provide; to nurture an environment of unsurpassed customer service where people are treated with genuine kindness, courtesy and a caring attitude; and competent, quality care that fosters hope, trust and the most beneficial behavioral health outcomes to the people we serve.  


Within our marketing efforts, we will also utilize alternate vehicles, such as direct mail, to reach people who may not have Internet access.


HSA now has a new logo! We will utilize the new logo throughout our website and within all of our external-facing materials. The logo will carry an image to complement our name and visually reflect the tenets by which we work.  We will be reaching out to additional community leaders, universities, foundations and legislators within the 12 parishes we serve. These business relationships will further ensure that any citizen within our region in need is aware of the services available and has access to them.





Take a look at our new Social Media pages!
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Josh Dobosh (peer support consumer),  Avius Zimmerman (HSA employee), and Tonya Larry-Turner (The Extra Mile Director) celebrate at the Extra Mile Region VIII Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 26, 2013.
The HSA Staff enjoyed a pot luck dinner before the Thanksgiving holiday.
Families Helping Families Executive Director Aliscia Banks prepping the delicious food at the organization's annual Christmas Open House on December 6, 2013.
Guests enjoy the food at the Families Helping Families Christmas Open House.
Guests enjoying the Families Helping Families Event. 

Dr. Monteic Sizer, Representative Charles Chaney and Senator Mike Walsworth visit at Families Helping Families annual Christmas Open House.

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."



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