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Save the Date!
FCSI Northeast Chapter Holiday Social - December 10
The FCSI Northeast Chapter is holding its 12th annual Holiday Social at Davios in Downtown Boston. Details 

FCSI Canadian Chapter Christmas Social - December 10

Join us at St. George Golf and Country Club in Toronto. Details

Solutions 3 Conference
March 2-3, 2016
Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, WA
FCSI Nashville Conference
April 14-16, 2016

Thank You to our Sponsors to Date!
2015 Project Showcase Released
The 2015 Project Showcase has been mailed to almost 10,000 architects, and over 3,000 operators. It is also available online. 

FCSI-TA Headquarters has a New Address
FCSI The Americas
3309 Robbins Road #171
Springfield, IL 62704
309-808-2165 (same phone)
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From the FCSI-TA Staff
Wade, Kimberly & Penny

It's Your Society, Make it Work
Ian Jameson, FCSI
My name is Ian Jameson and I am a Professional Foodservice Consultant. I have been a Foodservice consultant for almost 18 years which, timewise, is just a drop in the bucket compared to many of my consultant colleagues. I have been in the hospitality industry, in one form or another, for almost 40 years. I started my journey into foodservice hospitality in high school as a part-time banquet bartender in a small hotel which has now been transformed into a very large Delta Hotel Conference Centre in the east side of Toronto.
Many of you may not know me, but I have been the Canadian Trustee on the Board of Trustees for two consecutive terms, and according to by-laws, I must step away from the Board unless I choose to move into the Executive Committee of the Board. I am not ready yet for those challenges and there people more more qualified than I am to do this work. Prior to joining the Board of Trustees I was the Chair (And Past Chair after that) of the Canadian Chapter of FCSI for four consecutive terms and am still active in the Executive Committee of the Canadian Chapter. I have had the honor and privilege of working with the members of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Chapter who are all dedicated volunteers who have great vision and passion for our Society. We all come from different backgrounds and have different practices in the varied field of Foodservice Hospitality but we have one common goal: To make FCSI the best it can be!
We have gone through some wild roller coaster rides over the years in both FCSI World Wide (WW) and FCSI The Americas (TA) and I would say in view of recent events that we are now on the upward curve of the coaster ride. There are great things coming in FCSI and especially in FCSI TA and we need more people to help us get climb and get to the top. To side track a moment, we also need to encourage more young people to join our profession and get them started early in their career path into Foodservice consulting. The Committee for Emerging Consultants (formerly the ICON Committee) has been working hard to encourage the creation of Student Chapters in local Culinary and Hospitality Colleges and Universities across North America as a start to try getting younger people into our industry.  We need the younger generation with their new ideas and energies. We want them to say " I want to be a foodservice consultant".
Going back to our current state of affairs, I was always told that you cannot complain about something, for example our organization, if you are not part of it. Just paying your dues in FCSI is not being part of it. You must be an active participant. I am stepping down now but I'll be be back. As we slowly move up the curve to improve FCSI TA, we will need help to become the best and the help comes from within. Get involved with the new Chapter expansions or volunteer for the new committees but do something to get involved with FCSI. It's your Society - make it work!
Remember: We Share, We Support, We Inspire.
Student Competition Entries Due January 8
Don't forget, we need your help to promote the FCSI-TA Student Competition! The contest deadline is January 8, so we're running out of time. What student couldn't use a five thousand dollar scholarship? If you need any flyers or materials, contact Kimberly or anyone else on the C4EC (Committee for Emerging Consultants) and we can set you up with everything you need. The finalists will present their project and claim their prize at the Nashville conference in April.

As we're all racing feverishly to wrap up projects and satisfy deadlines before the year closes out, don't forget to take the time to enjoy the little things in life.  It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and not pay attention to the things that matter most. Call your loved ones, pet your animals, play with your kids or stare at your magnificent self in the mirror and appreciate your ability to do so.


Brett Daniel, C4EC Member

Thank you to the FCSI Educational Foundation for providing the scholarships to the finalists! 
FCSI to Launch WebTV Show
Foodable Network, the foodservice industries' largest trade media publisher, and FCSI The Americas are jointly producing a new content and integrated story-telling marketing opportunity, with robust distribution to hundreds of thousands of foodservice decision makers. 
We are launching a new WebTV Show and Expert Insight Center on Foodable Network in January 2016, and are incredibly excited about the potential for expanding the FCSI name to a new audience.
With primary distribution on Foodable Network, and secondary distribution on iTunes and other platforms, this new WebTV Show will explore the major projects of FCSI The Americas consultants, ranging from stadiums and restaurant brands, to hospitals and education foodservice. 
Additionally, FCSI The Americas will be the main contributor to a Consultant's Expert Insight Center on Foodable Network featuring blogs from our own members to help position us as the foodservice experts. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting venture!
HX Show Recap
FCSI was pleased to exhibit and present at this year's Hotel Experience Show (formerly the IHMRS Show). Read the wrap-up article on the Foodservice Consultant Website.
2016 Solutions 3 Conference
Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities at FCSI The Americas           
FCSI has many opportunities in the coming year for members to provide leadership and support.

Do you have an interest in: 
  • Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Events
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • And more
Please contact Wade if you have an interest in getting more involved in the direction of FCSI.
Call for Topics - NRA Show 2016
With over 80 education sessions, the goal for the NRA Show® 2016 and BAR at NRA Show is to serve up sessions that are potent, powerful, and provocative. The NRA opened a Call for Topics to help develop educational programming and for the first time, you'll have a chance to add your two cents.

Feel free to submit an idea about a topic that piques your interest. Are you interested in leading a session? Submit it now
Award Nominations
The 2016 Nashville conference is right around the corner and we are looking for the best of the best. If you know of anyone that is worthy of being nominated for the following awards, please consider submitting a nomination.

The Trendsetter Award
This award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies innovation, creativity and unique and lasting contributions to the foodservice industry.

The Robert Pacifico Memorial "Doing Well by Doing Good" Award
The award is intended to recognize an FCSI Consultant Member who has been diligent in his or her community service and who has consistently shown dedication, support, and leadership to the hospitality industry. By inference, this individual is dedicated to encouraging a values centered approach to consulting practices.
FCSI Green Award
This award is presented to an individual or company in the foodservice and hospitality industry that has created an innovative environmental operation or product that has improved the environmental standards and conditions of the operation or industry as a whole.
To submit an individual or company for consideration email Wade with the following information:

Nominee Name:
Submitted by:
Award Category:
Description and Explanation for nomination:
Did You Know? 
Did you know employers can post job openings on the FCSI website?  View current posts here. If you or your company are a member of FCSI and would like to post a job opening, contact Penny for assistance.
Consultant Members: Log your CEUs
Have you logged your CEUs for 2015? There are so many ways to earn your continuing education for the year with FCSI's Approved Education Providers, including Set Date Events, Flexible Date Events, 'Your Place' Events and Webinars. Visit the FCSI Calendar for current programs. 

Associate Members of FCSI are required to earn 3 CEUs annually. Senior Associates need to earn 6 CEUs and Professional Members need to earn 12 CEUs. 

Need help understanding CEUs? Visit our Professional Growth page, or contact Kimberly.
Chapter Corner - Southeast Chapter Recent Event
On November 5th, the Southeast Chapter of FCSI held its inaugural meeting. The meeting was held in Pineville, NC at Swanson-Girard and Associates' test kitchen, who were kind enough to donate their site for the afternoon. Though turnout was not as high as hoped for, the meeting was a great start for our emerging chapter, and we hope to build on that at our next meeting during the conference in Nashville next April.  The Revit Roundtable was a big hit at the meeting!  We were lucky to have a great mix of people including users who have switched completely to Revit, users who are just getting into it or had no experience with it, and some manufacturers' representatives to add to the discussion. Overall, it was a great event and everyone was able to learn something new!

Be sure to check out the chapter page on the FCSI website for details about your Chapter and browse the calendar on the website to view upcoming Chapter events.

Paying Early Pays Off!
You should have received your 2016 membership renewal notices via email. 

Consultant members, submit your dues payment by December 31st for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

iPad Pro|Apple Watch|2016 Conference Registration|$250 Visa Gift Card

We value your membership and look forward to serving you in 2016. Questions about your renewal? Ask Penny.
Reflections of a Vision
Ed Bernard, FCSI
CPSTA Member
About ten years ago, as the Chair of the Americas Division, I indicated that the benchmark of FCSI was in the quality of its membership. The quality I spoke of related to membership commitment, dedication, volunteerism and unconditional support. I further mentioned that the strength of the society was in the core of its membership. Let us take a quick journey back ten years. The place was Louisville, Kentucky. There I shared with you a message - "My Vision, Your Challenge, Our Future".

My vision of the Americas was a strong professional division within FCSI, capable of attracting, developing and maintaining a new wave of young professionals for the next consulting generation. Your challenge was to provide the education and training and to keep raising the bar. Our future was setting the stage for succession. In my vision then, I saw the Americas as a similar and equal partner to the other divisions within FCSI, all recognizing and working with World Wide in an effective and cohesive manner to provide solutions and maximize results. Your challenge then was to ensure that the partnering of all divisions under World Wide was capable of promoting one FCSI brand. Our future then was in being consistent with our global image within the industry and the services that we provided to our clients.

In my vision of the Americas, I saw the attraction for membership value through meaningful and progressive movement and change. Your challenge was to initiate the movement through your expertise, talents, experience and resources, and to work with the Americas leadership in progressive ways in creating change consistent with management, industry and member demands. Our future was in member inclusions and embracing all membership.

I am encouraged and happy to conclude that, upon reflections, my vision has been realized. Your challenge has been addressed and our future is now a wide open door, facing many opportunities. Volunteerism and leadership are part of the hallmark of professionalism. Strong, committed and dedicated leadership for FCSI must continue to emerge from within. Serving on the Council for Professional Standards - The Americas (CPSTA) is yet another chapter in my FCSI journey. This is the vehicle that will continue to set the standards for member education and training and to keep raising the bar. In my new vision, I see CPSTA as being in a unique leadership and supporting position to help charter our future. Your new challenge will be to determine our relevance and sustainability. Our new future, whatever that may be, will be measured by our legacy and the next generation.

A Special Thanks to our 2015 Direct Connection Sponsors