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March 2014

A Message to FCSI-TA Members from the Chair

Bill Taunton, FCSI, Chair

Today I would like to share a story about networking in the foodservice consulting business, which is what I believe motivates me about FCSI.


Every year when we have to pay our dues we all think, is it worth it? What does FCSI bring back to me? What is the return in my investment? Well, honestly, I waited for years to have a return on my investment when I became a member, until I found out that the big return is what we can do just by being an active member.


Participating in conferences, regional activities and international shows will give you presence. If you participate, actively talk, present, attend, write, etc. that will put you in everybody else's eyes, minds and ears. When someone knows you and they have the chance they will contact you and you will start being part of the network. It is so simple that some may think it too simple; well, it may be, but it really works.


Several years ago, I was hired to develop a project in Mexico. My client had a brother associated with F&B consulting in Japan - basically M.A.S. Apparently we made a good impression on our client in Mexico, and he told his brother about us. A short time later, I happened to be in Stockholm during an FCSI EAME conference and sat at a table with people I had never met. We chatted, exchanged business cards and had a great time together. The gentleman sitting next to me happened to be an FCSI member in the UK.


About a year ago, a large development firm from Singapore decided to make an investment in Chile and build a hotel there, so they hired an F&B expert in Asia, which happened to be my client's brother. They also hired a foodservice designer along with the architectural firm in London, which happened to be one of the people I met in Stockholm. Several weeks later, when they both met in Singapore with their client for their first project meeting, they started talking about who can develop the project locally in Chile and whom do you think they thought about?


We might be good at what we do, but being there, talking to people and participating is what gave me a chance that I would have missed had I not been there. So I encourage you to participate, be there, talk to everyone.... network.


In the next couple of weeks, we will be enjoying our 2014 Conference in Phoenix and it is going to be a great success, not only because of record breaking attendance, but also because of the great job that our conference planning committee and staff have done. Come and join us and enjoy networking.

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Brailsford & Dunlavey


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Brad Salter Designs LTD


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Napa Technology

 FCSI The Americas Partners with DigitalCoCo

FCSI The Americas Board is please to announce the Division has signed a contract with Social Media Experts DigitalCoCo to begin a new social media campaign in 2014. Along with assisting with our @fcsiamericas twitter feed and our FCSI Americas LinkedIn, we have created a new FCSI Americas Facebook page. 
We encourage all of you to join our LinkedIn and Facebook pages and follow our twitter feed to get in on the action and keep up with the Division's news and views.

Rock My Restaurant

Rock My Restaurant is hosted by our own members Bill Bender and Eric Norman. 


New Episode!

How to Brand Your Restaurant Effectively: Walls, Ceilings and Surfaces


Benefits of iPad and and Tablet POS Systems

Member Spotlight

Garrett Lennon 

JLR Design Group Inc.


How did you get your start in the industry?

I got my start in the industry at the age of 15 as a Hobart Engineer (dishwasher) at a family friend's restaurant. Through that experience I quickly learned that I had a strong interest in cooking. I parlayed that interest into working as a cook at a natural foods store and deli that my hippie-couple neighbors owned at the time.


What path did you follow to get where you are today?

After High school, I enrolled in culinary school Oklahoma State University. From there, I went on to work in a couple of fine dining restaurants in the greater OKC area. With a year under my belt working and getting a firmer grip on the industry, I decided to move down to New Orleans to continue my career as a chef. I spent the next four years honing my craft in several fine dining establishments in the big easy. In 2006 I was contacted by some family members in Washington that were in the process of finding a location to open a small caf� and wanted me to help them get the doors open. I took the opportunity and moved up to the great NW. It was a hard fought battle but when the caf� never came to fruition I decide to augment my career path and went to work for a foodservice equipment dealer in the role as a KEC. In my six years working as a KEC, the aspect that I found to enjoy the most was the process of development and design. When the opportunity presented itself to come work for JLR as an associate consultant, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. 


What do you enjoy most about this industry?

I enjoy the challenges each project presents that you have to overcome and solve as a designer. I also really enjoy the people. I feel that I naturally relate to personalities I meet in the Foodservice industry on a daily basis. Finally; it's all about the food. If it weren't for the food I honestly would lose all interest in this industry.


What do you do when you are not working?

I enjoy listening to music, cooking, checking out the latest and greatest in new restaurant openings, nature stuff and sailing (when the weather is good). 


Garrett Lennon is a member of the ICON Committee, a committee that promotes the participation of new and emerging members of FCSI TA. 

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IHMRS Foodservice Pioneering Concept Contest

No Client. No Budget. No Limits. Just Your Imagination.


You're invited to put your expertise and imagination together to create the next great Foodservice Pioneering Concept for the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show. Go to www.ihmrs.com, click on foodservice

pioneering concept for the application and

full details on how to enter.


Completed submissions are due April 30, 2014.

Contact Phil RobinsonShow Director, Hospitality Media Group, LLC. He be reached by phone at 212-754-7920.

DC Sponsor Highlight - Hatco
Hatco� Drop-in Hot/Cold Well in Hot Mode

The Hatco� Drop-In Hot/Cold Well can hold both hot and cold food products. Whether it's to hold hot breakfast foods or keep salad items cold and fresh, the HCWBI unit incorporates the Hatco quality of both the cold and hot well units into one.


Similar to the Hatco CWB Cold Well, the Drop-In Cold Well features auto-defrost, optimal insulation, an efficient condenser, and easy serviceability. The Drop-In Hot Well utilizes the "free flow" technology from the FR2 Hydro-Heater, which assures an efficient, safe, and long-lasting operation.


The HCWBI unit also includes adjustable set points to hold specific food items at its optimal temperature. The remote control box can be mounted to a front counter, giving easy access to the operator. It also features simple controls from a seamless unit, making the unit easy to clean and use.


Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of over 60 years of excellence in the design, production, and servicing of holding and warming equipment. In 2009, Hatco introduced their first Refrigerated Drop-In Well product, bringing the same excellence to the cooling part of their foodservice product line.

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