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June / 2013
It's Time for the Hunt
By James Camacho, FCSI and Secretary, FCSI - The Americas
It's time for the hunt, time to go slay something, drag it back to the cave and serve it up. OK, maybe that is a little over the top. I apologize; I'm still pumped up from my Vince Flynn book I just had to put down so I could write this. But we all have to go out find that new project, bring it back to the office and start to work.


And fortunately, many of us are beginning to see an upturn in new projects. Not only public money projects but private money projects including corporate facilities, hotels and clubs, are being built and renovated at a renewed pace. The steady climb of the Consumer Confidence Index is giving us hope, too. After the last few years, we are all relieved with this good news.

The question is, are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities in this growing market? Are you looking for new marketing ideas or new skill sets? If you continue to do the same thing, you can expect the same results. Although the goal may be the same, the hunt is constantly changing, and so must we as FCSI consultants.


As consultants we have to stay current with the latest trends in our markets, menus, equipment, ADA, LEED, mobile technology, and on and on. FCSI is here to offer help with training and new opportunities including:

The AIA PowerPoint presentation has been a tremendous success for our firm and many others. If you are not taking advantage of this tool, you are losing out on business opportunities. I encourage you to talk with members who are using the power point for tips and ideas. It works and is well worth the time and investments in a few meals.


The next time you go out on the hunt, do not just take a sling shot with you, take the backing of FCSI and you can become Rambo or Mitch Rapp in a fully automated armored vehicle ready to slay the next project and drag it back to your cave.

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Our members have been very busy! Here are the latest articles featuring fellow professional FCSI members:


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We are proud to recognize the following individuals as the newest Professional members of FCSI! Greg and Garbriel have successfully completed earned their FCSI designations!

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Greg Christian
Beyond Green Partners

Gabriel Stein
Stein Arquitectura Gastronomica

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Aaron Barker
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Matthew Barelick 
Food Service Concepts & Innovation Consultants 
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What Did We Learn from NRA 2013?
Key trends for the foodservice industry presented by Elizabeth Friend, Foodservice Industry Analyst at Euromonitor.
Trends in Foodservice from the National Restaurant Association Show
Trends in Foodservice from the National Restaurant Association Show
Consultant Crystal Ball Survey
Restaurant Water & Ice
You may have seen the news about the recent investigation by the UK newspaper The Daily Mail into the sanitary conditions of ice from fast food restaurants. The newspaper's scientific tests found that all of the samples contained more bacteria than toilet water. Story HERE.

With this in mind, we want you to weigh in with your thoughts, in relation to your own clients. What are you recommending to your clients in order to improve the condition of a restaurant's ice and the ice machine (both from a sanitary perspective and from a taste perspective)? 
Click HERE to take this 1-question survey now.

All participants will be entered into a drawing for a 50% discount to an upcoming Super Regional.
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FCSI has partnered with the Design Opportunities Newsletter. The first newsletter was published at the beginning of June and sent to all Professional members by email.


The newsletter is produced monthly and features proposed projects that have not yet selected an architect or designer.  


In addition, FCSI is excited to promote its brand to over 10,000 architectural firms in the United States and Canada by featuring 8 advertisements in the newsletter per month.  



Every year, FCSI supports the AIA mission through a Corner Stone Partnership. As part of our sponsorship, FCSI was featured on the AIA web site for the month of June. Click HERE to view our ad!

After 37 years as a successful consulting firm, the Cornyn Fasano Group is shutting its doors to embark on a new adventure! CFG has merged with Brailsford and Dunlavey of Washington D.C. John Cornyn, FCSI and Joyce Fasano, FCSI are delighted to maintain their membership with FCSI throughout the transition and plan to fully enjoy retirement in 3 years.

Congratulations to both of them on a successful career!
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