To all our sports oriented MBCA members:
Advanced Driving School Weekend 
Mosport October 5-6, 2013



We know that holding a Mercedes in our trust means we appreciate their values for many different reasons and each one of us has their own.  One set of these reasons considers the performance of many Mercedes-Benz's in addition to  their traditional attributes.  Mercedes has introduced many models and together with AMG has spent a lot of effort to build performance vehicles that represent all the values the star stands for.


Mercedes is involved in many motor sport segments and it is a joy for us to see this as well as participate at our respective levels.
Using a Mercedes on a closed circuit and learning the skills of advanced driving is a privilege we should indulge and cherish for the know-how but also for the experience to feel our machinery for its engineering as well as the acquired abilities for safety benefits. 
With all this in mind MBCA-Toronto in cooperation with BMW Trillium will be at Mostport October 5-6 for an Advanced Driving School with lots of track time and with a dedicated teacher next to you!  Yes, this is learning and enjoying safe high performance driving over a full 2 day weekend event.  This is well controlled and an excellent experience with groups divided into the different experience level. This could be your first one and yes, no prior experience required!

The event is open to all brands of cars but it is typical to see more sport oriented models and drivers that enjoy the performance aspect of the experience.  

Let's see some MBs / AMGs at Mosport!



Your Sports Director, 

Peter Spitzer

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

3233 Concession Rd 10
Bowmanville, ON 
L1C 3K6
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Performance fans please email the following to [email protected]: 

Name, car model and year, Phone number, experience and email.  

All cars will require a technical inspection by your mechanic prior to the event. 


There are some specials with pricing starting at $399 till August 24th and $459 thereafter. These events usually sell out quickly.