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Why support US teams traveling to compete internationally? 
Until organizations can afford to send the teams you can help assure that the best dogs, not just the affluent handlers represent the US in world competition. It may not be the most critical fund raising but it is still necessary for many of us.

Quill and Sandy are leaving May 11 to compete at the World Agility Open in Spain !

Here are several fun ways to join the SPAIN OR BUST campaign! 

RAFFLE: Agility lover Gary Wong has generously donated a 7 night vacation stay at the World Mark. Destination is chosen by the winner and  can be broken into two trips ! Choose your favorite Nor-Cal member to buy from, they keep all the proceeds!  Instructors at Ace and Pat White are selling and I could use another volunteer seller, earn a private lesson with Sandy !
Tickets:$10. or 4 for $25.00 10 for $50.00  

RAFFLE: A spot at the Desert Sage Agility Camp in Oregon in June is also being raffled. Camp is full, winning a spot is the only way to attend!  Tickets are $15.00 : contact to purchase tickets
T-Shirts: We have too many shirts!! Reduced price ! $5.00 off (large sizes only)

E-Book: Over a hundred pages of drills and articles written by everyone on the team, most of the content to written for the "average" student. Available through (big team supporters!!)

SHOPPING!: Brilliant K-9 :  Check out their awesome vests! They will give the team 15% of your purchase!  go to: and Use promo code TeamUsa 

QUESTIONS?? contact Sandy at 


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