Raising Awareness of Lupus: The Power of Creativity
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May 2014
Art's power to inspire and heal

Art is a powerful means for expressing one's self. But more and more, it's also becoming recognized as a valuable tool in the treatment of chronic disease and pain.


"There's very good evidence that engaging patients in art and music is one way to make the burden of illness and periods of care more tolerable," Harry Jacobson, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told HealthCommunities.com. Studies have shown that music and other forms of art cause the release of endorphins and immunoglobulins in the body, which help to suppress pain and fight disease. Simply viewing art displayed on a wall, in fact, has been demonstrated to aid in the healing process. As a result, Vanderbilt has incorporated music, visual arts, theater, and other creative elements into its patient experience.


Additionally, art serves as an extraordinarily powerful way of raising awareness of lupus. We are blessed this spring to be surrounded by the arts, as is evidenced in this newsletter, both by being  a charity partner of the Edina Art Fair and through the inspiring and creative submissions we have received and share with you through our open call for lupus-inspired artwork.

Be inspired.  

Young artist raises awareness

As the niece of a lupus researcher, Ella knew a little bit about the disease. But even she was surprised to learn how many different ways its symptoms can show up in each person - and how many new treatments were being developed by her aunt and others. So when it came time to create a project for her health class, the sixth-grader from Savage decided it was time to spread the word about lupus by creating a symbol of hope for all who live with the disease.


Thus was born Ella's Jar of Hope. Featuring paper butterflies - some dangling from the lid of the jar to simulate flying and others bearing important facts about lupus - it symbolizes how those battling the disease can overcome the challenges and frustrations that often accompany it.


Thank you for sharing your efforts with us, Ella. Beautiful work!

Ella and her Jar of Hope
People living with lupus and their supporters are creating art in all kinds of mediums. If you have a piece of art you'd like to share, please let us know by contacting Sandy Parnell, Director of Education. We'd love to see what you're up to!

Art Showcase: A Poem by Gwen Zehm

My Body is My Temple
My temple is a crumbling shrine;
the hollow darkness scares me. 
Once tapestries of life were mine,
now fraying threads surround me.

My body's fallen, needs some rest.
Legs seize, don't want to move.
The humbling pain puts soul to test.
I've so much more to prove!

I pray and search to find my soul.
My clouded thoughts float by. . .
My spirit's strength, exhausted state,
must find self before I die.

Shame and grief take o'er my mind.
My family suffers on.
Our love together helps me find
clear hope for each new dawn.
(Gwen lives in Superior, Wisconsin, and has had lupus for 30 years.)

As the charity partner of Minnesota's top art fair, LFM encourages you to attend the annual Edina Art Fair on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 6, 7 and 8 at the intersection of 50th Street and France Avenue in Edina. All proceeds from souvenir merchandise, like art fair t-shirts and posters, benefit LFM and can be purchased at the info booths. A portion of the art auction also comes to LFM. So, be inspired and enjoy 300 artists, live music, entertainment, tasty food and children's activities.

Summer Dip by Ashley Barlow,
featured work of the Edina Art Fair

Explore using guided imagery and relaxation techniques to achieve a less-stressful life. Program begins at 6:30 p.m. in the LFM offices in Bloomington. To register, contact Sandy Parnell by June 9 via email or phone at 952-746-5151.

Las Charlas de Lupus se realizan mensualmente y son una oportunidad para quienes padecen lupus (u otras condiciones crónicas), y las personas que los asisten para conectarse con otros y conversar de temas relacionados con la salud y el diario vivir con una afección crónica. 


State's top poker players are "all in" for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota
Two of Minnesota's very best poker players, Blake Bohn and Matt Alexander, have made a very generous and very exciting pledge to LFM.

Some of you may have heard during Cory Cove's 24-Hour On-Air Marathon on KFAN (FM 100.3) that Blake and Matt will donate 2.5 percent of all of their winnings to LFM. So, what does that mean? That's the fun part.
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