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March 2014
Cory Cove (third from left) and folks with a connection to lupus on a recent KFAN visit
Jamming awareness, fundraising and fun into 24 hours on air
KFAN's Cory Cove talks about his annual radio marathon, happening May 3-4

By Cory Cove, KFAN 1003.FM

We are entering our seventh year doing the 24-hour show benefitting the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota (LFM). It's pretty hard to believe it's already seven years. Seems like just a few months ago we were giving this thing our first attempt and in the process making tons of mistakes. But seven years later, we've built this thing from an $1800 science experiment gone wrong into an event that brought in over $50,000 last year ...
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A call for art: express yourself and raise lupus awareness
Raising awareness about lupus is essential to improving the diagnosis and treatment of this chronic condition. The arts (including poetry, writing, photography, painting, music, sculptures) can be powerful ways to both express oneself and provide a creative lens for others to learn about lupus.

May is Lupus Awareness Month, an annual observance to raise awareness and educate others about this life changing disease. To engage people in learning about lupus, we invite you to submit an original piece of your artwork that tells a story about your experience living with lupus.
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Student Summer Fellowship Application Deadline is April 14
The deadline for applications for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota's Student Summer Fellowship program is fast approaching. Open to undergraduate students, the 12-week program provides an opportunity for promising young scientists to participate in basic or clinical research with an established investigator at the University of Minnesota or Mayo Clinic. Details about the fellowship, specific placements and the application are available on the LFM website. For more information, contact LFM President Jennifer Monroe at 952-746-5151 or via  email.

Involvement opportunities abound for the Lupus Food and Wine Classic

It takes a village ... we are continuously amazed by the "lupus village" and your generosity and support when it comes to supporting the mission of the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota whether it's through our events or simply remembering us with a regular gift.


Our next major fundraising event, the fourth annual Lupus Food and Wine Classic, provides an opportunity for "the village" to gather, acknowledge May as Lupus Awareness Month and raise funds together to support our efforts to end lupus.


Already a handful of sponsors, donors, restaurants and wineries have committed their support. We're anticipating another great event and there are multitudes of ways you can be involved both before or on the day of the event on May 7 at the Mall of America: 

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Jake and Kelsey Olson
Newlyweds employ unique twist to prompting kisses at their wedding reception

Kelsey and Jake Olson were married on February 22. At their reception, instead of "clinking" glasses to get the newlywed couple to kiss, the couple told people to donate cash to the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota in order to prompt a kiss! The Olsons and their wedding guests raised $690 that night! Kelsey says "One of my friends did this at their wedding for another cause and we just thought it would be a great way to give back."


Congratulations, Kelsey and Jake! And thank you for making lupus awareness and fundraising part of your special day!

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