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December 2013
LFM announces 2014 lupus research grant awards
Continuing its dedication to funding lupus research and its ultimate vision of a world without lupus, the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota announces its grant awards for 2014. Totaling over $100,000, the grants have been given to three researchers. Grantees and their projects are at right:

Annually, the LFM Investment Committee approves award amounts and the Research Committee reviews and recommends grant applications. Funding recommendations are then presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

Look for more from these researchers throughout the year, beginning with the "Updates in Lupus" webinar with Dr. Niewold on Thursday, January 23. Register online at the link above.

Emily Gillespie, PhD. 
University of Minnesota
Cardiovascular disease in SLE: Role of the Chemokine Receptor CXCR3-B

Timothy Niewold, M.D. 
Mayo Clinic
Single Cell Analysis of Human Lupus Immune Cells

Patrick M. Gaffney, M.D. 
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Intestinal Microflora and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Looking out for the lupus patient and the caregiver
A recent Roper research survey found that seven out of 10 patients said lupus affects virtually every relationship they have, and a similar number (74 percent) of lupus supporters said the same. The upcoming Quarterly Lupus Dinner Discussion, intended for those with lupus as well as their caregivers, will focus on this survey that addresses  the communication gap between people with lupus and the people who care for and about them. Join the discussion over dinner on Thursday, January 9.

Also, Patrick Spott, husband of 2013 Lupus Ambassador Chris Cronick, offers a blog post on his role as a caregiver and his top five ways to help.

Chi-Gung intro classes offered in February
The art of Chi-Gung is a centuries-old form of meditative exercise originating in China and the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota is bringing it to you. Instructor Pat Gottschalk has taught chi-gung for 15 years and is conducting a four-class introduction to this meditative exercise that grounds the mind in the body, increases self-awareness, builds internal energy and helps to develop a more flexible body, both physically and spiritually. Adaptable for those who may have physical limitations, so open to all. Sessions are free, happening Wednesdays in February. Register today by emailing or calling LFM at 952-746-5151/800-645-1131.

Wishing you and yours all the best in the new year!

-The Board and Staff of the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota

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