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Members Learn to be Effective Witnesses for Christ
NY13 Rally at Hunter College
NY13 Rally at Hunter College
About 2,000 people filled the auditorium at Hunter College in New York for the NY13 Rally with speaker Ted Wilson, Seventh-day Adventist Church president.
      The January 19 rally was the kickoff for a series of weekend lay training meetings on how to be effective witnesses for Christ. It was the third rally held in preparation for the upcoming NY13 Revelation of Hope meetings. Donald King, Atlantic Union Conference president and chair of the NY13 Steering Committee, thanked everyone for their support and enthusiastic interest in being a part of NY13.
     On Sunday, January 20, meetings were held at three locations on how to give Bible studies and develop small group evangelism. Ernestine Finley, presenter/author, conducted the lay Bible instructors training for more than 500 people at the Linden church in Queens. International speaker Mark Finley, conducted the small group training for about 180 people at the Manhattan church in Greenwich Village. Robert Costa, General Conference Ministerial association secretary for international evangelism, conducted the lay training for about 350 people at the Fort Washington Spanish church.
     With just days left before the beginning of the evangelistic meetings, members are taking advantage of every opportunity to be prepared to share of the gospel of Jesus Christ in New York City and beyond.

Watch for the full article in the March issue of the Atlantic Union Gleaner.

Click here to view photos of the the Rally.

Click here to view photos of the of the Sunday workshops.

A related article titled "Adventists Prepare for New York City Outreach" appears in the February 21, 2013, weekly issue of the Adventist Review.

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Update on Search for President of New York Conference
Florencio Zabala
Angel Rodriguez
On Sunday, January 27, 2013, the New York Conference Executive Committee voted to ask Angel Rodriguez to serve as acting president for the remainder of the quadrennial term that ends in 2014 and for Florencio Zabala to serve as secretary-treasurer, also for the remainder of the quadrennial term.
     We continue to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power in the lives and hearts of the members of the New York Conference and for the soon and glorious return of our Savior, Jesus Christ.---Donald G. King, Atlantic Union Conference president, and the New York Conference Executive Committee
Communicators Prepare for NY13
About 150 Communication leaders from churches in the Atlantic and Columbia unions met at the North Bronx church on January 27 for the NY13 Communication Workshop. Speakers and presenters from all levels of the church joined in this collaborative effort to help prepare communicators for their role in the upcoming NY13 evangelistic meetings in the Metro New York City area.
     Training sessions were held from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and included workshops on news writing, photography, social media, video production, media relations, graphic design, crisis communication, and more.
     With more than 420 meetings scheduled between April 1 and October 31, the communication teams from the various churches are equipped to share stories of baptism and changed lives. Having the communicators trained and ready to do their part is just one of the many ways in which leaders are preparing members for the NY13 initiative.

Click here to view photos of the NY13 Communication Workshop.
New Executive Secretary/Communication Director Named for Northern New England Conference
The Northern New England Conference (NNEC) Executive Committee voted on Sunday, February 17 to extend an invitation to Robert Cundiff to serve as conference executive secretary and communication director. He accepted the invitation and will begin in late March.
     Cundiff comes from the Carolina Conference where he served for 23 years. For the past nine years, he served as the head pastor at the Raleigh church in North Carolina.
     He graduated from Southern College in 1990 with a degree in religion and completed his Master of Divinity degree at Andrews University in 1994. He is on track to graduate from Andrews University in August 2013 with a Doctor of Ministry degree, with an emphasis on preaching.
     Cundiff's ministry includes serving as a student missionary, youth pastor, young adult pastor, associate pastor, senior pastor, and a frequent speaker at various events, including summer camps, camp meetings, weeks of prayer, and college chapel services.
     He and his wife, Tanique, have three children, Joshua, Lauren, and Rachel.
     Cundiff is filling the position left vacant by Arnold Schnell, the former secretary, and the position left vacant by the communication director who is retiring.
     "We welcome Pastor Bob Cundiff, Tanique, and their children. We are delighted to see how God led in the development of this decision. We know God will continue to guide Pastor Cundiff's leadership in our conference," said Mike Ortel, Northern New England Conference president.---Lynn Ortel, Northern New England Conference communication director
Finding A Place
Disabilities ministries in your church and community 
"On March 15 to 17, 2013, the NAD DAC [North American Division Disability Advisory Committee] will hold its annual Disability Awareness Weekend at the Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church in Petersburg, Virginia. On Friday the advisory will meet to discuss strategies for the coming year. On Sabbath people from across the division will showcase seamless efforts of inclusion whereby disabled and nondisabled Christians give their gifts and talents in imaginative, innovative, and creative ways to the service of God. These gifts and talents will be blended in a full day of worship that usually ends with the goals of accessibility, accommodation, encouragement, and education satisfied."
     Charlotte L. V. Thoms, Disabilities Ministries director for the Atlantic Union Conference and coordinator of Commission for People with Disabilities for the North American Division, is the author of the article entitled "Finding a Place," that appears in the February 2013 issue of the Adventist World.

Download the Disability Awareness Weekend flier here. 
One Year in Mission Volunteers from Around the World Arrive in New York
The One Year in Mission team spent their first Sabbath at Ephesus church.
A team of 14 young adults representing each of the 13 divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist and the Greater Middle East Union (attached field) arrived in New York and began orientation on January 24. They will spend six months in New York as a part of the global One Year in Mission (OYIM) project.
     During the first phase of OYIM, those chosen to participate in the project spent the first three months of the year receiving training and undergoing the necessary orientation in their countries of origin. Next they will spend six month on location in New York City in conjunction with the NY13 initiative. Then, the last three months will be spent debriefing in their countries of origin and assisting in setting up Phase 2 of the OYIM project in their respective divisions, hoping to ignite a movement of volunteers around the world.
     Among those welcoming the group on the initial weekend of their arrival in New York were Armando Miranda, a Seventh-day Adventist Church general vice president; Erica Richards, editorial assistant for the General Conference Youth Department; Youth Ministries directors JosÚ CortÚs, Atlantic Union Conference; Andres Peralta, Greater New York Conference; and Roger Wade, Northeastern Conference, and Ruben Merino, Greater New York Conference Adventist Community Services director.
     The Greater New York Conference Adventist Community Services Center will serve as the headquarters for training and mission deployment for the OYIM team. While in New York, they will be involved in ministry, giving Bible studies, working with the Compassion Movement and other New York City young adults, community services, and engaging in evangelistic efforts of local churches.
     For more information on the One Year in Mission project, visit: oneyearinmission.org.
Devon Franklin Speaks to Capacity Crowd at GODencounters Retreat
Devon Franklin, senior vice president of production for Columbia Pictures and author of Produced by Faith, was the featured Sabbath speaker at the GODencounters Retreat sponsored by the Atlantic Union Conference Youth Ministries Department. About 300 young people filled the meeting room to capacity on the weekend of February 1-3 for the tenth anniversary of this annual retreat. Ten young people made decisions for baptism that weekend.
     In his Sabbath morning message, Franklin encouraged the young people to develop a relationship with God. "God wants you to raise Him up today in what you do," Franklin said. "But you can't do that if you don't have a relationship with Him."
     Other segments of the weekend included a communion service, an anointing service, and a Compassion Project in partnership with Stop the Hunger. On Saturday night, the young people packed more than 12,000 meals to be shipped to disaster areas in the U.S., Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.
     Donald King, Atlantic Union Conference president, and his wife, Lois, Atlantic Union Conference Women's Ministries and Ministerial Spouses Association director, brought greetings to the young people and were also workshop presenters.
     Event planners had to close registration for the retreat several days before the event because the venue was filled to capacity. The event was streamed live.

Click here to view photos of the GODencounters Retreat.
About 120 Attend NETS Express Event in South Lancaster
About 120 people attended the first NETS Express held at the Village church in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, on February 17.
     NETS Express is a fast-paced, short-term version of the Northeast Evangelism Training School program. It is designed for busy people who may not be able to dedicate four months to the full NETS training experience.
  The meeting was packed with relevant and timely insights, on health evangelism, personal evangelism, and public evangelism, as well as time-tested methods that consistently produce results. Seminars presented include "Effective Ways of Getting Bible Studies," "Health Ministry in Evangelism Methods," "The Role of Relationship in Soul Winning," "Gaining Decisions and Answering Objections," "Dynamics of Giving an Effective Bible Study," and "The Evangelism Cycle." "Each person who attended NETS Express was presented with a certificate of completion," Lois King, an assistant director, said.
     Eric Flickinger, the program's director; Kevin Sears, an assistant director; and Hildelisa Flickinger, a registered dietitian, were the presenters.
     NETS Express is sponsored by the Atlantic Union Conference. For more information about NETS, visit: netsatlanticunion.org or e-mail registrar@netsatlanticunion.org.

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