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Oct 28, 2012

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After Sandy Winds Down, Recovery Ramps Up.
Tempers Mount as Gas Runs Out
With gas lines lasting over 6 hours,only to find no gas left, many motorists all over NY & NJ, are finding patience wearing thin. Add to it the destruction of homes & businesses,plus the biting winter cold, the situation looks grim for many along the NY & NJ coast. While recovery is surely to take weeks to months across the region, for the time being, it's better to stay home if at all possible.

Power is being restored to more each day, but officials admit it may be weeks before power will reach all affected by the storm. As the recovery unfolds, we can only be reminded of the importance of being prepared, having a plan, and if at all possible, have a bug out location to wait out the storm and the recovery period.
Wrecked Beachhomes litter NJ coast
Image credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Now what?
By Janet Liebsch
(reposted from previous issue due to missing link)

After disaster strikes, families and businesses are faced with many questions including... what?


This post is not intended to replace local officials' instructions, but contains tips and resources about disaster response, assistance and recovery.


During the response phase of any major disaster, people must keep in mind First Responders will do everything in their power to help those in need, but it may take hours, days or possibly even weeks before the cavalry arrives.  Read more...  

3 Days After... The Lights of Lower Manhattan are only Car Headlights
Three Days After... Headlights are the only lights in lower Manhattan.
APN FB Page & Open Group See Surge
There's nothing like a disaster to create new converts! This past week we've seen a steady stream of likes & joins on our two flagship Facebook entities, our APN Like Page, and our reader contributing APN Open Group.  If you do facebook, come join us, and if you have How-To Prepper advice, CONTRIBUTE!
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 CommunityPrepper Community 
New Rules make APN Forum Family Friendly
Recently a couple of rules have been amended to the APN forum terms of use in order to help our goal of keeping the community family friendly.  We have added stricter guidelines in regards to flaming and trolling of the forum.  While there is no such thing as "free speech" on privately owned websites, the APN does strive to keep a fair balance between members ability to post opinions while at the same time keeping things friendly to all of our members and readers.  We hope these new rules will make the forum a friendlier place to be while at the same time allowing reasonable opportunity to debate and express opinions.

International Preppers Vibrant & Growing
Preppers isn't just a U.S. thing... While we have been making our list and checking it twice, the movement has been spreading to the north, the south, and across the seas.  There has been a Canadian Preppers Blog and Forum for quite some time now.  But did you know that the International Preppers Network hosts sub sections for Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Panama, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and links to other national groups?  There is even word that APN founder Tom Martin is working hard to help establish a group in the Philippines.
Denob, IPN admin

Denob at the Reins
The former global moderator for the Canadian Preppers Network, Denob has recently accepted the admin position on the international forum and in just a short time has brought the group to new heights with excellent growth and exceptional moderating skills.

"The IPN offers a place for people from all over the world to get together and share knowledge, ask advice, and support each other in their efforts to be prepared for whatever may happen.  With over 1600 members and growing every day, the IPN brings together preppers from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between.   Members can share ideas with others from across the globe, or even organize groups and meetups from fellow preppers right down the street.  Members can discuss all prepper related topics such as growing and storing your own food, alternative energy, home defense and much, much more.  Someone, somewhere has the answer to that issue that you just can't seem to figure out and the IPN lets you poke the brains of preppers from all over the world, bringing you knowledge and experience that months of research couldn't match.

Whether you're an experienced survivalist or just waking up to the fact that the world around you can be a dangerous and volatile place, the IPN is a one stop shop for preppers to get together and share what they have learned."


FoodFood Preps  & Recepies
Not just for civil war re-enactors anymore
Not just for Civil War Re-enactors anymore...
Survival Recipe: Tasty Hardtack
By Leon Pantenburg

One of the more popular posts on has been how to make hardtack, a basic survival food.  I was gearing up for an elk hunt, so I tried this recipe from Mark, who had commented on the post.


"I've been making and enjoying hardtack for years," Mark wrote.  "I like to use native pecans in mine."  Immediately intrigued, I made up a batch, using Mark's recipe as a base.  Using only the ingredients that were on hand, I had to make a few substitutions.


And, as is my wont, I can't resist tweaking a recipe when there is potential to make it more healthy.  (I always amend flour:  For each cup of white flour, add 1 Tbs of soy meal; 1 tsp of wheat germ, and 1 Tbs of dried milk.  This creates a whole protein!)


The result was wonderful!  Unlike the traditional hardtack recipes which can be nutritious, but REALLY bland, this recipe is tasty!  And it's kind of like opening a bag of chips - you can't eat just one!

SafetyTipsNuclear, Biological, Chemical...and Fire Safety Tips
Brought to you by ILC Dover
Quick Tip #1 Preparing for a Chemical Attack
When preparing your disaster kit, make sure you have included a roll of duct tape and scissors.  Choose what room you will shelter in place in, preferably an interior room at the highest level of the building with few or no windows. Be sure to have pre-measured plastic to cover windows, doors, and vents. 

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sun oven logo
SUN OVENS International takes a different approach in efficient off-grid cooking. We have taken a concept that has been around for centuries, and have combined it with more improved materials to make the most effective solar cooking devices in the world. The SUN OVEN® has been designed to overcome most of the cultural barriers that have restricted the widespread use of the sun for cooking.
Introducing Sun-Ovens
Introducing The SUN OVEN®
The SUN OVENS® is often compared with box cookers made out of aluminum foil and cardboard (homemade boxes of various sizes and shapes). While the energy conversion principles are the same, the materials utilized in manufacturing SUN OVENS® have been carefully researched to include the most efficient materials available. In order to capture the maximum amount of energy, achieve the highest possible temperature, and retain the greatest amount of heat, while minimizing the weight, the materials utilized have been selected based on efficiency and quality. SUN OVENS International is determined to disseminate solar appliances that truly meet people's needs rather than distributing perpetuating cookers that work only under the most ideal conditions.
TSunOven $80 xmas specialhe initial price of GLOBAL SUN OVENS® is higher, but due to its long life, ability to cook on partly cloudy days and allowing food to stay warm for hours, the cost per meal is lower than any other solar cooking device.
Developed in 1986 by Tom Burns, a retired restaurateur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who was very active with Rotary International. From his experience in operating restaurants he knew a great deal about cooking and from his international travel he became aware of the ever-growing problem of deforestation. Tom took a concept that has been around for centuries and engineered into it more recently developed materials to produce the world's most effective solar cooking devices. With the help of the Sandia National Laboratories the oven was refined.

 From 1986 to 1997 SUN OVENS® were made and marketed by Burns Milwaukee, Inc. Thousands of portable models have been shipped to more than 126 countries around the globe. SUN OVENS® have helped feed refugees in relocation camps, natives in remote Third World villages, workers at field sites, climbers on the slopes of Mount Everest, and soldiers during the Persian Gulf War.


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SponsorSpotlightIndustry Insight...



New Round of Quantitative Easing and Global Economic Instability Dramatically Increasing Demand for Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion



Austin, TX-November 2, 2012 - Austin Rare Coins and Bullion, a leading provider of investment-grade rare gold and silver coins and gold and silver bullion and a Sponsor Partner with The American Preppers Network, announced today it has seen a significant increase in sales and revenue since the Fed announced a third round of quantitative easing (QE) - otherwise known as QE3. Within hours of this announcement, sales at Austin Rare Coins and Bullion increased dramatically.  In fact, in one day alone it received several million-dollar orders and has seen the largest spike in sales in the 24-year history of the company.


"People are scared - they're seriously concerned about rising inflation and whether they will have the money to send their kids to college or to retire," said Ryan Denby, president and CEO of Austin Rare Coins and Bullion. "The simple truth is when the Fed prints money the value of the dollar goes down and when the dollar goes down the price of gold and silver goes up."


For the last four years, the U.S. government has been running trillion-dollar deficits, which is why gold has performed so well. To finance this debt, it issues U.S. Treasury bonds. But countries such as China and Japan, some of the largest buyers of U.S. treasury bonds, have indicated a change in direction and have begun selling bonds, which could spell big trouble for the U.S. economy. In 2011, China sold more U.S. Treasury bonds than it ever has before-while buying gold bullion instead.


Many analysts believe silver may be a better buy than gold. Silver rose 50% after the first round of QE - twice as much as gold and 24% after QE2 - three times more than gold. With QE3, silver is expected to rise like it did after the QE1 and QE2 announcements, but maybe even more so because this time in addition to the Federal Reserve, the other central banks around the world are also printing more fiat currency.


Through its partnership with The American Preppers Network, Austin Rare Coins is offering The APN Community exclusive pricing on Gold British Sovereigns, Swiss 20 Francs, Silver Buffalo Rounds and Moran Silver Bars for a limited time.  Information on these exclusive reduced prices can be found here.


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Evergreen River Ranch Land For Sale
Nebraska: Johnstown, Brown County
240 Acres This priceless property is one of Americas most exquisite pieces of private land. Tucked securely in the remote Nebraska Sandhills, it has not been available for purchase in nearly 100 years. Untouched by the public and located in one of Americas least populated counties, it is easily accessible. Make it your private sanctuary, a safe haven for your family and your finances. Plenty of water and trees on site!
Call Sharon Pelc: (308)236-6139                                    Click here for more information
Georgia Home & Acreage 
Blue Maxx construction with 10" thick concrete walls! 29.71 wooded acres with a 4,946 square foot home

unitedcountry real estate
Real Estate for Sale - Remote and/or off-the-grid, Thousands of properties NATIONWIDE, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico. FREE catalog. 800-999-1020 Ext 486

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