Orlando, Florida

ICAST 2014 was held in Orlando, FL and was the American Tackle Company's most successful and largest show participation ever.


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A scheduled list of events never before attempted by a component company signified an AT brand presence unmatched in the greater tackle industry.



This year's show began before the open of ICAST, at the Tackle X Exhibition held at the famous "Lake X" which is noted for being the Mercury Outboard Motor testing grounds.  American Tackle was there allowing attendees the chance to test cast the new Surf Casters and take the MicroWave Challenge.



Joe Meehan interviews Trevor Fitzgerald at Tackle X
Joe Meehan interviews Trevor Fitzgerald at Tackle X


This event was designed to give members of the press on the water product testing opportunities before voting begins at ICAST's Best New Product Showcase.



AT's Alex Heim, Joe Meehan, Dan Paluch and Ben Stein hosted members of the press to hands on product testing opportunities"





This open booth concept design allowed multiple meeting areas to be utilized with ample room for product presentations and entertaining visitors. 





A 20' x 30' island booth in the heart of the show was complimented by a staff of 17 AT personnel, Pro-Staff and Jr. Pro-Staff.




"The Future of the MicroWave Guide" Press Conference



The American Tackle Company's MicroWave Line Control System Press Conference was located in the ICAST Press Room. Its focus was on new MicroWave product presentations with participation from these prominent fishing rod brands:


Boyd Duckett - Duckett Fishing

Todd Hollowell - Bull Dawg Rods

Allen WinchellBlackfin Rods

Mike Hakala - Aqua Dream Rods by Seeker

Dennis Klein - Mystic Fly Rods

Bryan Connley - Connley Fishing

Trevor Fitzgerald - Fitzgerald Rods

Terry Sturgeon - T. Allen Rods

Matt Sewell - Sewell Rods

Dale Meder - FishStyx Rods

Waiting for the conference room doors to open

The right side of the conference room waiting for the event to begin

Todd Hollowell of the Bass Dr. TV show

Terry Sturgeon from T. Allen Rods


New MicroWave products were announced along with guest speakers sharing personal experiences and powerful testimony about their MicroWave guide rods.


Joe Meehan and Bassmaster Champion Boyd Duckett


Ben Stein of American Tackle presenting

Dale Meder from Fish Styx




American Tackle's Ben Stein conducted daily Lure Tank demonstrations. 


Ben Stein interacts with spectators while demonstrating

He spoke about MicroWave guide rod success and the improvement to rod performance along with their impact to additional fishing rod sales.



Ben Stein at ICAST 2014 introducing MicroWave Guides
Ben Stein at ICAST 2014 introducing MicroWave Guides on the Lure Tank





Taking place during the ICAST Social Hours between 3PM and 6PM Thursday afternoon this event was incredibly well attended!


The first ever "Wave Army Reception" took place at ICAST 2014 directly in the American Tackle booth.



This beer and food hosted event allowed MicroWave users and enthusiasts from around the globe to mingle and share their MicroWave news and experiences.



T-Shirts, hats and Custom MicroWave guided rods were raffled off to those attending. 




Capt. Cefus McRae from AT sponsored Nuts & Bolts of Fishing TV show


The American Tackle booth saw record numbers of visitors with both meeting areas experiencing record numbers of conferences. 

Capt. Mike Hakala with Aqua Dream Rods
Dennis Klein with Mystic Fly Rods

Todd Laker with Connley Rods

Allen Winchell with Blackfin Rods

Ben Stein interviewing the FLW's Andrew Young from Carrot Stix

ICAST 2014 experienced a repeat of 2013's high volume of filming and press interviews. Our highlights included the opportunity to sit down and interview a few of our customers.


Joe Meehan interviews Boyd Duckett at ICAST 2014
Joe Meehan interviews Boyd Duckett at ICAST 2014


New business is at an all-time high, verifying tremendous opportunities on the horizon for AT and our participating trade partners.


Dedicated MicroWave 

Casting Area


ICAST 2014 saw the first ever designated MicroWave Challenge area located on the show floor. Crewed by AT ProStaff, this area allowed interested parties to not only take the MicroWave Challenge but test cast various rods represented by at least 10 rod brands participating throughout the show. 

Boyd Duckett describes the Micro Magic Pro Series' features 


Todd Hollowell demonstrates the attributes of his Bull Dawg Rods 



Best New Product Showcase


A couple of American Tackle's most popular new introductions from this year's ICAST presentations were the new AIRWAVE & SURFCASTER MicroWave guide systems.

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Micro Wave Line Control System
New MicroWave introductions from AT's Joe Meehan


Congratulations to Duckett Fishing for winning the ICAST Best of Show award, "Best Freshwater Rod". This winning rod is in their Micro Magic Pro Series featuring the MicroWave Line Control System, proving that "Award winning guides really do make award winning rods".


Boyd Duckett and SeanSchyluer with their Best of Show Award for their Micro Magic Series featuring MicroWave guides.


from American Tackle Company



Thank you to all of our participating rod brand partners, your support helped to make this an incredible show. And thank you to all of you who stopped by to see us at the show.

Dan Paluch, Darrin Heim, Joe Meehan & Hunter Mckamey, Don Morse, Alex Funke  


A special thank you goes out to our dedicated ProStaff, because we couldn't do it without you. 


Derwood Roberts

Brad Parker

Rolly Beenen

Matt Sewell

Alex Funke

Cole Harper

Jesse Lebrecht

Brandon Funke




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