CWC Introduces 

"BFT MicroWave" 

Rod Series


MicroWave Line Control System on the new BFT rod series
BFT MicroWave rods with CWC's Stefan Trumstedt and American Tackle's Dan Paluch

New for 2014, is the long awaited BFT MicroWave rod series.  The famous Scandinavian predator fishing brand, "Catch With Care" introduced these rods to tremendous fanfare during EFTTEX 2013 as well as promoting them at events such as the Sun City Predator Show held in Sweden. 




Carefully designed and developed for technique specific applications to deliver the ultimate artificial lure fishing rod. These rods also utilize the MicroWave Line Control System, which was awarded "Innovation of the Year" for 2013/2014 and "Best Fishing Accessory" at ICAST 2013, offering the ultimate in high performance.  




Stefan Trumstedt represented CWC's new BFT introduction at EFTTEX 2013 through live demonstrations.

Microwave Challenge
BFT MicroWave rods were featured in the MicroWave Challenge during the predator Show in Sweden.


Look for BFT MicroWave Rods to be showcased again at EFTTEX 2014. For more information on other quality BFT rod series and CWC products click logo for website below or visit CWC Facebook page.