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The American Tackle Company is proud to announce Rod Components Australia as its newest "Official AT Distributor" servicing all of Australia and abroad.



Rod Components Australia was established by Darryl Hancock and Mark Newcomb of Mark's Custom Fishing Rods.






Mark, an accomplished NSW rod builder and founding member of SEARBS, the South Eastern Rod Building Society and is also an American Tackle Pro Staff member.



MICROWAVE Guide System Challenge


Mark is an early adopter of the MicroWave Line Control System and regularly conducts the MicroWave Challenge at rod building gatherings as well as many other organized outdoor venues.  




Mark's Custom Fishing Rods maintains their own Pro Staff Fishing Teams, fishing in competitions throughout Australia. Frequent victories and notable shows, all using his custom crafted rods proves he's on the money when it comes to rod design.    


RCA 01   Kit Components
RCA 01 Kit Components
RCA 04   Finding the Spine
RCA 04 Finding the Spine

Newly launched are step by step videos focusing on providing advice and information to new builders.

RCA 25   Wrapping guides
RCA 25 Wrapping guides
RCA 30   Applying epoxy to your rod
RCA 30 Applying epoxy to your rod


Supplying rod builders with quality rod components isn't Rod Components Australia's only goal. They are also committed to expanding the craft to bring the joy of rod building to all. In Mark's own words "there is nothing better than to catch a fish with a rod that you have built yourself", this fuels his passion to encourage all anglers to take on the challenge and pleasure of building their own rods, to their own specifications.



Rod Components Australia's web site is fully operational with a compliment of American Tackle products. As a full line distributor, all American Tackle products are available from inventory or special order. 


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