MicroWave Challenge Weekend!


Three MicroWave Challenges took place this weekend in Michigan, Texas and Florida.


Hands on personal demonstrations are so successful that many builders and organizers have decided to conduct Challenges at their own events. Not only do they find it rewarding but also very exhilarating to introduce anglers and builders to a new technology.     



Michigan Rod Builders Gathering


Michigan Rod Builders had their 2nd annual Round-Up on April 6th, 2013. The Round-Up is an annual gathering for rod builders of all skill
MicroWave Raffle Winner
levels as well as fishermen interested in building their own rods. This year's event was a huge success with attendees from Canada and 4 different states. The Round-Up kicked off with a product exchange, meet and greet and the American Tackle MicroWave Challenge. Many builders took the Challenge and all were extremely impressed with the improved line control, decrease in line vibration, reduction in noise and their overall lighter weight.  An important point noted was the reduction of power required to cast the same distance as a traditional set up. Many of these builders have never seen the MicroWave guides in person and  many made comments about their fine fit and finish, not easily depicted through photographs. With only a dozen or more sets available for sale, all were immediately spoken for.

Several rod building seminars and a wonderful group meal followed by a raffle of products donated by sponsoring companies concluded this year's Round Up. Special highlights were the MicroWave guide sets being the first pick to the lucky winners proving another Challenge successful. 



"Thank You American Tackle for your support and great products"

Don Morse, Michigan Rod Builders founder and ATC Pro-Staff member


T. Allen Rods at 
Southeastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators

From Thursday, April 4 to Saturday, April 6th, Southeastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators hosted T. Allen Rods MicroWave Challenge.  Visitors were able to test cast T. Allen rods featuring the MicroWave Line Control System against other popular guide trains. 


Mike Paone giving the Microwave Challenge

Hundreds flocked to Southeastern for fishing tackle and the chance to cast the revolutionary new MicroWave system. T. Allen representative's Chris Wayne and Amanda Gilbert, Wavespin's Mike Paone, as well as American Tackle's Ben Stein were in attendance to take test casters through the MicroWave Challenge. Just like the thousands before them, the response was 100% unanimous in favor of the MicroWave rods resulting in many rods sold. T. Allen Rods is a company on the rise experiencing success with quality fishing rods utilizing the MicroWave Line Control System. Be on the lookout for more T. Allen products in the future and take the challenge yourself to become a believer.


Amanda Gilbert with a new T. Allen Rod owner



Mudhole Custom Tackle in 
Corpus Christie, Texas


Mud Hole Custom Tackle's 2 day rod building class held in Corpus Christi, TX on April 6th and 7th. It was also the sight of a MicroWave Challenge.


The Corpus Christi venue is one of the 14 classes scheduled throughout the United States for 2013. These classes are focused on teaching individuals how to build their own custom rods. A class fee includes the rod building kit, necessary tools and personal instruction giving step by step directions. At the end of the class each participant departs with a completed custom rod ready to fish. This successful program sees Mud Hole Custom Tackle introducing thousands of new rod builders to an incredibly rewarding craft.


Todd Vivian conducting Rod building class


During Day 2, usually set aside for advanced rod building techniques, Gary Gillet, one of the instructors gave a MicroWave guide introduction. Initially Gary conducted the presentation while demonstrating the casting himself then offering to all interested the chance to take the "Challenge" for themselves. All 44 students jumped at the chance to cast a MicroWave guide rod. Unanimous positive results were the outcome to yet another successful MicroWave Challenge!


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For more information and personal assistance on how give your own MicroWave Challenge contact Ben Stein at 800-516-1750 ext: 1208 or ben@americantackle.us