American Tackle Applauds 

Trevor Fitzgerald 




Fitzgerald charges hard, 

finishes second




As reported by FLW Rob Newell: 


Trevor Fitzgerald of Belleview, Fla., treated the EverStart crowd to a special show at the final weigh-in, wowing them with an eye-popping 25-pound, 10 ounce limit of Big O bass.  Fitzgerald's massive bag of bass allowed him to challenge Todd for the win, rocketing him from 7th to within a breath of victory. But in the end he had to accept the runner-up spot after Todd won by a tie-breaker, pocketing $15,000.




"It's tough to swallow," Fitzgerald said graciously. "And even tougher, considering I had 4-ounce dead fish penalty yesterday that cost me the win. I hooked a fish in the tongue and usually when that happens, they expire. It was still a good week and hats off to Ben. He's a good guy and he earned it."



Fitzgerald spent most of his week running the south end of the lake pitching main lake reed clumps with a big jig in search of a wave of females that had just moved in to spawn.



"I had a spot I'd stop on first everyday just to get a limit," Fitzgerald said. "It was a rattle trap spot where I could catch 15 or 20 keepers pretty quick, get a limit in the box and then go hunting. I felt like if I stayed on the move and kept sampling different reed clumps, I'd eventually run into a little wad of big ones and that's exactly what happened today. I stopped on a place where there had just been two-pounders all week and I caught four big females there that, in my opinion, had literally just moved in with the new moon last night."




Fitzgerald's heavy artillery was a 1-ounce Gambler Jigzilla trailed with a Gambler MegaDaddy and tied to 80-pound Sunline FX braid. His flipping stick was his namesake 7-foot, 10-inch Fitzgerald Rods custom Big Jig/Mat Flipping stick.




"One key, I think, was speed," Fitzgerald detailed. "I wasn't fishing slowly. I was making as many pitches and drops with the jig as possible, covering water. I'd drop it in once, shake it and then it was onto the next target. I was really in search mode. Once I got a big bite, then I would slow down."


Congratulations to Trevor Fitzgerald.  The American Tackle Company is a proud component partner of Fitzgerald Rods. ATC supplies Fitzgerald Rods with premium products including line guides and many other fine products represented on their rods.


Stay tuned for more developments 

with Team Fitzgerald.


Find out where Trevor will be fishing next by visiting Fitzgerald Rods Facebook page by clicking on logo below: 


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