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Nick Brunetti is owner and rod builder for Poseidon Rods.  His work is featured in the January/ February 2013 edition of Gaff Magazine.  Written by Editor-in-Chief Matt Draper, the article highlights the amazing level of commitment and pain staking detail that Nick puts into every rod.  The article also mentions the fact that all Poseidon Rods sport American Tackle components.  The article is as follows:

Poseidon Rods - Inshore Tournament Series


I had the fortune of running into Nick Brunetti, the founder and craftsman behind Poseidon Rods, not long ago. He was excited about the new series of inshore tournament rods he'd developed and wanted to get my opinion. Not one to turn down an opportunity to experience new things, I ordered a rod suited for the fishing I most often do: a 7 footer in the 10- to 17-pound class.




Right out of the shipping tube I could see it was special-possibly the finest rod in my arsenal. Nick has been crafting custom rods for over 12 years, everything from fly rods to swordfish rods, and his painstaking attention to detail was not lost on the one in my hand. I attached a favorite spinning reel to the oversized reel seat in the cork handle, and set out to put a bend in it during my visit to Crystal River.




What stood out most with Poseidon's Inshore Tournament Series rod was the balance. It felt fantastic and alive. This seems largely due to the lightweight AmTak Microwave Guide System and titanium top with silicone carbide ring. This made it a pleasure to cast all day and the unique guides really do calm your line as it zips through while casting. Granted, wind and the lure's weight and shape factor into casting distance, but I distinctly felt I was landing my lures a good 10 to 15 feet farther out than usual. No doubt the rod's action also played a part, but it adds up to a huge advantage in situations where fish spook easily. We got into some scrappy fish, but nothing that challenged this rod. With the casting advantage I now have, however, I expect that will soon change.


Give yourself an advantage, too, by letting Nick customize your new favorite rod.


Introductory price is $230 until 3/1/13.

MSRP $260



Matt Draper, Editor-in-Chief, GAFF Magazine

Bushidos and Bass

In December 2012, Ben Stein guided Kathy, Kirk, and Steve around the Ritz Carlton golf course in search of largemouth bass.  They were equipped with the Bushido CB78/8-15 and MB710/8-15 and the Microwave Line Control System.  

The day started slow but conitnued to liven up as the day wore on.  Kathy struck first with a few nice fish.  

Kirk followed suit with a few nice ones as well. 

But Steve had the last laugh with the biggest fish of the day. 

A great finish to a great day.  Most fish were caught on slow moving worms but the bigger fish were hitting the crankbaits.  The Bushidos and Microwave guides handled everthing the anglers threw at them.  

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Oviedo, Florida 32765

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