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American Tackle Shows in Magdeburg, Germany




The annual Ocean Angling Show saw participation from American Tackle's Dan Paluch, Oliver Schwenke from the Big Game Shop and Timo Keil from Rod Pro-Performance Components, all traveling to Magdeburg, Germany to exhibit.



The show was well attended as usual with interested anglers waiting in line for entry.



This year the focus of American Tackle was on the "Custom" aspect of fishing rods.



A variety of components were displayed as well as being featured on Oliver's RIFFSAU's series rods. The Big Game Shop ( outfits high-end anglers traveling to exotic locations. Oli's rods showcase various colored anodized handle parts and solid titanium Ring Lock guides all geared toward extreme durability and performance, with style.  



Live rod building demonstrations were given by Dan Paluch and Timo Keil. Timo's company, Rod Pro-Performance Components ( is a leading American Tackle distributor, specializing in custom rod building components for individual builders as well as shops and businesses throughout Europe. Building rods during the show proved incredibly effective in introducing the public to the meaning of "custom" in custom rods. Many had no idea of how fishing rods are built and had never been exposed to options in handles, guides and especially colors to order.  



As reported by Dan Paluch, "another successful showing in Magdeburg!" American Tackle Company thanks Oliver Schwenke & Timo Keil for the opportunity to work alongside of them introducing custom rods to the anglers of Germany.



 American Tackle 
Pro Staff
Field Report
B. Tiedemann


American Tackle Pro Staffer, Bob Tiedemann, fished with the Ventura County Sportfishing Club's annual 3 day charter, aboard the First String, out of San Diego, California.



He was able to test the ATX "West Coast Style" E-Glass blanks that were given to him by American Tackle.




The AX-870, 20-40 lb worked great for the 30 to 40 lb blue fin tuna that were caught the first day out.



He also tested the ATX graphite and glass composite rods on dorado, yellow tail and yellow fin tuna in the 15 to 30 lb class, that were caught the next two days.  The rods performed flawlessly as you can see by the photos of the fish.



The rods were custom built by Bob with VIRTUS ring lock titanium guides.



The boat totals were 38 blue fin tuna, 62 yellow fin tuna, 92 yellowtail and 156 dorado for 26 fishermen.

Needless to say, It was a phenomonal good trip.



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Featuring durable E-glass, graphite, and graphite composite materials, these blanks were designed for durability and uncompromised performance. E-glass models in traditional actions provide proven success offshore, while the graphite casting models fill out the inshore arsenal. The graphite composites blend the heavy lifting power of graphite with the durability of fiberglass to win battles everywhere. Offered in a gloss black for E-glass and gloss clear for graphite models.
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