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Gerald Cong and Kevin Gong  in the New American Tackle Weihai Branch


American Tackle's global expansion means establishing a presence in the world's largest fishing tackle markets. Weihai, in the Shandong Province is the gateway to these markets. With more factories manufacturing fishing tackle than anywhere else on the planet, Weihai offers the ideal location to connect with designers and tackle producers. 



The new branch features two full time salesmen servicing factories in the immediate area, as well as throughout Asia. An important role of this office is to act as liaison for AT headquarters in FL, fishing rod brands worldwide and their manufacturing facilities in Asia. This additional coverage means that details in design and logistics can be more effectively communicated along with presentations of product and services.  In addition, American Tackle can now work around the clock on projects being developed in Asia, Europe and the Americas providing real-time progress analysis updates daily.  


Tackle Trade World stated in their August 2012 issue:


"It is clear that China has a developing fishing tackle market - one that is threatening to burst into life at any time" 


The Weihai Branch will also spearhead American Tackle's efforts to make its mark in China's burgeoning domestic market. Growing popularity in sport fishing as a leisure activity could see China's angling population grow to well over 100 million participants. As anglers and consumers, it's inevitable that they would be hungry for new cutting edge designs. China, after all, has a naturally rich culture of embracing new technologies, making it no surprise that Chinese anglers already show enthusiastic interest in the MicroWave Line Control System and American Tackle products.



For more information about the American Tackle Company go to: 


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American Tackle Company is pleased to announce its participation in the 2013 China Fish Exhibition taking place in Beijing, China, February 23-25.


This annual show is one of the world's "BIG 3" tackle trade shows alongside of ICAST, in the USA, and EFTTEX in Europe. Although operating since the mid 1990's, the show has grown to become one of the largest international draws attracting buyers from every continent. It is also the perfect venue to begin American Tackle's 2013 trade show season. 


Please visit our fully staffed booth #C308 to see our new products and test cast the new MicroWave Line Control System.


400 Kane Court #100
Oviedo, Florida 32765
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  • Increase Casting Distance
  • Reduction in Fatigue
  • Increase Casting Accuracy
  • Increase Lure Range of Rod
  • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination

  • High Strain Japanese carbon fibers
  • Increased material recovery
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Advanced resin systems
  • Multi-pattern material designs rolled under high pressure
  • Refined-Purpose actions & lengths
  • Comprehensive application specific model selection
  • Stealthy durable "Black Satin" finish
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