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American Tackle received an email from a very happy Rod builder in Australia.  The following is his letter about his experience with the Microwave Line Control System:


Dear American Tackle,


I rarely do this but after today I felt compelled to write.


I'm a custom builder down in Australia mainly specializing in top-end bream sticks using only Matagi handle components and Fuji guides, however with all the talk about MW guides I had to try them out. I built three nice sticks with MWG's and fished them today with a bunch of kayak fishos from a forum I belong to down here.


I was surrounded by these guys when I arrived because I posted on the forum that I would be bringing these rods. One by one they passed the rods around between them saying wow they look a little weird, but still showed a lot of interest.


Now until this morning I had only road cast these rods but they would consistently get more distance than my 27x or NGC rods. Not a huge amount, but definitely noticeable and in my opinion they are "the smoothest rods I have ever cast", which to me is the tagline over distance because it increases accuracy and which is what catches fish. After hundreds of lawn casts, I was confident in telling these guys they were looking at the future, which something I would never say unless I completely believed it.


Next I told them all to grab their best sticks and tie on a 1/8 jig-head. The rods ranged from high-end Megabass, Loomis and the best offerings from Daiwa. I had each of them, one at a time, cast and aim at a pole that was well out of range using their own rods before I handed them my MWG rods. Every single angler achieved a better distance on their first cast. On their second cast I told them to back off with the cast and concentrate more on accuracy and you can guess what happened, right.


I sold 4 rods out of a group of 6. You might say that you can't get that kind of conversion rate but my bank account says you can. The best part is, I'm going to a big meet in Nov. with around 100 very dedicated anglers and now I'll have an extra 4 sales guys raving about their new rods with these guides.



MW guides are the best thing I have ever come across to differentiate my offerings. Please pass my congratulations on to everyone involved in producing such a stellar product.


I must admit I was very skeptical at first but all I can say now is that I'm an absolute convert and unless I can't talk a customer around to them, I doubt I'll build with other guides for a long time.


Two questions where can I get MW tags to attach to my rods when I display them and is there any chance titanium frames are in the works?


Thanks so much.

Mark Newcombe

Old Bar, NSW




Thank you Mark!


We appreciate your comments and willingness to give the MicroWave line Control System a try. Your note was an inspiration to us here at American Tackle and I shared it with our staff around the globe.   


Answering your questions, we will soon have hang tags for the MWG's but smaller rod decals are in the mail to you. Regarding the titanium frames, all I can say is that we are looking to expand the series in many ways....


Thank you again!

American Tackle Company 



Mark Newcombe is a kayak angler and custom rod builder from Old Bar, New South Wales in Southern Australia. He is also a member of SEARBS (South Eastern Australian Rod Building Society) founded by Col Chasling. This organization is a group of advanced to beginner rod builders focused on promoting and sharing information about the craft throughout Australia. Eventually they'd like to find a way to get rod building into schools to include their youth in this enriching experience. 



Matrix On The Fly

Alexander Heim took his new Matrix Fly rod builds to Florida's, Indian River Lagoon for some early morning action. The change to winter weather patterns brought large hungry sea trout and redfish onto the flats looking for a meal. Smaller flies and slower presentations using 9'  6 & 7 wt. rods for long accurate casts were the ticket to success. Alex said, "The faster action Matrix rods gave me power to cast in the wind but the rods felt super light making targeting easy". His mission accomplished, he was home for lunch.


Matrix fly rod blanks incorporate a woven twill material into moderate-fast actions that provide perfect load distribution during a cast. Besides the beautiful look, the matrix material offers a power reserve that carries more line during longer casts and turning larger flies. 



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  • Increase Casting Distance
  • Reduction in Fatigue
  • Increase Casting Accuracy
  • Increase Lure Range of Rod
  • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination
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