Finding Redfish 



The MicroWave interest ranges far and wide. Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's hit TV show, "Finding Big Foot" spent time in Florida's Mosquito Lagoon "finding red fish."




Cliff, an angler and custom rod builder, heard about the MicroWave Line Control System and wanted to experience it for himself. In between location shoots he arranged a meeting at American Tackle's FL headquarters and was hosted to MWG testing in the field for red drum.  




Cliff is an accomplished musician and teacher by trade but has also been a dedicated Sasquatch field researcher for the past two decades. Known throughout the Sasquatch scientific community for his extended expeditions, he's been known to spend over 200 days a year in the field. Over the years he has managed to gather data supporting the hypothesis that Sasquatches are an undiscovered species of great ape that walks bipedal-ly and lives in North America. His adventures found him participating in several TV shows, attracting Discovery-Animal Planet's attention leading to his current role in that channel's 3rd highest rated TV show to date. Though finding and documenting data is a goal of Cliff's research, it is not the primary goal. The process of bigfooting is plain fun!



After a day kayaking the lagoon, Cliff was able to appreciate this new system's benefits on the water. He says "I cannot believe how smooth braided line casts using these guides."  Casting spoons, plastics and bait, he was also able to realize improvement in his distance and accuracy, "I can actually see how a rod's performance is improved by using these guides". He continued, "I never imagined any new technology that could improve line guides so much, it's just so hard to believe but you have me convinced."      


To learn more about Cliff and his adventures go to or

The New AERO-17 
Reel Seat

The new 17mm graphite spinning rod reel seat features an ergonomic palm swell that provides fatigue free comfort as well as additional leverage when casting and fighting fish.  Ideal for salmon/steelhead, inshore, and boat rods where blank diameter allow.  Offered with American Tackle's "Comfort Finish" body and black or chrome stainless steel hoods.

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  • Increase Casting Distance
  • Reduction in Fatigue
  • Increase Casting Accuracy
  • Increase Lure Range of Rod
  • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination

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