Mentoring Matters 

In September, VMP successfully launched our new Mentoring Matters series, which will consist of events throughout the year to bring stakeholders together to engage over topics related to youth development.

The first Mentoring Matters featured an engaging lecture from University of Richmond's Dr. Kristen Jamison, who spoke on the importance of mentoring relationships for developing brains. Thank you to those who attended and contributed to the thoughtful discussion!
To learn more about VMP's "Mentoring Matters" series, click here. To view more photos of the event, click here.

National Mentoring Month 
It may only be fall, but VMP is getting ready for the new year! January is National Mentoring Month, a time to raise awareness about the benefits of mentoring and to celebrate the activities of mentoring programs and volunteers across the state. 
Check out VMP's website for more information about our coordinated efforts throughout the month, as well as toolkits for public relations material. 

Mentor Corner

Looking for a fun fall-themed activity to do with your mentee? Check out some of these seasonal craft ideas! 


Paper plate owl



Want more? Check out free crafting on Mondays at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center.

Becoming a Mentor

Since I began working at Virginia Mentoring Partnership, I have learned so much about what it means to run a quality mentoring program, or how to recruit and train new mentors, or how to build the capacity of programs in our community. But this past month I did something new: I became a mentor. 

I answered the call of a need for more mentors for a particular program. I attended a training--led by VMP--and received the resources and tools that I would need to be prepared. And then I met my mentee for the first time, and began to develop our relationship.

On my first day of mentoring, I felt excited, but also nervous. I had a list of things in my head to talk about, questions to ask. I wanted her to like me, I wanted to like her. I worried about how we would spend our time. And I realized that all of these feelings are perfectly normal-- and probably very familiar to most new mentors! 

I am happy to report that our first few weeks together have been great! We have talked, eaten Skittles, and she even taught me how to play a new game, Mancala. I am proud to say that I am now a mentor, and look forward to Friday mornings with my new mentee.

-Elizabeth Bass, Executive Director

Amazing Raise  Amazing Raise


Virginia Mentoring Partnership would like to thank all of the generous donors who supported us during the 2014 Amazing Raise, a 36-hour giving challenge for non-profits in the Richmond region. Thanks to all of you, VMP exceeded its goal of $10,000 for the Amazing Raise--and we were one of the winners for the Second Chance Early Bird prize! It was an exciting, interactive way to raise needed funds, and we thank The Community Foundation for the opportunity. 
While we may have met our Amazing Raise goal, we still need your help! Every gift helps ensure that children in Virginia who need a mentor will have a mentor. Every dollar helps us provide services and resources to programs to move mentoring forward! Thank you for considering a donation by December 31st!


Do What You Do, Better!
Training for Mentoring Program Staff, New, and Current Mentors

Since August, VMP has trained 679 volunteers through New Mentor Trainings and has delivered workshops on fundraising and evaluation to 18 individuals through our Program Staff Training series. Additionally, VMP partnered with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities on a workshop for 20 current mentors on Race, Class & Social Identifiers and facilitated a workshop for 30 current mentors on Culture, Communication & Child Development at the FISH Mentor/Tutor program in Charlottesville.

Don't miss upcoming opportunities to meet other mentors and program staff and develop new skills!

Upcoming Trainings

For Program Staff:

11/5: Supporting Mentors to Create Longer and Stronger Matches, REGISTER HERE!

11/19: Building Blocks for Mentoring Programs



For Current Mentors:

For more information on any of these trainings,
To request training for your mentoring program, contact Long Nguyen.

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