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February 5, 2013

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Trends in Western State Business Incentives


States have been faced with high levels of unemployment, an increased demand for safety net services and a shrinking revenue base since the Great Recession began. Although the past year  has brought some improvements, the number one question on state policymakers' minds continues to be this: What can we do to encourage job growth?  Traditionally, a key policy lever for development and job creation strategies was-and remains-tax and financial incentive programs designed to encourage new firms to start up or existing  firms to grow or relocate.


This report takes a look at trends in the type and number of incentive programs being used by states in the West, along with a brief review of economic trends, including an evaluation of trends in employment, unemployment and gross domestic product. A profile for each of the 13 Western states also is provided, highlighting successful incentive and development programs, oversight and accountability measures, and recent legislative activity.


The descriptive information included in each state profile was gathered from a review of state economic development agency and division websites and a survey of agency staff.


Access the full report here.


Or view a profile for individual states:


Toll Fellows Applications Now Available


The Toll Fellowship Program, named for CSG founder Henry Wolcott Toll, is one of the nation's premier leadership development programs for state government officials. Each year Toll Fellows brings 48 of the nation's top state government officials from all three branches to Lexington, Ky., for an intensive six-day, five-night "intellectual boot camp." The program's agenda includes a lineup of dynamic speakers and sessions designed to stimulate personal assessment and growth, while providing priceless networking and relationship-building opportunities. While each year's program is unique, previous programs have included sessions on leadership personality assessment, media training, crisis management, appreciative inquiry, adaptive leadership and much more.


Applications are due by April 15th

Apply now

CSG Policy Staff Outlines Top Issues for 2013


"Many of our state/federal questions were answered in 2012. But, as is often the case, as one set of questions is answered, an entirely new set of questions crops up," said John Mountjoy, director of policy/research at The Council of State Governments. "We will likely find that while all eyes are on Washington, the real policy action for 2013 will be in the states. Medicaid, tax reform, transportation funding alternatives, clean air and water, education, pensions-are all on the agenda for 2013 in the states and we will see meaningful and lasting action."


CSG released its annual listing of the top five issues legislators will face this session in education, energy and the environment, fiscal, health, interstate compacts and transportation. Click below to see what issues your legislature will be facing this year.





Energy &


Fiscal &







The mission of CSG-WEST is to facilitate regional, nonpartisan cooperation and exchange of information, and to strengthen legislative institutions among our 13 member states. These services are achieved through a variety of programs and services offered to legislators and their staff, including the convening of policy forums, professional development training, international relations opportunities, publications and institutional links with other political entities in the West.

CSG-WEST serves the Western legislatures of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Associate members include the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and the Pacific islands of American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.