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Family Reunion
Having participated in many regattas since the 70's, the Cup races and the European Championship held by the Yacht Club L'Odet this September in Benodet has been an absolute highlight!


40 voluntary members of the Yacht Club de l'Odet had prepared a clockwork-wise running 10 days of racing & shore enjoyment, yet making everyone feel like having been a member of that club for years, despite just having arrrived.  


So, how did this particular Bretagne experience start: Not always it is "what you see is what you get"; it was all precision work - this crane driver could have drilled a hole in a tooth!


"Magellan" - at the quai

A piece of art - The official poster


"Nirvana" - well set into a painting
Lunchtime ā la Bretagne


"Moule & Frites" - getting the right diet, prior to racing

Press coverage - We may not have made it to the International titles, but locally the event was a BIG one, well covered in many papers


Local papers
Daily reports in French Media

Then it was out to the Bay - and yet again, a particular experience, if you had your camera in place.


"Joker" - caught in action by an artist photographer(ess) aboard NED 5
Tuesday evening, no rush at the bar, there was plenty of it. Treasures from the sea, presented by YCO!
The Duchess and the Master of M. fighting the elements
In the races, reducing weight was on the list for some and the temperatures made it possible


Chain Gang
The "Chain Gang"

And, many times rumored, now proven: Asterix has roots from Norway, a descendent reconfirming the status. Our Asterix & a friend from FRA 19 have helped GER 70 fixing a broken runner, Merci! Or, should I say: Tak ?!  Afterwards the repair-team enjoyed a superb sailing upriver, along the park-decorated shores of the Odet river, with Castles and Manors showing why this place on earth is such a preferred area.  


Asterix - the truth proven

Friday evening: After pricegiving, Champagne & finger food, all of us were happy and then sent out of the tent - was that it? No, not at all. In came white linen, a 3 course menu, superb French wine and - a Dancing Band. Here the party restarted!


Following event organizers be aware - This one has set very high standards!

When it's over it's over. The friendly crane driver came in again, the YCO team arranged for good speed and it was time to prepare for the road.


"Tara" - in her first big International 5.5m regatta in decades

Talking to our newly made friends on the Bretagne shore, the members of YCO came up with the wish to be holding a World Championship in 2018, a proposal which has been passed on to the French 5.5m Class Association and which I am sure will find prominent support.


MERCI, THANK YOU, BEDANKT, TAK, GRAZIE - we will return with pleasure!




Kaspar Stubenrauch
International 5.5 Class Association


Fleet News


Richard Bale from Queensland has sent in the full story, now containing the relaunch of 5.5 AUS 27 "Nemesis" on the 7th of September.


"Nemesis" relaunch & complete story [ Nemesis story 130911 - PDF ]


Congratulations Richard and - welcome to the races!




The participants of the European 5.5m Championship have seen an excellent presentation prepared by the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY), for the Tuborg Meter Regatta in 2016 to be possibly combined with the 5.5m World Championship in that year. 




Having covered the emotional part in the editorial, here come the hard facts:


The winner of the Royal Kaag Classic Cup has been: 5.5 ITA 73 


ITA73 crew
"Carabella" & Crew Alfredo at the top - harvesting kisses

The winner of the Christian Hauvette Trophy: 5.5 ITA 73 "Carabella" & Crew


hauvette Trophy
The happy crew - having a close look at a Modern boat

The medal winners of the European Championship: 5.5 NOR 57, followed by 5.5 SUI 214 and 5.5 SUI 222


European Medals 2013
Heavy metal - all smiles!

All info & results: YCO  www.yco-voile.com              




In Germany it will shortly be show-time and the German 5.5m Class Association will again be presenting 5.5 GER 55 "Oro Nero" at the hanseboot boatshow in Hamburg, from 26th October to 3rd November.


"Oro Nero" - at the hanseboot-boatshow 2012

The new President of the German Class Association, Jörg Sonntag (GER 34), is planning to hold a Class Meeting at the show, members will be informed about timing.



In Italy the restoration of former 5.5 Z 82 (then 5.5 GER 62) has ended and the boat is racing again. A warm welcome for Mauro Massa to the 5.5's.
Nisse III
"Nisse III°" - sailing again

During the Class Meeting in Benodet, the location for the 2015 World Championship has been voted for and it will be: NYNÄSHAMN, on the beautiful Eastern Swedish skerrygarden coast, South of Stockholm. The local club NSS is looking into timing options mid-end August 2015.



A new Swedish Modern 5.5m boat is expected to be the additional special attraction up North.



Shortly the "Herbstpreis" will be taking place again on the Lake of Thun, with good International participation. Follow the results on: www.thunersee-yachtclub.ch 




After having completed all five regattas (1 discard) - held in Australia, France, Norway, Germany and Switzerland - we can today announce the winners for 2013:


Mathew Walker, owner of the 5.5m Classic 5.5 AUS 16 "Pam" 
Tommy Mueller, owner of the 5.5m Evolution 5.5 GER 82 "Sinewave 5.5"
Henning Ueck, owner of the 5.5m Modern 5.5 GER 55 "Oro Nero"


Congratulations to the winners and the invitation to last year's winners (FRA 38, GER 75, NED 31) to send the silver cups to me, for onward distribution to the 2013 winners.


The 5-Nations-Cup results from an initiative of a group of 5.5m sailors in 2011, reconfirmed in Helsinki and first competed for in 2012. For those not aware of the details, the Cup is set to cover all three categories of 5.5m boats with races in 5 countries, 3 of which are firm (SUI, NED, GER) and 2 can change (The donor of the prize has the privilage to choose), a low point system applies.


In 2014 the chosen regattas will be these:


Alpen Cup (ITA)
Sterling Cup (GER)
Norwegian Open (NOR)
Swiss Open (SUI)
Dutch & German Open (NED)  


In an attempt to attract sailors to the Modern fleet, a project is in discussion, so far mentioning these key elements:


Choose big regatta events
Central European locations
5 regattas, 1 discard
Have sponsors involved


By the time the discussion reaches a formal proposal, this can be brought to the next AGM, for voting. In Benodet, Hans-Peter Schmid and Christof Wilke have been nominated to accompany the project.
Boats 4 Sail


If we would have to choose a boat of the month in each category, this month of September the top boats are these:
  • Modern: 5.5 SUI 225 > Perfect for Berlin, to build a Modern fleet there, possibly adding the sister SUI 218
  • Evolution: 5.5 NED 78 > Perfect for Hamburg, to compete with GER 25 & GER 32
  • Classic: 5.5 GER 68 > Perfect for the Lake of Starnberg, to compete with GER 12 & GER 64
In addition, have a look at the Classified ads, on the International 5.5m website.


And, continue to contact the International Class, for information on boats which are looking for new ownership, in order to see these boats racing again:



Not all of these boats are officially advertised, but known and the Class is keen to see the boats placed in waters where they will find suitable competitors, age- & speedwise.


And then, there is always a chance to consider a new one. With currently more than 5 design options to choose from, chances for gaining speed by new developments are on the table.


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