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The preparation of exceptional educators has always been at the core of our mission in the UW Bothell Education Program. We take exceptional pride in the hundreds of alumni who are in schools across our region supporting students in their learning.

In 2010, we launched a new program for the preparation of school principals. The LEDE Program (Leadership Development for Educators) uses a different approach to leader preparation. At its core, this program embraces the finding from research that next to the classroom teacher, the school principal is the most important influence on the learning that occurs in schools. This new LEDE Program builds on the strengths of already accomplished instructional leaders in schools such as teacher leaders, subject area coaches, and professional development experts.

In Part 1 of LEDE, the program candidates further hone the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a learning improvement agenda in schools especially as it supports the core work of teachers in classrooms. In Part 2, the candidates spend another year learning how to ensure that the school is organized in such a way that all the school's resources and expertise are effectively pointing toward continuous renewal of the school's learning mission and meeting the needs of all learners in the school.

As we head into the third year of the LEDE Program, it continues to grow through our 14 district partners that share the work of developing robust pipelines for future leaders. Currently, 34 LEDE candidates are working across the two parts of the program and 86% of our graduates are in positions of leadership in their schools and districts.

We acknowledge and applaud the legacy of learning that our graduates bring to their classrooms and schools.

Best wishes,
Bradley Portin
Director and Professor
facultynewsFaculty News  

Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education

Four faculty members in the Education Program contributed to the Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education: Cherry Banks, Wayne Au, Karen Gourd and Carrie Tzou.

The Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, edited by James Banks, director of the UW Center for Multicultural Education, provides a systematic and logical way to organize and present the state of research on diversity policies, practices, and programs. It gives students, scholars, teachers, and policymakers a place where they can find answers to important questions about diversity in U.S. education, at both the K-12 and post-secondary levels. Diversity is a worldwide phenomenon, and while most of the entries in the Encyclopedia focus on the United States, it also contains entries from different nations in the world. With over 700 signed entries from A-to-Z, (4 volumes, in both print and electronic formats), the Encyclopedia covers the full spectrum of diversity issues including race, class, gender, religion, language, exceptionality, and the global dimensions of diversity as they relate to education.

Carrie Tzou
Carrie Tzou
was one of the distinguished panelist on the subject of:  Clarifying the Meanings of Diversity and Educating Youth in the Humanities and the Sciences at the UW Center for Multicultural Education 20th Year Celebration and book launch of The Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, held on the Seattle campus November 9.

Building partnerships to teach and learn math

This fall quarter UW Bothell K-8 teacher candidates are learning how to teach mathematics with help from UW Bothell alumni, Lydia Booker (cohort 15) and her first-grade students! Every Tuesday afternoon, these interns meet at Woodmoor Elementary School for their math methods
Math Methods
Lydia Booker and Allison Hintz
course. Together with Professor Allison Hintz, they engage in a cycle of co-planning and co-facilitating mathematical discussions with the students in Mrs. Booker's classroom. With strong ties between the mathematical concepts the teacher candidates are studying and the mathematics the children are learning, it is a rich learning opportunity for both the teachers and the students. It is also an important learning opportunity for Mrs. Booker and Professor Hintz as they reunite to continue their learning two years after they first met in the math methods course.

As Mrs. Booker describes, "I'm so excited about the partnership between UWB and Woodmoor. As an alumnus, I remember how valuable it was to go into classrooms and work directly with students. I am delighted to have the opportunity to open my classroom to the UW Bothell teacher candidates. Through my work with Professor Hintz and our 'Husky Buddies', my thinking about mathematics instruction has been pushed, and I've grown as a teacher. Ultimately, my students are the beneficiaries of all of our collaborative work." Hintz adds, "I especially appreciate the opportunity to continue learning with Mrs. Booker. She has incorporated ideas we studied together in methods in fascinating ways. Drawing on her knowledge of children and knowledge of curriculum, she asks poignant questions that help me think about current issues in teaching mathematics and how to best create a relevant and rigorous methods course." 

November Research in Progress - Allison Hintz

Dr. Hintz presented to the UW Bothell campus community: How can School-Embedded Professional Development Support Ambitious and Equitable Mathematics Practices? The most powerful predictor of student learning is quality of instruction. This presentation will focus on a school-embedded professional development model for working with teachers, principals, and coaches that leads to higher quality instruction and meaningful learning for all students. Designed to cultivate shared school-wide vision, skills, and knowledge of teaching mathematics, this model rests on several components which will be described, including 1) a principled view of ambitious teaching aligned with structured opportunities for learners to participate in meaningful disciplinary learning; (2) methods and tools for collective professional learning that enable teachers to learn to take up and innovate with ambitious practices by making their practice public; and (3) methods and tools for developing the leadership capacity to both support and press for teacher learning.  

Presentations / Publications / Grants


Wayne Au:
Presenter: 5th Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice in Portland, OR.
Presenter and discussant on two panels at the American Educational Studies Association conference.
Discussant for a panel at National Council for the Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly conference.

Karen Gourd
and Tina Gourd (UWS doctoral student) presented a workshop, "Who's Talking and Why it Matters: Using Inclusive-Discussion Strategies to Facilitate Equitable Educational Opportunities for ELLs (and others hesitant to speak in class discussions)," at the Northwest Conference for Social Justice on October 20th. 

Young-Kyung Min visited Chonnam National University, Korea (her alma mater) to gave a talk under the title of "Rhetoric of Writing in U.S. Higher Education: Implications for English Education in Korea". She gave a talk at the Gwangju International Center (GIC), Korea, "Ways with Vocabulary Acquisition: Practial Suggestions for ESL Students". This was her second invited talk for the GIC which was designed for the foreign residents and citizens of Gwangju and Chonnam Province.

Jane Van Galen was a recent participant in the Center for Digital Storytelling's first U.S. IPhone/IPad digital storytelling workshop in San Francisco's Mission District.  Participants from across the United States, Canada, and Japan worked for three days on mobile photography and video "taping", writing, audio recording, and video editing, using The Mission as a backdrop for developing first-person multi-media narratives.  She will be incorporating skills and techniques that she learned in her Telling Our Stories of Teaching: Digital Storytelling as Reflective Practice and in other courses in which students create multi media projects.  The Center for Digital Storytelling had previously run IPhone/IPad digital storytelling workshops in Istanbul and in London, England.


Young-Kyung Min "Image of Critical Thinking Skills Training in a College Writing Program" will be published in the fall edition of the National Teaching and Learning Forum. Her manuscript, "Ways with Words: Practical Guidelines for ESL Students," will be published in the upcoming edition of the Journal of International Students.

Carrie Tzou
and colleagues published an article, Exploring the Science Framework, Engaging Learners in Scientific Practices Related to
Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information. It will be simultaneously published in all three of the National Science Teachers Association professional journals: Science and Children (elementary), Science Scope (middle), and Science Teacher (high school).


Carrie Tzou:
National Science Foundation
"Collaborative Research: Project STEAM: Integrating Art with Science to Build Science Identities among Girls"

EdprogramnewsEducation Program News

Tony the Teacher!
The Husky Herald, the student-run newspaper on the UWB campus is featuring a regular column by Anthony Arpin, a member of the K-8 certification program. The column details his road to becoming a teacher. You can read about Tony's journey here.

UW Bothell M.Ed. grads come back to present workshops

Rachel Evans, UW Bothell M.Ed., 2009, presented a workshop, "Using Reading and Writing Workshops to Diversify Instruction," for current M.Ed. students in BEDUC 563 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Secondary and Middle Level English. Rachel's workshop was described by the students as "excellent," "just what we wanted to see," and "inspirational!"  Rachel is an 8th grade teacher of English Language Arts at Denny Middle School in West Seattle.

Sarah Lanterman, UW Bothell M.Ed., 2012, presented a workshop, "Making Shakespeare Relevant," 2009, for current M.Ed. students in BEDUC 563 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Secondary and Middle Level English. Sarah led the group through many of the performance-based strategies she learned during her month-long fellowship during the summer of 2012 at the Folger's Shakespeare Library.  After the workshop, students enthusiastically discussed how the strategies were fun but required critical analysis and could easily be generalized to other literature.  Sarah is an English Language Arts Teacher in the Lake Washington School District.
Experience life in Auroville, South India

Jean Eisele will once again be taking students to study in Auroville, South India during winter quarter, 2013.  This course is open to master's students across UW Bothell programs and will follow an innovative format. It is not necessary to board a plane to take this course. Some students will go with her to Auroville, and others will remain home. They will be working in teams, studying an agreed-upon research question or project, and will be in daily contact through email, phone, or Skype. Students can earn either 5 or 10 credits, and scholarships may be available.

Professor Eisele discusses this unique course:

CurrentstudentinfoWinter Quarter Highlights    


There's more to education than reading, writing and arithmetic!


Explore what's happening in or schools with one of the following courses: 

Race, Culture, and Identity in the Classroom - Wayne Au
B EDUC 391A (5 cr) T/TH 1:15- 3:15  SLN:10975

World Englishes - Young-Kyung Min
B EDUC 391B (5cr) T/TH 3:30-5:30 SLN:10975

Culture, Knowledge, and Education - Maurice Dolberry
B EDUC 391C (5cr) (will be B EDUC 230) T/TH 11:00-1:00 SLN:10976

Learning Science in Informal Settings - Carole Kubota
B EDUC 391D (3cr) F/S meets 2 Fridays and 3 Saturdays SLN: 20578


All B EDUC 391 classes are open to freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors

New Ways to look at Teaching and Learning

Adolescents in School and Society - Jason Naranjo
B EDUC 456 (I&S) (5 cr) M/W 1:15-3:15 SLN:20023

History of Math  - Robin Angotti
B EDUC 491A (5 cr) M/W 3:30-5:30 SLN: 10985

Moral Dimensions of Education - Pamela Joseph
B EDUC 491B (to be B EDUC 460) (5 cr) Tuesdays 4:30-7:30 SLN: 10986

New Literacies for Digital Learning - Jane Van Galen
B EDUC 491C (5 cr) Mondays 4:30-7:30 SLN: 10987


Upper division Education courses are open to students in all majors and graduate students.


Check the Winter 2013 Time Schedule for complete course listings.


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studentalumninewsAlumni News
Alumni updates

Jennifer McCreary, TCert Cohort 16, - Jennifer is substitute teaching in Lake Washington School District.

Bob Warren, TCert Cohort 10 - While substitute teaching in Lake Washington School district, Bob discovered that he loved working in Special Education and completed his Special Education teaching endorsement at Seattle University while teaching 18-21 year-old students at the Transition Academy in Redmond, WA. He now teaches Safety Net Literacy at Kirkland Middle School.

Would you like to see your update in our next newsletter? Please complete this brief questionnaire.

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careerCareer and Professional Development

2013 Conferences 

International Conference on Technology in
Collegiate Mathematics

March 21-24, 2013

International Reading Association
Annual Conference

April 19-22
San Antonio

Washington State Music Teachers (WSMTA) 2013 Conference
Music from the Heart of Washington
June 16-20, 2013

Free Minds, Free People
Summer 2013

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