Thank You for Your Glad and Generous Hearts
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the ways that you imitate our Generous Living Lord. (Though these names are changed, their stories are true.)

Thank you from Ron, who is fighting cancer with great courage because his Episcopal church surrounds him in prayer. 

Thank you from Mary, who for five years has successfully wrestled the demons of addiction in a twelve step program in her neighborhood Episcopal parish hall.

Thank you from Carman, a young adult who left the balmy south to teach 3rd graders in inner city Detroit, because "my high school priest always told me that Jesus wants us to go do good work."

Thank you from Luke, a teenager whose life was enriched at the Cathedral Domain; from Dave and Mary - parents of very sick baby Tiffany - who slept at St. Agnes House last night instead of in their car; from Wes, whose life is made richer because he takes time from work every summer to volunteer at a Reading Camp.

Thank you from every child who met Jesus in Sunday school, every lonely adult who found friendship over coffee hour, every public servant whose values were formed by the Gospel of justice, and every person who finds a life worth living in the good news of Christ.

If you have been a financial supporter of your parish you have touched these lives and many more. On behalf of them all, known and unknown, I thank you! Your generosity has changed their lives for good.

In this season you will be asked to contribute to many life changing ministries in your parish and throughout the Diocese. I hope you will respond with glad and generous hearts. I encourage you to make a generous pledge to your parish. Beyond this, I hope you will respond to those ministries beyond your parish that touch your heart.

We love, because God first loved us; we give, because in this important act God's love flows through us to our neighbors next door and around the world. This is why I give. I hope you will join me.

I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving. I continue to be blessed and thankful for the richness of our shared ministry in God's mission.

Christ's Peace,

Bishop Doug
What's God up to at Calvary, Ashland?
Calvary's theological focus this year has been ministry, emphasizing that every one of us is a minister in this work we do together for God's kingdom - summarized with the slogan "EveryOne a Minister." We put a goofy construction paper tree on one wall of the parish hall and added leaves for individuals and the ministries in which they take part, both inside and outside our doors.

I think our folks are surprised to see so many leaves! Though we have only about sixty at Sunday services, eighty people are represented . . . some with six or seven leaves . . . and we're not finished adding the gold, red, and brown leaves of fall! It's been valuable for us to ask ourselves the question, "How am I a minister?"; to think of ourselves as ministers; to discover that many others around us work quietly in a variety of ministries we never suspected; to recognize how much influence in the world so few people can have.

Blessings in a Backpack, Calvary's signature ministry, involves nearly every family in the congregation in some way - through sponsorships of children at a local elementary school for an academic year's worth of weekend food, through assistance with transporting food and packing bags, and through administration of the program. We "try on" additional ministries from time to time as a congregation: this year, Two Hearts Pregnancy Care Center's Baby Bottle campaign, The Heifer Project, and Operation Christmas Child. The last two of these have heavy involvement from Calvary's children and teens.

Relationships are strong with other churches in Ashland, especially with First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) up the street, with whom we do a joint Vacation Bible School each summer (including a combined Sunday liturgy) and a joint Blessing of the Animals in October. Last February, Calvary and the downtown Presbyterian and Methodist churches launched an Ashes-to-Go event during the lunch hour - a curiosity in this largely Baptist area of the commonwealth, but well received. We continue involvement with other local churches in Ashland's Founder's Day celebration, in noon weekday Holy Week services, in a spring baccalaureate service, and in a community Thanksgiving service.

Our much-loved annual feast day picnic in the park and Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper have been joined by newer fellowship events: Sci-Fi Geek Night and, more recently, Meet and Eat gatherings.

Calvary has been blessed in recent months by a welcome influx of new members - delightfully diverse folks hungry for good worship, good learning, and good community. Many of them, none of whom are Episcopalians, decide that they have found a home among us . . . a sign of hope and grace.

Just having celebrated two years as Calvary's rector, I am thankful every day to be involved with ministry with these good people. God's up to all kinds of things with us!
Monthly Eucharists at Mission House
The Rev Jeffrey Queen, Rector of St Andrew's, Fort Thomas was celebrant and preacher for the first monthly Eucharist and Lunch at Mission House.
Lexington and Fort Thomas - joined the Bishop and Diocesan Staff for worship , lunch and great conversation

We are all in this together! Beginning on November 11, the Feast of Martin of Tours and Veterans Day, a new practice commenced. On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, a Holy Eucharist and lunch will occur as the staff of Mission House will host people and clergy from parishes around the diocese. Our first guests were clergy and people from both of our St. Andrew's parishes--Ft Thomas and Lexington. All are welcome to the 11:30 Holy Eucharist and if you would like to join for lunch, please let Ellen Darnall ( know so we can adequately plan for lunch! 
Giving Tuesday: Support the Cathedral Domain
You've heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Click the link below to learn more AND schedule YOUR Gift!
Ministry and Gifts Fair November 15
Registration will be available Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. if you have not already registered.

As the people of God, we are often seeking for support and guidance; this year's Ministry and Gifts Fair is a great way to figure out how we are called to support one another in stressful circumstances, as well as lift up and tend to the gifts that God has given us. Please take a moment to fill out the online registration form or download the pdf version and mail it to Mission House (PO Box 610 Lexington KY 40588-0610). If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Villemuer-Drenth ( ) or Elise Johnstone ( We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to register online!
Click here to download the registration form!
The Diocese of Lexington presents St. Nicholas Festival
The mall has it's Santa, the stores are filled with Christmas trees, and children have already started their "I want" lists. Christmas Season commercially has arrived. How do we teach our children about Christmas when the world is focused on the "gift-getting" season?

Join the Diocese of Lexington for a Christian Formation Event on December 6th at Christ Church Cathedral for our St. Nicholas Festival. The true story of Santa Claus begins in a small village with a young boy named Nicholas who loved Jesus so much. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

In Europe, St. Nicholas' feast day, December 6th, is keeping alive the stories of his goodness and generosity. In Germany and Poland, boys dress as bishops and ask for money for the poor-and sometimes for themselves! In the Netherlands, St. Nicholas arrives on a steamship from Spain to ride a white horse on his gift-giving rounds. Dutch children leave carrots and hay in their shoes for the saint's horse, hoping St. Nicholas will exchange them for small gifts. December 6th is still the main day for gift giving and merrymaking in much of Europe.

On December 6th, our families and children can celebrate St. Nicholas with stations of crafts, ornament making, story-telling, good deeds, treats, and prayers. Arrive at 4PM at Christ Church Cathedral. We are asking each family to bring a plate of cookies to share and socks to give to area homeless shelters and nursing homes. During the evening, Bishop Nicholas may have time to visit us on his busy feast day.

For questions, please send an e-mail to
Congregational Development Opportunity: Bishop Offering Three $3000 Scholarships
Dear Colleagues in Christ, Leaders of the Diocese,

I have just learned about the following opportunity for Congregational development (growth, health, and stewardship) sponsored by the Diocese of West Tennessee and offered in Memphis. After speaking with other bishops I believe this is a very good opportunity.

I am offering up to three $3000 grants for parish leaders to attend this event. To be eligible a parish must send one clergy and two lay leaders, at least one of whom is a vestry member. Alternately, with clergy blessing, a team of two vestry members and another lay leader may apply.

Contact my office to apply.

Bishop Doug

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Pentecost 23
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We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Jay Pierce.

We pray for the friends and family of those who have departed: John Madden and John Dews.


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