Be Not Afraid
By Bishop Doug Hahn

Like many of you and the rest of the nation I was saddened last week by the death of Robin Williams. We lost a great talent and a compassionate soul.

Also like many of you I was saddened to learn that along with that great talent and compassionate soul, Mr. Williams  carried the burden of deep depression. As is often the case, the depression was hidden or masked; like many others he sometimes medicated that pain with alcohol and drugs.

Depression is an all too common disease. And it is a disease, not a problem of attitude adjustment. Dick Cavett, who has dealt publically with his own depression, says we make a mistake when we fail to understand that it is a disease. Mr. Cavett says, "How can that person be depressed - he/she is so rich (or successful, or popular)?" is like asking "How can she/he have the flu, she/he is so rich (successful, popular)? "

Depression can lead to alcoholism, family disintegration, job and money failure. It can be a sickness unto death.

All this to say that we in the church need to help lift the shroud of shame that we often use to hide depression or addiction. We have persons in our pews who identify with Robin Williams' despair. Some of you reading these words know that dark place. I echo to you the words of scripture, "Do not be afraid", "I am with you.", "Bear one another's burdens". If you suffer - or if you know someone who does - speak to your pastor, a trusted friend, anyone who will take you seriously. There are sources of support all around you - do not be ashamed to ask. You may save your life, or the life of someone you love, with three words -"I need help."

Scripture says we are made strong in our weakness. That means we need your struggle, we need your challenge, we need to know we are not alone.
Incredible Campers at the Cathedral Domain
By Canon to the Ordinary, Elise Johnstone

This super summer filled with wonderful camp experiences--excellent hikes, singing songs, faithful worship, gigantic games, transformative experiences, has come to a close. The young people of our diocese enjoyed the mountain so much this summer and now those experiences will send them forth as they begin a new school year. We are thankful for all who made those camp experiences possible-- our camp directors, summer staff, deans, counselors, clergy, kitchen staff, and most especially campers and their families! As our campers begin a new school year, we wish them, their families, teachers, and all who empower them many blessings and can't wait for camp again next summer!

Click here to see more photos from Summer 2014
Thank you St. Timothy's
St. Timothy's Is a mission of the Diocese of Lexington, where groups are welcome to visit and share in Gods mission alongside the beautiful people of Eastern Kentucky. Two weeks ago guests from St. Andrew's, Glenwood, Md (The Rev. Dina van Klaveren, Rector), did home repair, led day camp, shared a meal, distributed school supplies and in many other ways preached the Gospel. The versatile Rev. Bryant Kibler Sr. coordinates many such groups throughout the spring and summer.

See more pictures from St. Timothy's, Barnes Mountain
Bishop's Visitation Schedule
The Bishop's Visitation Schedule for August 2014 - June 2015 is now available on the website. 

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Last Chance to Vote for Your Favorite Camp
Congratulations to the Cathedral Domain for being nominated by the readers of Lexington Family Magazine as a Family Favorite Nominee in the category of Favorite Overnight Camp! Please visit the Lexington Family Magazine website and VOTE for the Cathedral Domain! Voting runs through August 15. Results will be announced in the October 2014 issue of Lexington Family Magazine. This is a terrific way to spread the word about our wonderful Camp and Conference Center!

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Clergy Conference
October 6-8, 2014
Cathedral Domain
Upcoming Ministry Fair
Save the date for our annual Ministry Fair on November 15!
What's Happening
Honored Woman 2014 Recognition Sponsored by the Diocesan ECW

Camp Indian Summer

Cathedral Domain, August 22-August 24

International Overdose Awareness Day

Jacobson Park, Lexington, Kentucky, August 23

Celebration of a New Ministry for Peter Dodemma
118 West Poplar Street, Harrodsburg, KY, September 7

Mountain Grace Conference
September 12-13


DOK Fall Retreat

September 18-September 20


Meeting on the Mount: The Heights of God's Love at St. Mary's

131 Edgewood Road, Middlesboro, KY, September 20


Rest and Rekindle 2014: A Retreat for Women Clergy

Pentecost 10

The Church of the Ascension, Frankfort
   The Rev. Jessee Neat, Rector
   The Rev. Dr. Jerry Cappel, Assisting Priest
   The Rev. Deacon Rebecca Saager, Curate 


Pentecost 11

Non-Parochial, Non-Stipendiary, Non-Resident and Retired Clergy

The Rev. Stephen Alexander
The Rev. Deacon Donna Barr
The Rev. LCDR. B. Anthony Bezy
The Rev. Dr. William Brown
The Rev. John Burkhart
The Rev. Michael "Corky" Carlisle
The Rev. Dr. John Cavendish
The Rev. Arthur Conaway
The Rev. H. Gerry Cook
The Rev. Deacon Dr. M. Allen Dawson
The Rev. John Dews
The Rev. Deacon Virginia Eklund
The Rev. Charles Ellestad
The Rev. Nancy S. Farley  
The Rev. Staley Hackley
The Rev. Dana Hardwick
The Rev. Deacon Paul Holbrook
The Rev. Phillip Haug
The Rev. John Hughes
The Rev. Marcia Hunter 
The Rev. Bonnie Q. Jones
The Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick
The Rev. Charles K. C. Lawrence
The Rev. Dr. John Madden
The Rev. Audrey Miskelley
The Rev. J. Joseph Pennington
The Rev. David Perkins
The Rev. Jay Pierce
The Rev. Cliff Pike
The Rev. Robert L. Sessum
The Rev. Margaret Shanks
The Rev. Dr. Robert Slocum
The Rev. Marvin W. Suit
The Very Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Summers
The Rev. Terry Taylor
The Rev. Dr. Charles Washam
The Very Rev. David M. Webb
The Rev. Anisa Willis



Ordination Anniversaries 

(D-Deacon, P-Priest, B-Bishop)


15 Aug: Ronald Summers P

18 Aug: Joe Mitchell D

19 Aug: Duane Smith P

22 Aug: Tina Mussetter D

              Tom Runge Recvd. D

              Diane Zwick D

              Jeff Howe D

24 Aug: Matthew Young Recvd. P

29 Aug: Sandy Stone P


We pray in thanksgiving for the birth of Emerson Caroline Poole, granddaughter of Philip Linder, born August 4, 2014 at 5:03 p.m.


We pray for Gordon Duffus, husband of the Rev. Cindy Duffus.  He is now recovering from his surgery.

We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: John Madden, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We continue to pray for The Rev. Bob Kirkpatrick, following the death of his wife, Priscilla; for Mary Lou Garland, following the death of her husband, The Rev. Deacon Philip Garland; for The Rev. Cn. Elise Johnstone at the death of her grandmother, Edna Grace Fredericks; for The Rev. Keila Thomas, at the death of her stepmother, Corine Carpenter; for Kay Collier McLaughlin, following the death of her sister, Jane Hansen; for The Rev. Duane Smith following the death of his mother, Nedra Jane Smith.


We give thanks for the ongoing healing of Avery Baggett, daughter of Bishop and Kaye Hahn.


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