Q & A with Our New Canon to the Ordinary, Elise Johnstone
1) You have been in this diocese most of your life, but you are familiar with the wider church. What do you think are some unique gifts and challenges of the Diocese of Lexington ?

Our diocese does indeed have unique challenges and gifts; we are blessed with people who truly want to engage in following Christ, with a rich and interesting history, and with a cultural and geographical landscape that equips all of us for mission. The challenges we face are, in some ways, not unrelated to our blessings. Because we are people of a hearty and beautiful, but not always easy to navigate setting, we are well-equipped to set our faces toward Christ in the midst of a society that is not focused on church and Christ, as it once may have been; we see people in the midst of the grips of addiction, pain, and poverty and some of us navigate those challenges ourselves, or with our families, and certainly with those in our various communities.

2) What in these gifts and challenges drew you to this call as Canon to the Ordinary?

The gift of being able to work in mission with congregations across the diocese is such a blessing to me. At a time when not all people know Christ, or know Christ to be an all-loving, all-embracing savior, I am glad to be a part of connecting congregations and clergy to how they can best share the gift of Christ as embodied in The Episcopal Church with all those who are in need of Christ's transforming love. I have, for many years, enjoyed working with people discerning their gifts and am glad to be more fully engaged with those in the ordination process and hope that we can realize discernment is something that all Christians do, and that vocation is something that we all have, not only those who may be called to ordained leadership.

3) One of the Bishop's goals is to connect us as parishes to one another and to our shared ministry. How will your work enhance that?

Bishop Hahn has shared his vision for connecting us with each other and I am humbled to be able to help to implement that faithful vision. I look forward to assisting clergy and wardens to come together in regional bodies to build up mission in each area of our diocese; to continue the good work started at the clergy mission trip to the mountains earlier this year and have more enriching mission opportunities for us to engage with Christ in our midst; I look forward to visiting parishes throughout the diocese on Sunday mornings, and at the same time, allow parishes to connect with one another. Bishop Hahn has mentioned on some occasions having Mission House be a place where a weekday worship service will be a way for our parishioners and clergy can better engage with diocesan staff; and I especially look forward to assisting in organizing the Ministry Fair on November 15 in order to share helpful practices and underscore how we are all in this together.

4) One of your roles at the diocese will be congregational development. What are some ways, from your recent perspective as a parish priest, which we can help build stronger, more vibrant congregations?

I believe that a focus on faithful, thoughtful worship, truly listening to those who want to share their stories and engage, and through that listening, be a part of providing opportunities where the love of God we affirm in worship can be shared with those outside the doors of our parishes, regardless of who they are creates a congregational environment where Christ is truly present.

5) What is something you wish we would ask so you could answer it?

I am enjoying answering the question: What is a "Canon to the Ordinary?"

And here's what I usually say: Bishop Hahn, by being the Diocesan bishop who ordains, and is the chief pastor of ordered ministry, is the Ordinary of our Diocese. Being a canon is one who is subject to a rule of authority, in this case, ecclesiastical or church authority, and specifically, the authority of the bishop. So, in less traditional terms, I'm the Bishop's right hand person, or emissary.

6) How can we get in touch with Elise?

My new email is, and you can call me at Mission House (859) 252-6527, ext. 107
Where Does Stewardship Begin?
On August 2, nearly 70 clergy and lay leaders from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky gathered at The Church of the Ascension, Frankfort for "Life as a Steward," a conference on stewardship offered by Ascension and the Diocese of Lexington in conjunction with the Diocese of Kentucky. Kirby Smith Associates, Inc. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania offered two of its leaders who shared with all present that the issue of stewardship had very little to do with money.

In the morning, Ms. Keith Stroud of Kirby Smith underscored how we are stewards of our time, of silence, our story, and process; and how people who are engaged with their faith communities in significant ways are people who can share the story of who we are as people of faith. When people are engaged, involved, and feel that our spiritual needs are met, it is natural to want to share back to God all the blessings we receive. In the afternoon, Mr. Gene Musser of Kirby Smith emphasized the importance of hospitality in faith communities and spoke about the process of stewardship in terms of connecting the practice of stewardship with mission, community, and vision. It was a blessing that people from congregations all across the state came together to listen and share as the journey of building up the Body of Christ was engaged by all.
You Are Invited
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The Right Reverend Douglas Hahn
Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington and
Saint Philip's Episcopal Church
request your prayers and presence at the service of
Celebration of a New Ministry
For the Reverend Peter Doddema as Rector to
Saint Philip's Episcopal Church
Sunday, the Seventh of September
in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen
at four o'clock in the afternoon
St. Philip's
118 West Poplar Street
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Reception following
Clergy: cassock, surplice, white stole
Rest and Rekindle 2014: A Retreat for Women Clergy
"For this reason I remind you to rekindle afresh the gift of God which is in you..."  II Timothy 1:6

October 13-17 the Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale Ohio will host a retreat for women Clergy. The retreat will last from Monday supper to Friday AM Eucharist. Cost is $225 for the entire event or $65 per night.
Available for no extra cost will be spiritual reflection, massage, reflexology, and a hands on project. 

Click here to download the flyer
Bishop's Visitation Schedule
The Bishop's Visitation Schedule for August 2014 - June 2015 is now available on the website. 

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Cathedral Domain Nominated for Online Award
Congratulations to the Cathedral Domain for being nominated by the readers of Lexington Family Magazine as a Family Favorite Nominee in the category of Favorite Overnight Camp! Please visit the Lexington Family Magazine website and VOTE for the Cathedral Domain! Voting runs through August 15. Results will be announced in the October 2014 issue of Lexington Family Magazine. This is a terrific way to spread the word about our wonderful Camp and Conference Center!
Mountain Grace Conference

New Seasons in Appalachia

"Rooted together through Communications"

September 12-13, 2014

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What's Happening

Honored Woman 2014 Recognition Sponsored by the Diocesan ECW


Camp Indian Summer

Cathedral Domain, August 22-August 24


DOK Fall Retreat

September 18-September 20


Meeting on the Mount: The Heights of God's Love at St. Mary's

131 Edgewood Road, Middlesboro, KY 40965, September 20


Pentecost 9

St. John's Church, Versailles

   The Rev. Philip Linder, Rector


Pentecost 10

The Church of the Ascension, Frankfort
   The Rev. Jessee Neat, Rector
   The Rev. Dr. Jerry Cappel, Assisting Priest
   The Rev. Deacon Rebecca Saager, Curate 


Ordination Anniversaries 

(D-Deacon, P-Priest, B-Bishop)


  9 Aug: John Dews P

11 Aug: Marshall Jolly P

              Paul Holbrook D

15 Aug: Ronald Summers P

18 Aug: Joe Mitchell D

19 Aug: Duane Smith P

22 Aug: Tina Mussetter D

              Tom Runge Recvd. D

              Diane Zwick D

              Jeff Howe D


We pray in thanksgiving for the birth of Emerson Caroline Poole, granddaughter of Philip Linder, born August 4, 2014 at 5:03 p.m.


We pray for Gordon Duffus, husband of the Rev. Cindy Duffus.  He is scheduled for surgery at University of Kentucky Hospital, Monday, August 11.

We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: John Madden, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for the health of Diocesan staff member Angie Smith.


We continue to pray for The Rev. Bob Kirkpatrick, following the death of his wife, Priscilla; for Mary Lou Garland, following the death of her husband, The Rev. Deacon Philip Garland; for The Rev. Cn. Elise Johnstone at the death of her grandmother, Edna Grace Fredericks; for The Rev. Keila Thomas, at the death of her stepmother, Corine Carpenter; for Kay Collier McLaughlin, following the death of her sister, Jane Hansen.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


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