, 2014
Taking a Walk in Whose Shoes?
By The Rev. Canon Elise Johnstone
You won't find me quoting the film "Forrest Gump" very often, but after I read and heard Bishop Katharine's sermon  preached on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the eleven remarkable women to the priesthood at the Church of the Advocate on July 29, 1974, the words, "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes" came ringing in my head from Winston Groom's humble main character. We can often tell (and of course, sometimes we are incorrect) what someone does for a living, that someone might be homeless or living with a severe lack of resources, whether or not they can tell navy blue from black, and many more things when we observe a person's shoes. Bishop Katharine wrote of The Rev. Pauli Murray, the first African American woman ordained to the priesthood, who often spoke of her "proud shoes." The shoes that the women ordained 40 years ago wore as they knelt before the bishops who ordained them were indeed worn with anxiety, fear, but also hope, perseverance, some humble pride, and a sense of call.

Each of us carry some of those emotions and qualities in our shoes. When I choose my shoes each day, I ask myself what kind of day I think I might have and try to pick a pair that will equip me for the work I think I will do that day (although there are often unanticipated occurrences that pop up and possibly render my choice as inadequate--like yesterday when I decided to hang pictures in heels). When I chose my shoes this morning, I thought of the women 40 years ago who, yesterday had to choose a pair of shoes that they would wear to walk in procession, kneel, and then stand at the altar as priests in Christ's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. The walk those women took in their shoes was a long one; a journey that had begun 2000 years before, with preparation that had started even before that, with Eve, Judge Deborah, Hannah, Miriam, and many more. Each of us has gifts for ministry; may we each be equipped by God with shoes that will help us live out the gifts that God has shared with us. May God grant us shoes that we can keep shuffling, walking, running on this journey of ministry where we are the hands, and, more specifically, the feet, of Christ.
The Reverend Jan Cottrell Accepts New Call
In recent weeks the Mtr. (Dr.) Jan Cottrell, rector of The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, announced that she has accepted a call to join an inter-disciplinary team of ministry as Chaplain Resident at the VA Medical Center in Lexington (read her announcement). Her last Sunday - after almost 21 years at Resurrection will be Sunday, August 10. As Bishop I will be present for a liturgy which ends a pastoral relationship and to give thanks for the many years of service in this part of God's Mission.

Mtr. Jan has served as faithful pastor of Resurrection as their first full time Rector, leading them in especially outstanding works of outreach and Christian formation. She has created a spirit of joy and hospitality that I have experienced every time I have visited. She has been an excellent preacher and teacher, a faithful pastor, and prophetic witness to the world changing faith of Jesus. In the diocese she has served on the Blue Ribbon Discernment Committee, the Standing Committee and with our companion diocese ministries. She has led many mission trips to Haiti and more recently to Guatemala, where she has made many contacts with their bishop in order to formalize our relationship.

In ministry to the wider church Mtr. Jan has served on faculty of the Lexington Theological Seminary and is a representative and avid proponent of Living Waters for the World, a ministry providing clean water for the developing world.

This new call will make use of Mtr. Jan's many gifts as a pastor. The setting at a VA Hospital will also call upon her prophetic and cross cultural skills. Join me in wishing her well in this new calling in God's Mission and let us give thanks for her many years of service in the Diocese. We are grateful that she will continue in ministry here and that she is now available to serve more parishes in the capacity as a supply priest.

Kay Collier McLaughlin has already begun working on behalf of the diocese with the Resurrection leadership in the coming days of transition. Pray for them also as they step into God's future.

Bishop Doug Hahn
Meeting on the Mount: The Heights of God's Love - God Speaks to Moses
The Old Testament is filled with stories of people who went to the mountain to meet and speak to God. One of those men was a man named Moses. Moses and the Israelites (God's chosen people) had been traveling in the desert for about three months. They came to a special place called Mt. Sinai. Moses got unpacked and decided to walk up the mountain to talk to God. Moses was already considered an old man and so this was not easy for him. Moses felt closer to God when he climbed the mountain to pray. The people down in the camp saw flashes of light and heard thunder. There was a fog over the mountain. They were worried about Moses and scared. They thought they might have heard trumpets, however Moses was safe! He spent forty days and nights with God up in the mountain. They must have done a lot of talking! When Moses came down the mountain, he had some special rules that God wanted people to know. He called them the Ten Commandments. Just like our parents give us rules because they love us and want to keep us safe, God had some rules for us to live by to help us live together in love and be safe.

This is one of the stories the children will hear about during our special gathering, the Meeting on the Mount: the Heights of God's Love. Not only will our children hear stories, but they will do crafts, games and activities around this theme. For the Ten Commandments, each child will make and take home a board game to help them learn the meaning behind the Ten Commandments.

Join us on September 20th at 10 a.m. at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Middlesboro, KY. All children are invited. Families are welcome to stay and enjoy this time. At Noon, we will have an Ice Cream Social for every one. For questions or more information, please contact Deacon Lauren Villemuer-Drenth at 859-221-5780 or call St. Mary's office at 606-248-6450. This event is free and is a Diocese of Lexington Christian Formation Event.
Cathedral Domain Nominated for Online Award
Congratulations to the Cathedral Domain for being nominated by the readers of Lexington Family Magazine as a Family Favorite Nominee in the category of Favorite Overnight Camp! Please visit the Lexington Family Magazine website and VOTE for the Cathedral Domain! Voting runs through August 15. Results will be announced in the October 2014 issue of Lexington Family Magazine. This is a terrific way to spread the word about our wonderful Camp and Conference Center!
Mountain Grace Conference

New Seasons in Appalachia

"Rooted together through Communications"

September 12-13, 2014

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Last Call for "Life as A Steward"
Life as A Steward
Sponsored by Diocese of Lexington
Saturday, August 2: Program 9am-3pm
(Location: Ascension, Frankfort)

Gene Musser
Keith Stroud
Life as a Steward" is the theme of a daylong event designed to assist parish leaders enhance our ministry of stewardship. National stewardship leaders Keith Stroud of the Diocese of Virginia and Gene Musser of Kirby Smith Associates will be our guest leaders.
If you have not registered, you may do so by Wednesday, July 30.

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Grace Episcopal Church Celebrates 60th Anniversary

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Meeting on the Mount: The Heights of God's Love at St. Mary's

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Pentecost 8

Trinity Church, Covington

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Pentecost 9

St. John's Church, Versailles

   The Rev. Philip Linder, Rector


Ordination Anniversaries 

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  9 Aug: John Dews P

11 Aug: Marshall Jolly P

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15 Aug: Ronald Summers P


We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: John Madden, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


We pray for staff member Kay Collier McLaughlin in the illness of her sister Jane Hansen.  


We pray for the health of Diocesan staff member Angie Smith.

We continue to pray for The Rev. Bob Kirkpatrick, following the death of his wife, Priscilla; for Mary Lou Garland, following the death of her husband, The Rev. Deacon Philip Garland; for The Rev. Cn. Elise Johnstone at the death of her grandmother, Edna Grace Fredericks; and The Rev. Keila Thomas, at the death of her stepmother, Corine Carpenter.


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