, 2014
Bishop Hahn Calls for Young Adults in the Church

Dear Friends,


Young adults are an integral part of our church. We must invite their engagement in our diocese and address their desire to be part of God's mission  in the world. This was the sentiment behind our annual convention's call for a young adult commission - a group called to consider and create a plan for engaging young adults more actively in the life of the diocese. As a part of that plan, I called Justin Gabbard to work among young adults in Northern Kentucky. Now I am calling for your help in creating a commission for the wider diocese to address the concerns of adults under the age of 35. From these names I will put together a group of 12 people - varied by gender, lay/ordained and location in the diocese. This is distinct from college students.

Purpose and Tasks of Young Adult Commission

The young adult commission will become self-directed, with the support of my office. But the kinds of things I envision for them include:  


Social and community building events for young adults in the Diocese.
What are unique opportunities and challenges for young adult involvement in the faith community?

Formation and Christian identity events for young adults. What are the issues of faith which this group finds especially compelling? Spirituality vs. religious life? Sexuality and Marriage?

  Opportunities for shared outreach with young adult groups outside the church.
What world and social concerns call forth the passion of this group?

Issues of witness. 
What issues impact the lives of this demographic? Two examples might be 1) the economy - most 25 year old college grads are un- or under-employed;  2) Addiction -One in seven young adults in Kentucky knows someone struggling with heroin addiction.

 I am asking people in the Diocese to suggest names of persons who would serve as a core to this ministry. I am also asking young adults who are interested to make contact with our office. 


To volunteer for this work or to suggest someone to serve, send name and contact email to dhahn@diolex.orgInclude a few sentences about this person, or why you would like to serve.  Please ask if this person is willing to be contacted for this work.


Resources for Young Adult Ministry

Valparaiso University has compiled a very fine resource for Young Adult Ministry: On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life is a great collectionof essays and practices by Christian writers concerned with young adults, edited by Dorothy Bass. Check out these short videos with the writers: 


Help me find a wider place at the table for young adults in our midst.


Christ's Peace,

Bishop Doug
Update on the Bishop's Family

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Thank you for your many thoughts and prayers for Avery and our family in this ongoing time of grief and struggle. Everywhere I go you assure us of your concern and well wishes. Your emails, notes and words uplift us and give us strength.


We continue in this very long, difficult season. After her initial seven weeks in intensive care in Philadelphia, we were able to bring Avery to Frasier Rehab Hospital in Louisville, where she has been since the end of April. There she continues the incredibly slow and uncertain tasks of healing and recovering from brain injury.  Progress is measured in very small increments. Doctors continue to tell us the outcome is uncertain and may not be fully known for many months, if not a few years. For now she is dealing with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. We are still discerning, with the help of her doctors and insurance, when she will be moved to home or another care facility. It has been a long valley of grief, uncertainty and fear.


There have been many graces during this time. 

        We treasure your many expressions of prayer and support. 

        My mother lives in Louisville, so Kaye has gotten a home cooked meal and familiar bed this last several weeks - a great gift after weeks of a borrowed room with strangers in Philadelphia. 

        Kaye is free to be chief parent in the rehab process, so I am able to maintain my full schedule, spending a couple of days a week in Louisville.

        Friends far and near who remind us we are not alone.

        Our other children, David and Susannah, have been incredibly supportive even as they deal with this tragedy.


The greatest grace - though the most unwelcome - has been the invitation to practice love in very concrete ways - feeding her bite by bite, brushing her teeth or hair, sitting and watching the mystery of brokenness and healing. Many of you are familiar with these hard privileges in your own families. When we speak of vocation, we often think of the choices we make to serve God in the world.  We discern our gifts, discover our passions, and practice those things that give us joy and meaning. But often - much more often - vocation is not what we chose for life but what life choses for us.  Our call from God comes in the form of a terrifying phone call in the night. And obedience takes the form of one little step in the dark after another - doing the next right thing and trusting that even the most unwelcome calls might contain an invitation from God to walk in the way of faith.


Thank you for continuing to walk with us.


God's Peace

Doug and Kaye Hahn

Thanks to the Diocese of Ohio


The Toledo Area Episcopal Churches (Diocese of Ohio) sent volunteers to St. Timothy's to help clear storm damage at the Domain last Wednesday. There were 18 youth and adults in total.
Diocese of Lexington Offers Stewardship Assistance
Life as A Steward
Sponsored by Diocese of Lexington
Saturday, August 2: Program 9am-3pm
(Location: Ascension, Frankfort)

Gene Musser
Keith Stroud
Life as a Steward" is the theme of a daylong event designed to assist parish leaders enhance our ministry of stewardship. National stewardship leaders Keith Stroud of the Diocese of Virginia and Gene Musser of Kirby Smith Associates will be our guest leaders, and will guide us in presentations of theology of stewardship as well as practical aids for your parish stewardship program.
Read more
Register for camp at the Cathedral Domain
There is still time to register for camp! 
Our camp schedule is listed below. All camps still have spots available.
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 Mini Camp I
June 22 - 25
Graduates of Grades 1 & 2


 Junior Conference
June 29 - July 5
Graduates of Grades 7 & 8

 Boys Camp I
July 20 - 26
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4

Mini Camp II
June 25 - 28
Graduates of Grades 1 & 2

 Girls Camp I
July 6 - 12
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4

 Boys Camp II
July 20 - 26
Graduates of Grades 5 & 6

 Reading Camp
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4

July 13 - 19
Co-Ed Graduates of Grades 7 - 12

 Co-Ed 3/5
July 27 - August 2
Co-Ed Graduates of Grades 3 - 5 
  Girls Camp II
July 13 - 19
Graduates of Grades 5 & 6

 Camp Indian Summer
August 22 - 24
Ages 21+
On Your Behalf Update

During the week of June 14, Bishop Hahn's ministry has included, among other things:

  • Visitation, confirmations, and meeting with leadership of St. Peter's Paris
  • Meeting with the leadership of Our Saviour, Madison County and St. Patrick's, Somerset on issues of transition
  • Project planning with Cathedral Domain
  • An educational forum a Baptist Church - 'Who are Episcopalians'
  • Pastoral conversations and leadership conversations with various clergy

This week Bishop Doug will be visiting St. Andrew's, Fort Thomas. Click here to find out more about what God is up to there.

What's New

Organic Gardening Training at ECOS

Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, 2323 Lexington Road, Richmond, July 2

Pentecost 2

Holy Trinity Church, Georgetown

   The Rev. Elise Johnstone, Rector


Pentecost 3

St. John's Church, Corbin

   The Rev. Rebecca Myers, Priest-in-Charge 


Ordination Anniversaries (D-Deacon, P-Priest, B-Bishop)

19 June:  Lisa Tolliver D

                Linda Young P

21 June: Michael Carlisle P

                Rob Slocum D

22 June: Joe Mitchell P

24 June: Anisa C. Willis P

25 June: Nancy Stone Farley D

26 June: Lois Howard D

28 June: Marcia Hunter P

29 June: Stephen Alexander D
               Anthony Bezy P
               Peter D'Angio D
               Marcia Hunter D
               Chana Tetzlaff D
30 June: Keila Thomas D
              Judy Yunker D
  1 July: Paul Brannock-Wanter D
  5 July: Robert Sessum D


We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Ron Summers, John Madden, Phillip Garland, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


We pray for staff member Kay Collier McLaughlin in the illness of her sister Jane Hansen.  


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