, 2014
Bishop Announces Canon to the Ordinary
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am pleased to announce that I have called the Reverend Elise Johnstone as Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Lexington. In this role she will assist me in realizing our vision of the diocese. Her special focus will be on the health, growth, and development of our congregations, the nurture and call of priests, and broader tasks of helping all baptized persons discern and grow into their call to ministry. Read more
Bishop Hahn to Preside over Blessing of the Rev. Linda Young and Gia Gordan - First Same Sex Blessing in Diocese of Lexington
Bishop Douglas Hahn will bless The Reverend Linda Young and Ms. Gia Gordan at Trinity, Covington on Saturday, June 7. This will be the first Same-Sex Blessing in the Diocese of Lexington. Mtr. Young is Associate Rector of Trinity. The liturgy for "The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant in a Same-Sex Relationship" was authorized by General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 2012, and each Diocesan Bishop could decide if and when to authorize it in their diocese. Bishop Hahn authorized the liturgy to be performed beginning April 20, 2014, after multiple conversations with Diocesan Clergy. As required by the bishop's guidelines, the clergy and leadership of Trinity requested permission to use the liturgy, voicing their support of its use and describing the parish's preparation of its use.

Bishop Hahn said of this blessing -

"In this worship service we will witness Linda Young and Gia Gordon committing themselves, before God, to a faithful and nurturing life long relationship. We thank God for their love and commitment, so it is only right to celebrate this event in God's church with vows, prayer, scripture and joyful music. We are bearing witness that Linda and Gia have been a blessing to one another and the church has been a blessing to them. Likewise the church has been blessed and enriched by Linda and Gia. Since all blessing comes from God, we are proclaiming God's goodness in this public worship.

I have spoken with Linda and Gia, and with parish members and leaders, and I have no doubt about the blessedness of this event. Gia and Linda are committed to one another, they love one another and their church, and the people of Trinity Covington are overflowing with Holy joy.

Any parish of the Diocese may offer this liturgy to a same-sex couple as long as a) one of the couple is a member of the parish, b) the clergy and lay leadership of the parish acknowledges its support of this action, and c) the parish has engaged a time of prayerful public conversation about it. This liturgy is not a marriage ceremony, since the legal status of marriage can only be offered by the state. Many of us pray for the day when marriage will be legally offered to all of God's children."

Those in the Cincinnati area or the Diocese of Lexington who are interested in witnessing this historic occasion are welcome to attend. The service will be at 3:30, followed by a reception at the parish.

What's God up to at St. Peter's, Paris?
"It all happens around a table," is our common theme at St. Peter's.  Our table is a handmade square altar crafted by a parishioner and designed by an architect from Trinity, Covington.  Some of our tables are short with little chairs, while others are big round tables.  We've sat down at, crawled under and stood around our tables.  And oh the meals that have fed us!  O taste and see how gracious the Lord is.   It is here that we meet, pray, hold hands, talk, listen, eat, hurt, wash feet, forgive and give thanks.

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On Your Behalf Update

During the week of May 31, Bishop Hahn's ministry has included, among other things:

  • Consultations with several Priests
  • Met with one parish in transition
  • Staff meeting to introduce new Canon to Ordinary Elise Johnstone
  • Presided at burial office for Fr. Andrew Mepham
  • Shared a meal with parishioners and confirmands of St. Michael's
What's New

Organ Available

Trinity, 320 W Main St., Danville, KY 40422


Wild Elegance Art Show
St. Peter's, 311 High St., Paris, KY 40361, May 19 - July 5


First Same-Sex Blessing in the Diocese of Lexington

Trinity, 16 East Fourth St., Covington, KY 41011, June 7

What's Happening

Diocese of Lexington Announces Water Day, An Event for Children & Families!

Trinity, 16 East Fourth St., Covington, KY 41011, June 8

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Day of Pentecost

St. Martha's, Lexington

   The Rev. Sandy Stone, Priest-in-Charge



Walnut Hill Church, Lexington

   The Rev. Michael Ward, Pastor


Ordination Anniversaries (D-Deacon, P-Priest, B-Bishop)

4 June: Charles D. Ellestad P

              Bryant C. Kibler D

 5 June: Paula L. Ott D

              Rebecca A. Saager D

 7 June: M. Allen Dawson D

              Carol Wade D

 8 June: Jan Cottrell D

              Brian Cole D

              W. Douglas Hahn D


 9 June: John Hughes D

              Margaret Shanks D

              Carol Ruthven D 

10 June: T.J. Azar P

                John Cavendish D

11 June: Peter Doddema D

               Robert Kirkpatrick D

               Jessee Neat D

               J. Joseph Pennington D

12 June: Ginny Ekland D

               Marvin Suit D

13 June: T.J. Azar D

                Cynthia Duffus D

                Charles Lawrence D

                Linda Young D

14 June: Gardner Hartling D

15 June: Chris Brannock D

17 June: Dana Hardwick D

18 June: Chuck Washam D

                Elise Johnstone D

                Audrey Miskelley D

                Dominic Moore D

19 June:  Lisa Tolliver D

                Linda Young P

21 June: Michael Carlisle P

                Rob Slocum D






We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Ron Summers, John Madden, Phillip Garland, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


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