, 2014
God Loves a Cheerful Giver
I love Kentucky and our people, but last week a Gallup poll revealed one of our characteristics that should make us all blush. In a survey of generosity and geography - based on charitable giving and volunteer hours - Kentucky came in last among the United States. When I shared this with a longtime Kentuckian, he confirmed it bluntly, "Kentuckians can be a stingy lot."

I'd like to believe that if the Gallop folks were talking to Episcopalians, our ranking would have been much higher. As Christians we know that generosity is the key to our relationship to God - "where your treasure is, there your heart will follow." If our hearts are stuck in the anxiety of our bank accounts or made heavy from our latest consumptions, we have a remedy - reorient some of our treasure.

We are moved to be generous not from legalistic compulsion or nagging guilt, but the delight it gives to our God, who loves a cheerful giver.

As a diocese are doing some things to enhance our own spirit of generosity. Soon after our Annual Convention I appointed two leaders in our church to guide us through a diocesan conversation about stewardship. Joe O'Brochta of Trinity Covington (and Chair of the Diocesan Finance Committee) and The Rev. Jeff Queen of St. Andrew's, Ft. Thomas have convened a group of a dozen lay and clergy from throughout the diocese to explore generosity and ministry in our diocese. The group includes participants from a wide range of location and parish sizes.

Here are some questions I have asked them to explore

1) How well do our parishes express a theology of and best practices of financial stewardship?
2) Scripture says, "God loves a cheerful giver". How can we nurture that spirit?
3) How well does the diocese communicate our shared financial needs and opportunies?
4) How do we lower our anxiety about money, develop a spirit of generosity, and live into our belief that "all things come from thee, O God, and of thine own have we given thee."?
5) How can our financial resources best serve both our ministry at the local parish level and our shared ministry in the diocese and beyond?

Addressing these issues will include study, prayer, and much listening to one another and to our diocese.

In the midst of this month's long conversation we are offering a very practical day of stewardship training sponsored by the diocese and hosted by Ascension Frankfort - Life As a Steward on Saturday, August 2. This will be a day of reflection and practical steps for your parish life of generosity. Nationally known stewardship organization Kirby Smith, Associates will lead us. This will be valuable day for clergy and lay leaders.

Our generosity is a deep part of our spiritual life. Let's grow more generous together in the days to come.

Bishop Doug Hahn
Additional Stewardship Opportunity: The Episcopal Network of Stewardship Webinar featuring Writer Joan Chittester and Bishop Rob Wright. This is a great opportunity to catalyze inspiration, ideas and interest in how your congregation can align stewardship formation with discipleship formation. Click here for more information
On Your Behalf Update

During the Season of Easter, Bishop Hahn's ministry has included, among other things:

  • Visitations at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Philips Harrodsburg, Good Shepherd Lexington.
  • Diocesan Celebrations at St. George's Day, Unleashing the Power of Aging, the Episcopal Church Women's Retreat, and Diocesan Confirmation, and Clergy Mountain Mission
  • Other ministry has included Executive Council Retreat, Men's Gathering at Trinity Danville, consultations with parishes in transition, and pastoral and leadership consultations with several clergy.
Fall Internships in New York
This fall, young adults between the ages of 21 and 30 can take leadership positions in Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts or work in Episcopal Relief & Development's Manhattan office as part of the New York Disaster Recovery Program. A joint program of the Episcopal Service Corps, the Episcopal Diocese of New York and Episcopal Relief & Development, the program will sponsor seven, one-year internships beginning in September of 2014.

An online application can be found on the Episcopal Service Corps website. The deadline to apply is June 2, 2014.
Counselor Training May 31st
Counselors for all summer camps at the Cathedral Domain will gather at Mission House at 10am on May 31st for a day of required training.  The Cathedral Domain, certified from the American Camping Association- one of only 2500 camps out of 12,000 nationwide to receive this distinction, annually provides training in skills and regulations necessary for offering safe camping experiences for all who come to camps. 
Our camp schedule is listed below. All camps still have spots available.
For pricing and more information click here.
 Senior Conference 
June 15 - 21 
Graduates of Grades 9 - 12 
 Junior Conference
June 29 - July 5
Graduates of Grades 7 & 8

 Boys Camp I
July 20 - 26
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4

 Mini Camp I
June 22 - 25
Graduates of Grades 1 & 2

 Girls Camp I
July 6 - 12
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4

 Boys Camp II
July 20 - 26
Graduates of Grades 5 & 6

 Mini Camp II
June 25 - 28
Graduates of Grades 1 & 2

July 13 - 19
Co-Ed Graduates of Grades 7 - 12

 Co-Ed 3/5
July 27 - August 2
Co-Ed Graduates of Grades 3 - 5 
 Reading Camp
Graduates of Grades 3 & 4
 Girls Camp II
July 13 - 19
Graduates of Grades 5 & 6

 Camp Indian Summer
August 22 - 24
Ages 21+
What's Happening

Theology of Baseball

Christ Church Cathedral, 166 Market Street, Lexington, May 4-June 1


Choir Festival

Church of the Good Shepherd, 533 East Main Street (at Bell Court), Lexington, May 21-June 2


Ascension-Frankfort and Province IV present "Coal, Courage and Christian Faith: An Environmental Workshop"

Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, KY, May 30-June 1


Art Auction & Barbecue for Campers

St. Raphael Episcopal Church 1891 Parker's Mill Rd. Lexington, May 31


Diocese of Lexington Announces Water Day, An Event for Children & Families!

Northern Kentucky, June 8


Living Waters for the World Training Event June 2014

Other Events

Easter 7

Summer Camp Programs in the Diocese of Lexington
   Cathedral Domain Youth Camps, grades 1-12(101st year)  
       Directors Andy & Cindy Sigmon  
   Reading Camp-Literacy Camps, grades 2-4, (13th year)
       Director Michelle Sjorgen


Day of Pentecost

St. Martha's, Lexington

   The Rev. Sandy Stone, Priest-in-Charge


Ordination Anniversaries (D-Deacon, P-Priest, B-Bishop)

28 May: Charles Lawrence P

               Michael Carlisle D

31 May: Laurie Brock P

               Peter Doddema P

               Bonnie Q. Jones P

 1 June:  Laurie Brock D

               John Burkhart Recvd D

               Cliff Pike P

               David Webb D

 2 June: Phillip Haug D

 4 June: Charles D. Ellestad P

              Bryant C. Kibler D

 5 June: Paula L. Ott D

              Rebecca A. Saager D

 7 June: M. Allen Dawson D

              Carol Wade D

 8 June: Jan Cottrell D

              Brian Cole D

              W. Douglas Hahn D

 9 June: John Hughes D

              Margaret Shanks D

              Carol Ruthven D 

10 June: T.J. Azar P

                John Cavendish D

11 June: Peter Doddema D

               Robert Kirkpatrick D

               Jessee Neat D

               J. Joseph Pennington D

12 June: Ginny Ekland D

               Marvin Suit D

13 June: T.J. Azar D

                Cynthia Duffus D

                Charles Lawrence D

                Linda Young D

14 June: Gardner Hartling D

15 June: Chris Brannock D




We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Ron Summers, John Madden, Phillip Garland, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


Download the 2014 Intercessory Prayer List

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