NEWS FOR THE WEEK OF April 2, 2014
Reflection: We're All in This Together
Used with permission of Vital Practices in Vital Posts of March 24, 2014. First in a series of three articles. View original article.

In elementary and middle school, we learn about the importance of being good citizens. We place a high value on civic-mindedness, on tending to your community and neighbors.

But we often lose sight of this value when it comes to our churches and leaders. Too often, we want to hoard the talent of our priests, staff, and lay leaders. The thinking falls somewhere along the lines of, "We're paying them to work in our church, diocese, agency, etc. Not to gallivant off to some other congregation for a training program or to serve on a diocesan committee or to assist with decision-making and planning on a church-wide level." I suspect there's a latent sense of not-enough-ness. If our priest/staff member/bishop/lay leader is spending time helping someone else, he or she might not have enough time for me/my family/our church.

I hear those concerns. And it is important to maintain a balance between the primary place of service and ministry beyond that location. But we are called to minister to the Church (capital C) and to the world. Our baptismal vows do not limit us. We don't promise to continue in the apostles'teaching and fellowship only in our neighborhoods. Our response to seeking and serving Christ in all persons is not, "I will, but only where I worship (or get paid)." Rather we are called to serve Christ in all people, to respect the human dignity of every human being.

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St. Martha's Presents
Amazing Love: How Can It Be?

Four Special Evenings focused on the theme of God's amazing love for us.

April 7, 8, 9, and 10 from 6:30pm to 7:45pm.


Featuring: guest preacher The Rev. Michael "Corky" Carlisle & the St. Martha's Musicians


There will be refreshments, and children's activities. Each day you attend "Amazing Love" you may enter a free raffle for a week long stay in a Palm Beach, Florida condo. We will draw the winner on Thursday evening.
(Note: transportation & meals not included, you must be present to win.
These four fabulous evenings will take place @ the Athens-Chilesburg Elementary School at 933 Jouett Creek Dr. (corner of Hays and Jouett)
All are welcome!
2014 Cathedral Domain Camp Fees Increased
The Cathedral Domain constantly works to strike a balance between providing the best camping experience possible and keeping camp fees affordable.  We've managed to avoid raising fees for several years but this year it is necessary to raise the cost by $10 per day.  This means that the cost for Mini Camp has increased from $190 to $220.  All other camps have gone from $375 to $435.  Unfortunately, the 2014 Camp brochures were printed and distributed prior to the decision to increase fees. If there are camp brochures in your church, please return them to Mission House to be corrected or note the new fees by hand. Even though fees have increased,  scholarships are available. The Camps and Conferences Board is committed to our long standing policy that no child or youth should be denied the camping experience because of financial hardship.  It is also important to remember that even with the increase in fees, camp at the Cathedral Domain still costs significantly less than other camps (the national average for a week of camping is $735), while remaining a top-notch, American Camping Association accredited facility.
A Child's Walk Through Holy Week
All children three years of age through twelve are invited to join us for our first regular Diocesan Event for children and families. A Child's Walk Through Holy Week will take place at Trinity Episcopal Church in Danville on April 13 at 3:30PM. All children of the diocese are invited to attend and bring friends.
Jump Start Grants Available
At Diocesan Convention Bishop Hahn announced his intention to offer several "jump start" grants in areas of Congregational Development, specifically evangelism, church growth, stewardship or visioning for mission. A successful request will involve both clergy and laity from the congregation.
Christian Formation Director for Children
Trinity Episcopal Church, Covington, Kentucky seeks a Director of Christian Formation for Children to work 15-18 hours per week. For the full job description please visit our website or download a PDF. If you have any questions or would like to apply send an email to .
What's New

How Can I Keep from Singing: A Liturgy in Song

Our Saviour, Madison County, April 13

Concert with the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra

St. John's, Versailles, April 16

Courage, Coal and Christian Faith: An Environmental Retreat
Pine Mountain, May 30
What's Happening
Listening to Our Lives
Christ Church Cathedral, April 2 and April 9
Join us for Fish and More
St. Philip's, Harrodsburg, April 4
Diocesan Ministries to participate in Ky Gives Day, April 4 
Other Events

Lent 5 (4/06)

Calvary Church, Ashland

   The Rev. Antoinette "T.J." Azar, Rector

   The Rev. Deacon Tina Mussetter

   The Rev. Deacon Diane Zwick


Sunday of the Passion: Psalm Sunday

St. Philip's Church, Harrodsburg

   The Rev. Peter Doddema, Priest-in-Charge




16 April: Andrew Mepham D

17 April: Brent Owens D

18 April: Stephan Alexander P



We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Ron Summers, John Madden, Phillip Garland, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


We pray for Bishop Doug and Kaye Hahn and their daughter Avery during their time of need.


Download the 2014 Intercessory Prayer List

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