NEWS FOR THE WEEK OF March 12, 2014
A Call to Peace and Prayer for Ukraine
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori joins the heads of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in issuing the following statement on Ash Wednesday 2014.


We have watched with dismay, along with the rest of the world, as tensions rise and peace is jeopardized in Ukraine. Recent dangerous developments in the Crimean region of the country put the lives of many innocent people at risk, and threaten peace and security far beyond that region of the world.


As Christians in the western tradition, Anglicans/Episcopalians and Lutherans today enter the season of Lent, a time of repentance. In the Ash Wednesday liturgy we repent of "our blindness to human need and suffering, and our indifference to injustice and cruelty." We cannot remain indifferent in the face of the injustice befalling the people of Ukraine, nor toward the potential suffering and cruelty further military intervention might bring.


In the name of the churches we serve, we join our voices in solidarity with those of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches in pleading for an end to military aggression in that land. We call on all of those involved-whether governments, movements, or individuals-to repent of aggression and violence, and turn instead to the way of peace through dialogue.

We also call upon the faithful people of our churches to pray throughout the season of Lent for wisdom, peace, and justice to prevail in Ukraine.


On Your Behalf

During the week ending 3/1/2014, Bishop Doug represented Christ and his Church on your behalf in the following ways: 

  • Visited Grace, Florence, taught Adult Forum, met with Vestry
  • Studied and discussed Convention Feedback
  • Consulted with priests and laity on parish and pastoral issues, including funeral at Cathedral Domain
  • Guest at Christ Church, Harlan Annual Outreach Fundraiser
Christian Formation for All
As an effort to help parishes and families in the Diocese of Lexington, we will be highlighting and bringing into focus ideas, helps, and more. Below meet Melanie Baggerman. She is a great resource for children with special needs. Melanie would like to go into a parish and work with the Sunday School teacher in helping a special needs child feel fully included and a part of hearing God's story. In the Fall, Melanie will be leading a special workshop so all our parishes can benefit from her expertise.
What's God up to at St. Andrew's, Fort Thomas?
God is moving through the hands that prepare spaghetti suppers to support local outreach projects and those who make omelets to order at our monthly breakfasts to help send kids to summer camp at the Cathedral Domain. God is present in the nights volunteers spend with homeless families and the packets of toys and needful things presented to each child. God is here when we pray the rosary, gather for Bible study and healing prayer, and as we re-discover what it means to be Christians in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition. And God is present with us during worship, whether it's two or three or two or three hundred. We are joyful and hopeful, thankful for the strength and vitality granted by God's grace.
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Rector's Reflection by Rev. Jeffrey Queen 


It's hard to miss the carving on the central panel of the high altar at St. Andrew's.  It is a sunburst with a triangle embedded in the center.  I had not given much thought to this carving until the days leading up to this most recent Christmas Day. I discovered as I was preparing a meditation for one of our pre-Christmas O Antiphon services that we hold jointly with a local Roman Catholic parish, that the sunburst was the symbol for the first Antiphon, O Wisdom from on High. I had seen this carving nearly every day for two years, but it was only through spending time praying and preparing that I discovered what it really meant. For me, this is a good reminder of how God is shining into my life and the lives of everyone at St. Andrew's. We spend a healthy amount of time praying together, both with other Christians and other Episcopalians. We observe all of the major feast days of the church with the three other Northern Kentucky Episcopal congregations. As a priest, I'm discovering again how powerful praying with others can be both in my own life and in the corporate life of the community. Just as the sunburst is at the center of the physical space of the church, prayer-and the wisdom and strength that comes with it-is at the center of our spiritual life at St. Andrew's.

Carol Ruthven, John Martin, Reynold Alcius, Austin Tuning, and The Rev. Margaret Shanks attended the Public Witness 50th
Anniversary March in Frankfort, Ky.
What's New
What's Happening
The Rev. Jackie Means, Director, Prison Ministry, Episcopal Church, USA to speak at Prison Ministry Commission Meeting
St. Raphael, Lexington, March 15
Lace up to fight illiteracy: Reading Camp's Fourth Annual 5kColdstream Park, Lexington, March 22
Other Events

Lent 2 (3/16)

Diocese of Haiti, Companion Relationship Diocese

  The Rt Rev. Jean-Zache Duracin, Bishop; The Rev. Dr. Jan Cottrell, Co-Chair     of Companion Diocese Relationship Committee, Mr. Chuck Pittenger, Co-Chair of Companion Diocese Relationship Committee


Lent 3 (3/23)

The Church of the Resurrection, Jessamine County

  The Rev. Dr. Jan M Cottrell, Rector



3/17 Staley P. Hackley D

3/19 Ronald D. Summers D 

          John L. Madden D


We pray for beloved clergy experiencing medical concerns: Ron Summers, John Madden, Phillip Garland, Jay Pierce, and John Dews.


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