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March 23, 2015       
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.
VPI opens window to see Fly Fishing Film Festival prizes


Click here for tickets to the International Film Festival. March 25th at the Bing.


Click here to check out great prizes that will be raffled or auctioned off from manufacturers like Winston Rods, Lamson Reels, Patagonia, Simms, Rising, Fishpond, etc.


VPI Home Solutions is our official fly fishing window to the Spokane River. VPI manufactures the highest quality vinyl windows in the United States, offering the best combination of new technology, lasting beauty and value. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, this is a home grown, local business providing quality jobs. Our community, our river, our friends.

Spokane Riverkeeper has volunteer cleanup opportunities


March 28th, Tree planting in our Spokane River corridor. April 11th, Hazel's Creek wetland clean-up. April 25th. Cleaning from the Core: Litter Pickup along Peaceful Valley Riverbank. Click here for more information.  

Judge orders EPA to work with Ecology to meet PCB standards for the Spokane River

U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein ordered EPA to "work with Ecology to create a definite schedule with concrete goals, including: clear statements on how the [Spokane River Toxics] Task Force will assist in creating a PCB TMDL in the Spokane River by reducing scientific uncertainty; quantifiable metrics to measure progress toward this goal; regular checkpoints at which Ecology and the EPA will evaluate progress; a reasonable end date, at which time Ecology will finalize and submit the TMDL for the EPA's approval or disapproval; and firm commitments to reducing PCB production from known sources in the interim." Click here for full decision.  

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