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February 9, 2015       
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.

Islands Trailhead Access a Go

The Forum is pleased to announce a partnership to develop Spokane River Water Trail access at Islands Trailhead in Spokane Valley. Click here to see slides of the area and access design.


With the Spokane Conservation District (SCD) taking the lead, partners include the WA State Recreation Conservation Office (RCO), WA State Parks, the River Forum and Trout Unlimited.


The access will be located just downstream from Plantes Ferry Park at the Islands Trailhead to the Centennial Trail (aka Denny Ashlock) Bridge. Said Charlie Peterson with the SCD, "It combines meeting critical shoreline restoration and recreational needs, creating a win-win for our community."   
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TransCanada Corporation Wants You to Enjoy the Spokane Water Trail


TransCanada has once again stepped up to help our community enjoy our most iconic resource: The Spokane River. A grant provided to the Forum last fall is being used as part of matching funds to build access at Islands Trailhead and support the Spokane River Water Trail. Said Dan Maguire, Environmental Engineer for TransCanada, "The Spokane River is our lifeline, it powers our homes, fills our glasses, inspires our minds, and encourages a healthy lifestyle. It is an honor to support our local non-profits to help our community be safe and keep our river clean and healthy". Read More 


Ecology Adopts Instream Flow Rule for the Spokane River


The Washington Department of Ecology has adopted an "instream flow rule" for the main stem of the Spokane River in Spokane County and a small portion of Stevens County. Ecology believes the rule "...will preserve and protect water levels in the Spokane River for fish, recreationists and businesses for many years to come." The rule allocates specific amounts of water to the river to protect fish habitat and other uses.


"I know this community cares about the river - it is the heart of the region," said Ecology Director Maia Bellon. "Together, we can use our water wisely and preserve a clean and flowing river for generations to come."

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