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January 26, 2015       
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LightRecycle WA steps in to help safely dispose
CFL Bulbs

As of January 1, 2015, Washington State residents will be able to recycle mercury-containing lights at no charge through the LightRecycle Washington Program. Click here to find a free collection site near your.  


For information on CFL bulbs and other wastes you'd like to get rid of or to find a green alternative, visit  www.spokanewastedirectory.org.


Aqua Duck's Guide to Recycling CFL Bulbs gives you the skinny on why recycling CFL Bulbs is so important to protecting the aquifer and river
in our area. Read More
Proposed legislation seeks to restrict water access


To the surprise of many in the paddling community, legislation was introduced in the Washington State legislature that would restrict water access:

  • Restricting access to public lands adjacent to waterbodies if the government agency does not provide adequate public parking.
  • Requiring the agency to post a warning sign indicating that using the public land for access is prohibited.
  • Establishing that a person who violates the access restrictions is guilty of a misdemeanor.

While legislation directing local agencies to provide parking sounds good, this legislation provides no funding to do so. Therein lies the rub and the possibility for conflict. Read More 

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