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 October 3, 2014      
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Construction of Underhill Park 1.5 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) tank

A Cleaner River Faster: City of Spokane conference presentations       


"A cleaner river faster" is the short hand phrase the City of Spokane uses to explain its multipronged approach to improving water quality in the Spokane River. At the Spokane River Forum Conference on November 19th and 20th, the city will present the research, projects, best practices and strategies being employed to meet the challenge.


Marlene Feist, the City's Utilities Communications Manager, said, "When we took a holistic approach to the pollutants of concern, it was obvious no single strategy would work. We're employing multiple approaches and partnering in multiple ways to get the job done." Read More 


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November 18

Coeur d'Alene Lake Our Gem Symposium


November 19 - 20

Spokane River Forum Conference


Taryn Lambert with her REI raffle winnings
Upriver Scrub seizes the day, Lambert wins the REI Raffle


Over 100 people participated in Upriver Scrub last Saturday. Land teams did clean up at Stateline, Harvard Road, Barker Road, Sullivan, Mirabeau and Boulder Beach. Said Andy Dunau, "These are all Spokane River Water Trail locations, and our commitment with partners is to continue protecting and restoring them. Upriver Scrub is a critical part of meeting our commitment." Click on our photo album for pictures.


The Forum partners annually with Northwest Whitewater Association (NWA) to make Upriver Scrub happen. "One of NWA's many contributions," said Dunau, "is putting rafters out on the water to get to places and things the land teams can't."


Adding in the REI raffle added to the fun. Taryn Lambert, who worked the Harvard Road Upriver Scrub area with her husband Ron, was the winner. Said Taryn, "I'm impressed with how clean the river was. It's like an easter egg hunt to find the trash. On the other hand, you find chairs and swings and it's like 'how did that get there?' I will definitely do this again." Read More   

Aqua Duck captures the spirit and stories of Upriver Scrub


Madison Garner

Communications Major, Whitworth University


A group of middle school students spend their Saturday, not playing video games, but picking up trash on the Spokane River. Employees chat, not over drinks, but over planting trees. Couples enjoy each other's company, not at a movie theater, but collecting garbage along the river trail. It's all a part of the Upriver Scrub, an event where members of the community come together to clean up one of Spokane's most valuable resources. Let's follow Aqua Duck to some of the locations to learn more about the event and the people working it.


First stop: Stateline. Aqua Duck's bright blue cape stands in contrast to the tan landscape all around. As one of the volunteer leaders points out, the site has been trashed for years. The volunteers work to return it to what it looked like before, and picking up trash is just the beginning. Volunteers dig holes and plant a number of trees scattered throughout the property. While small now, the trees will grow and add vibrant green color to the landscape, helping to reclaim the beauty of the past.


One volunteer, Austin Sloop, came as part of his environmental ethics class at Whitworth University, which required service learning. When asked why he chose this volunteer opportunity Sloop said, "help was needed. I enjoy rivers and I believe we should take care of them."

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