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January 8, 2014      
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.

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It's a Fool's Float: NWA's New Year Tradition


On New Year's Day, our ever-intrepid friends at Northwest Whitewater Association met for the 21st annual Fool's Float. Per tradition, participants celebrated the Spokane River and the New Year by wearing dry suits and navigating their rafts and kayaks through the frigid Bowl and Pitcher and Devil's Toenail rapids. Paul Delaney, one of NWA's founding members, swears it's "...not much different than skiing or any other winter activity." We'll take his word for it!

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Protect the River & Aquifer:
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As a consumer, look for businesses with the EnviroStars logo and know your dollar is protecting our river and aquifer. Show your support! Shop at EnviroStars businesses.


Watch this 4-minute video to find out what businesses across the state are saying about EnviroStars! Currently 69 businesses in Spokane are certified as properly managing and disposing of their hazardous waste.


Avista Utilities started drawing down the water level at Lake Spokane (Long Lake Reservoir) on Jan. 6. Operators expect to lower the reservoir up to one foot per day over a two-to three-week period, until it reaches its winter drawdown elevation of 13 to 14 feet below the normal summer elevation of 1,536 feet. Read More
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