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October 10, 2013     
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.

Spokane River Water Trail Signs Installed at Harvard Road, Mirabeau and Barker Road


Spokane River Water Trail signs were installed at Harvard Road, Mirabeau and Barker Road as part of Upriver Scrub clean-up day on September 28th. Thank you to Northwest Whitewater Association for helping with installation. Read More 

Plans Move Forward to Improve River Access at New Sullivan Bridge  


The new Sullivan Bridge will be more than just an investment in infrastructure. With plans to expand Sullivan Park, restore the river's riparian area, and remodel the river access site to include a stone stairway to the shore, the design looks to support both industry and recreation.


Project manager Craig Aldworth said he appreciates working with the river community, citing the Spokane River Forum and Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club who continue to bring "...well considered ideas and realistic expectations to move things forward." Read More 


Hang'n Ten on the "Kan," Surfing in the Valley

By Brad Naccarato

Out There Monthly


Newsflash:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Spokane River has become the newest surfing hotspot here in the Inland Northwest.  Yes - that's right...the Spokane River.


In the Spokane Valley, just east of Sullivan Road, people geared up in helmets, PFD's and stand-up paddle boards, line up uniformly in a slack-water section of the river. They are waiting patiently for their turn at one of the world's more unlikely surfing spots.  Spokane is hundreds of miles from the coast and even further from any surfable ocean breaks. But an ingenious band of surfers has not let the absence of conventional waves put them off. The "Sullivan St. Wave" has become one of the newest hotspots of a not-so-new inland watersport: river surfing. Read More  

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